New Leaks Confirms April 28th for HTC Droid Incredible 2 Launch


You might remember a supposed Verizon roadmap from a couple weeks back that gave April 28th as the launch date for the HTC Droid Incredible 2. With marketing materials already hitting stores, speculation was mounting that the handset might actually land on April 21st. Now a new leak from inside Verizon’s computer system has back on the 28th, with that date pegged for the release of the DInc 2 via all channels. The handset is expected to retail for $199.99 when it does launch.

[via DroidDog]

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  1. Why would anyone buy the Inc2 when you can get the TB?

    1. because the INC is about half the weight of the TB.

    2. Because the thunderbolts hardware isn’t ready for consistent 4g use. Might as well stick with a great 3g phone until they come out with some solid dual core 4g units.

    3. Because it will be 5+ years before 4g comes to my neighborhood.

      1. And my SO will want something smaller than the TB.

    4. Battery. Life.

    5. Cause the TB is too GD big. Battery life sucks. No LTE in my area. I dont need a mini tablet. The size increase to the inc2 will be the determining factor if i get it or not. The boost to 4″ might be too much for me. If so ill stick with my Inc + CM7. Even then i don’t think ill upgrade until there is a CM7 version for the in2. Sense sucks, Stock sucks, and i cant go back to froyo.

  2. Htc incredible 2 lives on. This time a world phone and nice upgrade for current incredible owners.

  3. HA! One year almost to the date! Beautiful.

  4. I’m torn! This phone looks great in every video I’ve seen of it, and it easily keeps up with the atrix and optimus 2x, yet I can’t bring myself to sign a two year contract knowing down the road more games and apps are going to require a dual core processor.

    1. how complex do you think they are going to get? Remember you are limited by one factor… Its still a phone. You wont be playing Crysis 3 on your phone any time soon. And apps have a long way to go before they even seriously max out a single core 1ghz. In all my days i havent seen a program for a PC that “requires” a Dual Core. You are seriously misled if you think your phone is going to.

  5. I guess those are all valid points, but I just can’t justify $200 for a smart phone that lacks 4g, dual core, and less than 1 gig of ram now a days. Even if this is the better option for you, $200 is too much . This can’t be a significant upgrade from a rooted overclocked Inc 1.

    1. how come?
      This has always been the average price for 3g phones….It’s not like they are charging 249.99 plus like they are for the Thunderbolt and the DOA charge…

      I think for 3g prices(the phones should be 99.99-199.99)
      and the 4g phones would the specs that android fanatics
      will literally die over should be 249.99 or higher

  6. Why does it say 2010?? That was last year

  7. I’m all for the incredible 2. I don’t live in a 4g area…I don’t like the 4.3 inch screens…this will be like a minor refresh to my current incredible. :)

  8. I’m between Bionic and Droid X2. I know Dual core won’t be utilized at first, but in time it will.

    1. Its comments like this that make me want to quit the internet. Let me count the Fail: 1. Moto phones are garbage 2. Moto phones are garbage (yes it is 1 & 2) 3. Dual Core is going to be a battery drain, if you kids keep encouraging this stuff we will all have Zach Morris phones again in a few years… not so much phone, mostly battery. Even then you will get a whole 4 hours of standby. GOOD LUCK!

      1. Actually, dual core technology utilizes battery in a more efficient way by spreading the load across two cores. Motoblur is the only reason i would NEVER buy a motorola phone again (it’s absolute crap). I have the OG Droid and it is still a great phone to tweak with custom roms and such especially with how limited the tech specs are compared to these phones out and coming out. The biggest battery drain for phones are the giant screens coming out now and the battery hungry 4G LTE. Cheers!

  9. Well, I think that it will be the best global phone on Verizon. Aside from that, I can’t see any advantages.

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