T-Mobile UK, Three, and O2 to Stock HTC Sensation after Vodafone Exclusive


With the newly announced HTC Sensation looking mighty tempting, folks from far and wide are wondering when they will be able to get their hands on the sexy new Android device. In the United States, T-Mobile will hold an exclusive of the device, but in the UK the Sensation should find its way to all major carriers. Vodafone gets the Sensation first with exclusive sales rights for one month, but shortly after that period expires T-Mobile UK, Three, and O2 all plan to carry the device.

T-Mobile UK says they will score the device in June, meaning Vodafone should see it in May. Pricing hasn’t been made public, but it has been confirmed to be comparable to the pricing of the Desire HD when it first launched.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. So does this mean the US will not see it until after June, or what? Could we possibly get it the same time that T-Mobile UK does?

    I’m ready to dump my HD2… I duno if I can wait much longer, might have to pick up a G2x

    1. Its already expected on TMO USA in June.

      1. oh…. where’d you find this info?

          1. meh, that’s dated information that was still rumors. It doesn’t even have the screen resolution right and it claims ‘Android 2.4’

          2. http://www.htc.com/www/product/sensation/specification.html

            Look at the bottom under Network it specifically says:

            Europe/Asia/T-Mobile US: 900/AWS/2100 MHz

            Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE:

            850/900/1800/1900 MHz

            So that makes me think it will run on T-Mo US.

    2. Sure, it was a rumor, but it sure shaped up to be pretty true. Don’t believe June if you want but there’s really no reason to believe otherwise.

  2. Not much of an Exclusive. Vodafone in May then T-Mobile UK in June. I suppose even a week head start can mean a huge difference in sales when it comes to carriers in the same region.

  3. im wondering about the galaxy s 2..all these teasing is driving me nuts..im about to pick up the G2x next week but i don want to regret my decision!!!!

    1. get both… I’m gonna get both haha… well try and save for both more like it

  4. i hope this (or another version of this, although i like the name sensation) gets released on Verizon…. even though i don’t want a 4.3, it looks just like a giant Eris, which is currently what i have… too bad i can’t xfer the cpu in my phone lol my Eris is perfect i’d just like some more umph in the processor…

  5. Sure, you guys go grab a G2x and be surprised when the software is buggy or an SGS2 and you don’t get an update for 2 years. This phone is super sexy, innovative, will probably receive 2.4 in a timely manner, and will definitely be supported by the dev community. The Pyramid…er…Sensation is the only reason I’m going to stick with T-Mo for now. Wish they would have come up with a less-gay name though.

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