Verizon Ends 1-Year Contracts for Online Purchases Ahead of April 17th Cutoff


Verizon will be ending one-year contracts as an option come April 17th, but if you are attempting to sign up for one online the sun has already set. When attempting to purchase a handset online the only plans you will find pricing for are a two-year contract and month-to-month. Gone is the one-year option from the drop-down menu.

Verizon customer support confirms that the one-year option was phased out as of April 12th. Today is the 13th. The cutoff date of April 17th is still four days away. If you are looking to pick up one of Verizon’s current Android smartphones (or any other phone from Big Red for that matter) on a shorter-term contract, best hurry down to your local retail shop and see if they can draft up a one-year deal, because you won’t be finding it online.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Best reason ever to go month-to-month and subsidize the price of a new phone with the sale of your old one through eBay’s program. Then you can switch carriers whenever a better deal comes along.

    1. I always buy without a contract and sell my old phone so its like getting the phone for what I would have paid with signing a 2 year contract

    2. Except our VZ phones aren’t worth shit on ebay.

  2. I liked Verizon, but this is it for me. Their phone selection is not cutting edge, and I have no desire to be stuck with a mediocre phone for the next two years.

    1. yeah-yeah,

      but you have no option…. (as far as many others)

  3. I use nothing but one year contracts with Verizon. I just moved my first line to Virgin Mobile for my daughters line because Verizon did away with the 1 year plans. Good bye Verizon.

  4. Got my last 1 year contract on the 10 th

  5. Just bought my Thunderbolt about two weeks ago straight out. Pay full price for phone anyway if sign two year contract. Don’t think I will ever sign a contract again.

  6. Well, looks like after this year I will debate what provider I go to verizon… I love you but your being a bitch! First take away the upgrade every year, now take away one year contracts, its like your forcing us to stick with a phone for two years. I just can’t do it!

  7. 11 years loyal to VZW, always had 1 year contracts. I was waiting until tomorrow to see if the DROID Charge was going to be released, then they pull this BS. Yes you can still buy it in the store, but you will be paying 50.00 more than it was advertised online (249.99 + 70.00) vs (239.99 + 30.00). I was able to talk to customer service and have them credit me 50.00 on my bill for the change.

    Goodbye VZW after this last one year is up. The 1 year contracts are what kept me going on their network, no more advantage to stay with them. Their phone prices have always been more than other carriers.

  8. i bought the thunderbolt with a 1 year contract on the 12th online and when i got the bill three days later they changed it to a 2 year plan!!!! bastards

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