Apr 13th, 2011

This isn’t THAT surprising to us, but it is definitely interesting. In Steven Levy’s book “In the Plex” – which goes deep into the confines of the Googlers’ workspace – it was revealed that Steve Jobs hid development of the iPad from Eric Schmidt while he was still on Apple’s board of directors. As you know, it takes years for a product like the iPad to come to fruition after long research and design processes.

Reason cited? Android, of course – the very thing that caused Eric Schmidt to step down from Apple’s board of directors. Jobs reportedly didn’t like how Google’s OS was starting to match up blow for blow to iOS and didn’t want the same to happen with tablets. Like I said, we aren’t surprised but it does show us that Apple was starting to get defensive against Android long before it skyrocketed into the number one platform it is today. [via Business Insider]

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