Verizon Lowering Prices on Phones After Obliterating One-Year Contracts?


Verizon is set to eliminate one-year contracts VERY soon (this Sunday, to be exact, and the process is already underway) but it looks like they’ll be giving customers a break on device pricing. Several phones were spotted with lower-than-normal full retail pricing on their website. The Thunderbolt for instance, has been discounted to $570. Older devices such as the DROID X and DROID Pro have also been taken down a notch at $399.99 and $429.99, respectively. While they aren’t exactly the same prices you’d get for a juicy one-year deal, they are still significant discounts. What do you guys think? [Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The Thunderbolt did not debut at $750, at least not inside Verizon stores. I know because I bought one at full retail the day it came out. It was 599.00 plus tax.

  2. Yeah thunderbolt was $599 but this is nice that they are lowering the full retail price the sad thing is other carriers have similar phones for way cheaper off contract. They should all be around $500 off contract not $600+

  3. Why have we decided to take this as fact based on this screenshot? It’s clear that the Thunderbolt’s price hasn’t really been lowered and the other 2 devices are old and lame. Of course they’re going to eventually lower the prices for outdated tech. Who would pay $600 for a Droid X or Droid Pro?

    It’s common sense people. Show me a brand new flagship for around $400…THAT would be news.

    1. This is the first time they lowered the full retail of the phones whether they are old or not usually they dont lower the full retail price.

  4. Full retail phones should be 400.00 to 450.00.

    1. Agree and at the most $500

  5. So they took 30 bux off the T-bolt, big deal. I’d personally rather pay the 30 dollars and have no contract.

    Long live Sprint

    1. Since Sprint doesn’t offer any of its phones or plans off contract, like AT&T and VZW, where’s your beef? I don’t even think you can sign a One year contract. So lets not be a tool.

    2. YES long live sprint until i drive out of my town and loose signal.

    3. what are you talking about, 570 is for it off contract

  6. Would they rather have people buy phones with no contract at all or do they want people to sign up for two years? They should lower the 2 year contract prices.

    1. I honestly think, they like the whole contract thing more then selling phones for retail. Its a control thing. And also helps them to project network usage. All of which is nonsense. While I think most of the time, signing is a good idea, not always. I am also sure if these phones were available everywhere, and off contract, market forces would lower the cost for mobile phones.

  7. Calm down! This is the price that Verizon store buy the phone at, they CAN’T do anything lower, trust me, I compared the pricing to our Verizon ordering site!

    1. take your iphone and leave!

  8. Also, the iPhone price has dropped, THAT should be the big news, Apple is a bunch of Nazis with their rules and pricing and now customers can but that crappy phone for $50 less than what it was at the other day.

  9. This is great news…less to pay tax on in California and a few other greedy states.

  10. Contracts are for trailer trash.

  11. Either way, they’re (Verizon) still banking.

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