Google Earnings Call: Android Activations at 350,000 Daily, 3 Billion Apps Installed from Android Market


Today during their Q1 earnings call, Google’s Jeff Huber provided some insight onto the current state of Android activations and app installs. The number of devices activated daily equals some 350,000 handsets. And with all of these activations the number of app installs from the Android Market have increased by 50 percent since the final quarter of 2010. App installs now sit at 3 billion.

Also out of the earnings call: the actual earnings. Google pulled in a gross revenue of $8.58 billion across all of their ventures, a 27 percent increase over the first quarter of 2010. It is less than what analysts expected, with decreased profits being attributed to Google’s growing work force, now 28 percent larger than it was last year, and spending on recent acquisitions and investments.


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  1. Fuck yeah, Andriod!

  2. 27 percent increase in gross revenue with 28 percent increase of employees. I’d take those numbers any day of the week.

  3. I’m just wondering what of that 8.5 billion what was Android pulling? That is the real question.


    1. Fuckin’ A.

        1. fuck yeah friends!! the f-word kicks ass and in this case I think Mariela just hit the spot. Is there actually another way in English to express this feeling?? FUCK YEAH ANDROID!

  5. I guess their doing their part to restore the US Economy.

  6. Google…is the shiznit.

  7. Google news make a lot of people Giggle.. WTg!!

  8. Looks like “Google ” got everything figured out… Obama cabinet members should be asking advice from Google how to fucking solve our “Budget” problem,

    1. Yeah maybe Obama can fragment the economy, get serious, look at overall profits Android doesnt make any money its just giving away hundreds of really meh to really cheap phones per day.

      1. How dumb are you? He doen’t say android in his post at all.

      2. Get your fact straight before you spourt this kind of nonsense. Yes, compared to Google’s core business, Android doesn’t make money. But Google gets a 30% cut from paid apps. For free apps that use ads, well Google gets a cut on ad fees. Just think if Rio makes $1 million dollars a month on Ads from Angry birds, then imagine how much google is getting. It is definitely much more than what Rio is. You’re using your phone to browse the internet, well more ads and thus more revenue for Google. This is the model that Google is using for Android and why they made Android Open Source. Android is an outlet for them to make money.

        Android doesn’t give away meh to really cheap phones per day. That’s the Carriers that make you sign a 2 yr contracts to get the subsidized price. My $700 Dual Core 1Ghz processors Atrix is cheap eh? WOW how ignorant and short minded are you.

    2. Answer: capitalism.
      It’s a good thing. Try it one of these days.

  9. Lol Google is the shit. P.s. @Keller. Troll much? Lol

  10. Wow, didn’t really know Google’s numbers, but they are barely a third of what Apple makes.

  11. Outstanding number!!..

  12. keep Giggling, they are banking Billions

  13. In fairness how many of us have enough room on your phones to keep all the apps we download. So what do I do? I simply go get the app when I need it from the market place and then run it. When I am done I get rid of it till next time.

  14. Sorry I dont believe this, even if you look at the best app in the Android Marketplace , it has only 150,000 or so downloads. If folks are activating and downloading as Google claims then it should be in the millions.

  15. To the person who says Google is lying about these figures because of “when you look at an app in the market it says 100,000 – 250,000 downloads, If the reports were true they’d be in the millions”

    I say that the mobile market only displays the number 100,000 > 250,000 downloads as a maximum for some reason.. but when you check the internet you’ll see the true numbers.

  16. Ww. ‘

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