Steve Jobs Didn’t Tell Eric Schmidt About the iPad [Outside Looking In]


This isn’t THAT surprising to us, but it is definitely interesting. In Steven Levy’s book “In the Plex” – which goes deep into the confines of the Googlers’ workspace – it was revealed that Steve Jobs hid development of the iPad from Eric Schmidt while he was still on Apple’s board of directors. As you know, it takes years for a product like the iPad to come to fruition after long research and design processes.

Reason cited? Android, of course – the very thing that caused Eric Schmidt to step down from Apple’s board of directors. Jobs reportedly didn’t like how Google’s OS was starting to match up blow for blow to iOS and didn’t want the same to happen with tablets. Like I said, we aren’t surprised but it does show us that Apple was starting to get defensive against Android long before it skyrocketed into the number one platform it is today. [via Business Insider]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. What google did was dirty but necessary so that we don’t have a monopoly. They had inside knowledge of what the iPhone will evolve to be, and reacted early out of fear. HP (webOS) and Microsoft (WP7) have just recently stepped into the ring. Imagine what would happen if android never came along. Scary ha?

    1. Board of director, kept in the dark.

      1. Board of director, stabbed CEO in the back….

        1. Said CEO gave him the knife though.

          1. and that makes it ok how again?

          2. What else do you do with a knife?

        2. Actually Jdub, I’ve finally gotten you figured out. You’re another one of the Apple spy-boys, out trolling the rest of the world to see what is new and innovative, then reporting those facts back to the Apple board of directors, thus letting them start adding these things to their next greatest thing. Darth Jobs will be well pleased with you. There is no other explanation for an Apple lovin’ iSheep to be on an Android site, except to see how far behind you are. But….. there is one other possibility. Since your wondrous iPhoney hasn’t seen anything happen to it for a LONG time now, you’re trolling Android sites, creating a wish list for your next contribution to the aforementioned Darth Jobs’ retirement fund. EOS.

    2. Actually, most people don’t know that Google acquired Android in 2005. The iPhone was first announced in Jan. 2007 and didn’t go up for sale until June. Nobody knew that it would be a success. I’d say that Google and Apple were simply on the same wave length at the same time. How would we know if it wasn’t Jobs who stole the idea from Google upon hearing about the Android deal two years earlier?


      1. the iPhone was first announced in 2007, but the planning and design and everything began long before that, especially since Apple actually designed a touch-screen tablet before the iPhone. Also, wasn’t Android originally NOT a touch screen OS? I remember seeing pictures everywhere of early Android on Blackberry-type devices.

        Before I get flamed for stating facts, here are my credentials:

        Previous phone – myTouch 3G. Current phone – Samsung Vibrant. Next phone – HTC Sensation. Holy crap does the HTC Sensation look like a sexy beast.

        1. Couldn’t tell you what the first iteration of Android was without
          researching it. My point was simply that Android was long in the planning,
          too, considering Google purchased it in 2005. Everyone seems so quick to
          point fingers at Google for “stealing,” but the facts are that both
          companies were working on their separate projects long before either debuted
          them. Therefore, the finger pointing should end here and now. Jobs was
          merely first to market.

          1. Oh yes. Even in Androids first, primitive stages on the G1 (I call it primitive only compared to what it is now), it’s apparent that the OS and the phone were in development for a long time. Probably even as long as the iPhone was, and possibly even longer. We don’t really know at what point in time Android shifted over to a touch-screen interface. Even with Honeycomb, which entered the game a year later than the iPad, it’s beyond apparent that a lot of time was spent on design and it’s so different that you almost can’t compare it to iOS on the iPad.

          2. Just some quick research and I’m cracking up now. Too funny. If we’re to apply an iFan’s logic, it looks like Andy Rubin was responsible for the creation of Apple TV, in that he created WebTV. Then there was General Magic, for which he designed and implemented the communications capabilities for handhelds. A little taste from Youtube:


            Why, lookie there! They’re touching screens in the early 90’s. :D

  2. That’s quite understandable. The lead on ipad will take much longer to overcome for another other platform.

  3. Ha! apple knew they were going to lose long before the war had begun

    1. Nah….Jobs just knew he had a Benidict Arnold on his Board….

    2. Losing? Apple is losing? lol

      What’s that phrase? “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”

      1. So the iPhone is the #1 selling smartphone platform in the world?

        Hmmm. . . I didn’t even think it was #2. . . guess you learn something new every day. . ./s

        1. No, Apple is the second most valuable company in the world, though. I don’t think you should classify the second most valuable company in the WORLD as “losing”. Just seems like you’re being a little disingenuous. Not that that has ever stopped a phandroid before.

          1. Thats ok, PKFIRE just didnt specify what Apple was losing.

            I know one thing, Jobs wont be making any more market share references anytime soon like he did back in the day with the iPhone and catching up to RIM.

          2. well by being second they are technically losing to someone else. second place is the first loser.

          3. And what do I as a consumer care who makes the most money? I want a good product at the best price. . . why would I buy the product that has the highest markup???? Am I just dumb?

        2. Haha phandroids are funny. If any of you can bear to read through an entire article of informed facts, not just google loving hand(roid) jobs, see this link for an example of market analysis based on real data.

          For some clarification on how the phone market is playing out for the parties involved:

          1. iPhone is bigger business on it’s own than all of google’s businesses combined (almost 2x) 2. If we’re talking platform, in fairness, take iOS for all it represents – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (and technically even AppleTV 2) in which case it’s much more popular as a platform (pay attention developers, because which device is less important than that your apps can get on the devices), but 3. If we want to talk only phones, pay attention to supply chain constraints, because thats what limit’s iPhone sales when compared against android. Quarter to quarter, apple is selling every unit it’s production partners can produce. You should look at the official quarterly numbers; it’s all crazy growth. This is coming from an actual investor who follows this market closely. En masse, fact is vast majority of people want iPhones, some do want android, sure- but most only settle for android when iPhone isn’t an option for any of a number of reasons. What you can expect to see over time, is the extreme advantage apple has in monetization of the iOS platform will create significant R&D advantages that will lead to increasing differentiating features and investment in larger supply chain investments to allow the iPhone production capacity to finally compete with the capacity of EVERY other manufacturer COMBINED, which til now has been the biggest limitation on iPhone sales. This will also lead to decreasing production costs as the supply chain they’re actively investing in now becomes more and more specialized for iPhone production. This will mean either lower prices to consumers or greater profit margin, either of which will equal further R&D money to continue platform improvement far beyond what google can afford to invest in. This is why you haven’t seen an iPhone release for Sprint or T-Mobile yet. While there are no longer contractual obligations of exclusivity to either AT&T or Verizon, there simply isn’t production capacity available to meet massive demand for iPhones if apple launched on all the other providers simultaneously. This is why the amount of OEMs up against apple is significant – not because they’re differentiating in any specially innovative and unique ways (they aren’t), but because the parts suppliers they all have to reach out to for production have to accommodate all their requests, which has been a significant constraint on production capacity for apple as only one of the many producers of smartphones. Investor money is overwhelmingly betting on apple to continue to dominate in the ways that will make it the most important player in the long term because the supply constraints are only going to be getting easier on them as they invest directly in expanding available production capital. keep an eye out and you’ll see this evolve over the next product release of whatever new iPhone will come out, whether this summer or this fall. Once that happens, I expect production issues to be on the continual decline, and we’ll get to see if android can stand it’s own against availability of iPhones that is significantly more level with demand of consumers instead of having to compete with OEMs as the consumers of supply production. It’ll be a fun ride if you’re sittin on apple stock.

          1. One of the most intelligent posts i’ve read in quite some time…

          2. This is an Android fan site and our post exceeded the comprehensible limit for both the syllable count for individual words as well as the number of sentences in a single post.

          3. Why in the hell would I, a consumer, care how much a company is making? Am I supposed to get a woody knowing that I got charged more for my device then if I purchased form another company?

            Apple fans that brag about how much apple makes are complete idiots. . . so you like paying more for your gadgets because you are just that stupid?!?!?

          4. just noticed the email notification for this response. you (AppleFUD) obviously missed the point of what i said. on current demand- more people want iOS, but supply chain constraints are what keeps iPhone sales limited, and are the reason we’ve not seen iPhone come out on T-Mobile/Sprint, despite the end of exclusivity.

            BUT because they are making so much money on these devices, they’re investing in improving the supply chain. this will mean more device availability which will mean increasing iPhone sales that will better reflect the actual demand than the current situation where apple’s sales are constrained by the availability of production capacity.

            so over the next year, you’ll see the momentum of android slow and decline as the iPhone supply finally rises closer to the levels of consumer demand due to those supply chain investments.

            all of that will mean they make more of the devices for less, and it will mean more R&D funds to keep improving at a rate no one else can come close to, all while prices keep coming down.

            this is why the money they make matters- they can put it back into the product at all points- R&D, production, distribution and cost savings to customers.

            that perfect storm is coming. what we’ve seen from Apple with iPhone, iPad, iOS and Apple TV so far, will be nothing compared to what’s ahead as the benefits of those margins manifest in cost savings, product development and distribution of supplies that can begin meeting customer demands..

    3. Oh, yes. Apple is definitely losing. After all, they have are the SECOND most valuable company in the world. First? Exxon Mobil. Yeah. They’re second to a GAS COMPANY. Microsoft is fifth! Google is twelfth. The company that practically shoved Android to its place today, several places behind Apple.
      That was fact. This is my opinion: Apple and their line of iOS products are superior to the rest of the league of smartphones and tablets. The iPad is one of the cheapest available tablets. And did you notice how many tablets came out within the 6-month period after the announcement of the original iPad? I can’t count. Yes, Apple didn’t invent most of the ideas with their products. But they took what was out there and made it BETTER. And while Android did improve some points drastically, they didn’t really develop it into something evolutionary.
      And I did not search for this site in particular. I was looking for good iPad apps, and this came up.
      EDIT: I’m not hating on Google. Or Microsoft. Or even Android, really. There’s just a whole lot of bagging on Apple fanboys (and girls), which is understandable as this is an Android- based blog. I was just defending the people that were being picked on for, um, no reason other than they stated their opinion.

      1. Android and iOS fanboys and girls who troll like some of these people are doing are losers anyways.

  4. Ummm. All off you android fanatics out there are fucking paranoid! “OMG! Big bad Apple didn’t want to give the competition a heads up! They must be the devil and this is why android is soooo much better!!!”. Please. You guys get set off by the dumbest fucking things. “OMG BUSINESS INSIDER USED ALL CAPS IN A POLL TITLE THAT WAS AGAINST OUR BELOVED ANDROID!!!! IT MUST HAVE BEEN A BUTT HURT IPHONE LOVER WHO DESIGNED IT!!!”. Seriously? This was a business strategy. Just like how Android floods the market trying to gobble every last person up, Apple likes to keep their shit secret. Gee I wonder why Apple is so successful and didn’t have to buy out a company to develop iOS and design their phones. Yeah. Android wouldn’t be a success if Google hadn’t carried them to it. Shit. None of you ever cared or heard about it until Googles name was plastered over it. Get a grip you guys. You sound NO different then a hardcore Apple user. And you call them sheep…

    1. I’m sure there’s a point in there somewhere, I just can’t find it…

      1. hahaha

      2. Seriously? I thought it was as obvious as the red on you and your monkey’s matching underwear.

        1. Man, you are a grade a c0ksuker. Seriously? Ragging on the picture of the guy with his baby? You’re a miserable sob and all that hate will come back to bite you sooner than later, if it hasn’t already.

          1. haha thanks for pointing out what charlie was talking about. made for a good laugh.

            as for goku’s little pansy rant: the article is written in a very calm tone, just pointing out what happened. never did the author liken apple to the devil. the first sentence says it all.

            it seems to me that an apple user that comes to an android fan blog is the paranoid one. you are pathetic.

        2. Seriously… still can’t find it…all i see is some fanboi ranting about things completely irrelevant to the article.

    2. tl:dr

    3. u mad?

    4. Did you even read the article?

    5. you bring shame to the honorable name goku

  5. Die Apple Die! FOR FREEDOM!

  6. standard marketing, who cares. I’m not showing the world my flux capacitor clocked at 1.21 Jiggawatts until its ready for the world to play with, I’m not the devil.

  7. “Google’s OS was starting to match up blow for blow”… ummm, no. Google’s OS stole the best pieces from iOS, that’s the only reason it ever “matched up.”

    1. You mean like Mobile Hotspot, Widgets, Notifications that-dont-get-in-the-way, Real Multitasking….?

      1. No, he means like a touchscreen interface, pinch to zoom, etc. Are you suggesting that Android wasn’t a complete ripoff? I don’t know who would hear that and not snicker at least a little.

        1. The lg prada was the first phone with a capacitive touch screen. Did apple copy them?

          1. I didn’t say “first capacitive touchscreen”. I said “touchscreen interface” meaning their gui. I even went on to cite pinch to zoom as a reference so you wouldn’t get so confused.

          2. you are off. . . if Apple had a patent on pinch to zoom they would be suing everyone. Nothing new came out with the iPhone. . . it was just a different package. . . and well marketed to their loyalist. . . let it go, they are’t are innovative as iFans would like to think. They are just very good at marketing and convincing their fans that they created things they didn’t.

          3. whatever helps you sleep at night, FUD. Its ultimately up to you to believe whatever it is that you believe. If you don’t think Apple is an innovative company, nothing I post in these comments is going to turn you around. It’s like arguing with someone about whether or not global warming exists. If you don’t believe science and numbers and math, I’m never going to convince you regardless of how condescending I am.

          4. hmmm, yes. touchscreen interface and pinch and zoom makes android a complete ripoff, right?

            look, no doubt android used a lot of apple’s ideas. so go ahead and pat your iphone on the back, and then get over it.

            the two operating systems are completely different now. you should probably get back to your apple blog now, since the articles here are clearly directed to android fans.

        2. Apple didn’t invent touchscreen interfaces… Are you suggesting that Apple didn’t rip off Palm OS, Windows Moble 6, Windows (every version since XP)? Oh maybe Apple invented the icons… Nope. Oh wait maybe they invented the Web Browser… Nope, Maybe they invented email on the phone… Nope. Maybe they… oh they did Pinch Zoom, kudos to them for one new innovation.

          1. kudos to you for conceding that Android ripped off iphone

          2. Also, I never said that Apple didn’t rip anyone off. I think every money hungry company out there rips off anyone they can.

        3. Like how the original sketches of the iPhone look just like a blackberry and how it latter changed to look just like LG’s prada that came out six months earlier. . .

          There was/is nothing original about the iphone. . . just do a little searching to find products out prior to it.

          Also, according to Jobs, Apple was working on a tablet first. . . so, how then does Schmitt find out about the phone but not the tablet if the tablet was the original idea?

          Apple is doing what apple does. . . spread FUD about everyone else to keep people from looking too closely at all the IP they stole to create their devices in the first place.

          1. Another example is Apple’s Macs… Xerox invented the mouse/pointer/icons thingie. But of course, Apple tells everyone they did. And Boone51, you are indeed are a condescending troll.

        4. Well the Co-founders of Google do look up to Steve so:

          1. Did you see the entire video? This is just a clip from a documentary about How Microsoft became the market leader in the OS industry, pushing the PC past the more advance Mac.

            What is funny is that Steve sounds bitter not only about getting kicked out of the company he helped found, but also about how Microsoft made cheap products in comparison to what he did.

            What is sad though is what Steve states in this clip, “Good artists copy great artists steal.” Yet he tries to rip Microsoft a new one because he did the same thing to Xerox. Don’t get me wrong, he may be a good innovator, but what he is, is a great thief and then tries to rip Microsoft for doing the same thing to Apple. Come on, give me a break.

            So if you want to call Android a copy of iOS then so be it. All I know is that like one thief said “Good artists copy great artists steal,” Google is doing the same thing, but better. Steve is just bitter that his iOS platform is now in 2nd place just like in the PC wars.

          2. see APPL – second most valuable company on the planet. Far exceeding googles worth. That will probably end up being a positive for Apple at some point, right?

          3. Check the $$$$ that iOS produces……Steve is in 1st place by a mile….

      2. No….he probably means multitouch, pinch and zoom, visual voicemail, in-app purchasing, app store business model (70-30), iTunes equivalent, capacitive touchscreen (eliminated the need for a stylus), you know, things that actually made the iPhone unique from any other phone that had been previously offered…..

        1. “multitouch, pinch and zoom, visual voicemail” “capacitive touchscreen”

          Those all existed before the iPhone you dipshit. And as of now, there is no “iTunes equivalent” for android. Run along, fanboy

          1. Find me a PHONE that had multitouch, pinch and zoom, visual voicemail, and a capacitive touchscreen PRIOR to the iPhone (please don’t say the prada; Apple began working on the iPhone in 2004, loooooong before the prada was even thought of)…..

            And btw, dipshit, Google is already hard at work on copying yet another one of Apple’s IP’s, iTunes: it’s called Google Music…..

            There you go, fandroid retard

          2. First. Jdub, gtfo. No one cares about you and iOS here. Also, are you saying that once Apple touches something, it’s a godly object never to be used in anything else? You are close minded beyond belief. Yes, those items were invented BEFORE the iPhone. Doesn’t take a genius to say “I want the most high end hardware available on this product.” Seriously. iOS… Really should just lose the OS if you ask me. It doesn’t truly function like an OS, and Apple is just so close minded… Oh and don’t say retard. That’s pretty low, insulting a group of people like that to make your point. Ill swear before God before I mock a mentally impaired person.

          3. Like the Prada was made in a week right?

            Do we even know how long the Prada was being worked on?

            Speaking of iTunes, you think it was the first of its kind too huh?


          4. First of all Curry, I never said that Apple INVENTED those things (except visual voicemail; it’s a fact that Apple invented that technology). Multitouch technology was there for ANY of these phone manufacturers to employ on their smartphones, but it wasn’t until Apple used it that the rush to put it on smartphones began. Same with all of these other features. So whether they invented it or not is irrelevant… one utilized it in this manner until Apple did….

          5. Apple didn’t invent visual voicemail, Klausner Technologies did, they hold the patents on it, and they have successfully received settlements from Apple over it.

            The iOS visual voicemail is worthless anyway, you still have to listen to the damn message. Google Voice allows you to READ your voicemails, truly a “visual voicemail.”

          6. Thank goodness there is no iTunes equivalent for the Android. Its the worst. Instead we have DOZENS of music players, to which we make the choice. You iSheep have no choice in this matter. Here’s you a little something that will sound familiar:


        2. aw buddy, you are so lost. i feel sorry for you.

        3. Except capacitive touch screen was out before the iPhone…

          And since Android and the iPhone were in development around the time the Prada was released, Its safe to say they both got influences from the LG Prada.

          And I know some pro Apple ppl is gonna try to debate about the iPhone and LG Prada. Like I mentioned time and time again, the Prada wasnt developed in a week. The fact that the Prada came out first (about 6 months before the orig iPhone) says alot in this day n age of patents.

          Bottom line, some of yall really need to get off this who is copying who horse yall be on.

      3. lol wtf is “real” multitasking?

        You mean the multi tasking on my Nexus S which just allows programs to run in the background continuously eating up all my ram and slowly getting killed off as I open up another new app? You mean the multitasking that allows apps to continuously run in the background killing my battery? The fact that I have to actually physically “quit” an app on my Nexus through the menu in the app to have it stop using data in the background so I wont have my battery affected as much?

        Android multitasking is not that good. Apple came late to the party, but got it right.

        The clear strengths of Android are the mobile hotspot, the features if you use Google products, and the notifications. Thats about it.

        1. By “got it right” you must mean where apps suspend in the background making them completely useless.

          Android may not have it down 100% but they are light years ahead of where Apple is. There honestly is no comparison. The Nexus S is a great phone for what it is. To be honest if your apps are closing because memory is needed then you are most likely not using them as more recent apps get moved to the top of the list. Its a great design that does deserve at least a golf clap.

          So be it that I have to charge my battery at the end of the night. I dont need it to last through the next day as well. Power isnt scarce (plug in home, car, work)

          Android has a lot more strengths then Apple does by a long shot and it continues to improve the ones that dont match. 300k activations per day dont lie – Its a great OS that is highly desired.

          1. I’m not sure what Android’s “real” multitasking is achieving besides battery drain.

            On my iPad and the iPhone I had before my Nexus S, If I am listening to Pandora/Slacker/whatever audio app, and I switch, my app I can still hear the music/audio. If I am using a chat app, I still am logged on and receive notifications for every IM I receive even if Im in another app.

            As for games, or facebook or twitter etc, having them suspended in the background minimizing drain on battery life, but still having it ready for me to use when I switch back is a problem, how? What is Android offering in multitasking that you need, that Apple’s system doesn’t?

    2. At least Jobs gives credit to Android if he really did say that. Some of us here need to take note of that.

      And if Android copied anybody it was the LG Prada if one wants so say they copied someone. Just looking at the types of OS each has: Prada had a Flash based one, Android is VM based one. Two different types of approaches to a mobile OS.

      So if/when iOS revamps their notification system, are some of yall gonna say they copied Android, WebOS, MS?

      Like someone said in the “Why Would Anyone Buy Android?” article:

      “If you care so much about not using copied technology, then you better limit yourself to dead products from nonexistant companies, because everything that exists today is a copy of something.”

      1. Humans copy each other. . . it’s what humans do from infancy till death. Very very few humans have ever been truly creative/innovative–think Tesla, not Steve Jobs or any other CEO.

        1. You may not want to concede that Steve Jobs is innovative, but that doesn’t mean you’re correct. I’ll conceded that Eric Schmit, Larry Paige, etc are all innovative, but then, I don’t have my head up my ass.

      2. Honestly everything is a copy of something. Even if it is a ground up rebuild there are most likely “the best parts” of another design included.

        The question is, does it matter!? I would say if it improves our experience and allows for the developers designers to get products to market quicker (not reinventing the wheel) then by all means please do copy.

        “Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Well Apple is a great artist. Con artist that is. They copy someone else’s ideas and patent them, thus stealing them, not allowing anyone else to innovate or improve on those ideas. That hurts the industry

    3. Android is a better mobile OS than iOS will ever be.

      1. iOS is a better mobile OS than Android will ever be…..there. Isn’t it funny how someone states an OPINION like it’s fact??

        1. You are a complete tool.

          Wow, yeah you are right! My opinion is fact.

    4. wow the Apple cult is strong today. Maybe this is a special gathering before they descend upon the airports with their magical literature. ommmmm ommmm Steve is the One True Master….

      1. And you don’t think your worshiping at someone’s feet here at

        1. Nope. Google doesn’t have any charismatic leaders and android fans are very skeptical. Look how many android users gave the latest version Google Maps a 1 star rating just because it didn’t have a change log.

    5. What would those best pieces be? Hmmm, lets see… Flash, Widgets, easily customizable, open source, and so on and so on… Yeah, we definitely stole the best pieces. What a moron.

    6. Stold…as far as I remember IOS CAN’T MULTITASK UNTIL Iphone4 so which part of that is stealing?

  8. Board of Director knows who his Daddy is

  9. Apple’s product ALWAYS has taken the lead in ease of use, stability their products are fantastic thats why people are snatching them up faster then they can be made.

    For the guy that spoke about companies stealing ideas like Steve said its the year of the copycat. If you look at most of the products out there the try to copy apple and year after year they come out with a new product after apple.

    As for the android system being number one how many devices and companies did they have to team up with to accomplish this? Apple one company a few products and a great following

    You can buy the best or settle for the rest !!

  10. thanks for all the hits and revenue for the site, apple fans!

    1. No problem. You kids help keep the Apple forums running. We just wanted to return the favor. Sorry there are only a couple of us and not the thousands that are over there. It probably has something to do with the fact that Apple fans are happy and Android users have to find an outlet for their seething rage and discontent.

      1. The iOS notification system is a joke.

        1. Well at least the entire operating system isn’t a poor imitation.

      2. No, more likely it’s because Iphone users are pretty dumb as a whole, thats why they have an Iphone. They just want things to “work” and not have to think about them. Which is why 90% of Iphone users can’t even turn on a PC, let alone sign up for, and use a forum.

        1. Yeah, who wants to have something just work without having to think about it. That’s absurd.

      3. You iFans must be real losers, I comment on all Apple sites also but have never trolled them once. Also are trying to imply that there are more people using iOS then Android, I thought we pasted you guys up last year. Hell we were getting 250,000 activations/day when the iPhone 4 came out/ Steve even said that the iPhone 4 did only 140,000/day for a few weeks.

        1. you’re trolling RIGHT NOW

  11. The comments here prove that ANDROID IS MOST DESIRED platform.


    Even the iFans can’t resist reading and commenting about it. . . they want to be associated with it just as much as everyone else, thus all the iFan comments on all the Android sites like this one.

    1. You should go check out the official Apple User forums. They’re filled with phandroids, and you have to actually seek that site out. I found this one legitimately through google news (I have written them a strongly worded letter condemning them for putting a hack site like into their news search results)

      1. “strongly worded letter” LOL. Its 2011 not 1811, I doubt anyone at a monster company like Google gives a flying fuck.

        1. way to miss a joke and quote it in your own stupid comment, dumba$$. Typical phandroid moron.

      2. phandroid is a hack site? bahahha go away

        1. Yeah, haha, and apparently Apple Insider is a legitimate news channel, with all their skewed articles. At least what phandroid posts is factual reporting; not charts and statistics invented by the author.

          1. Oh like that “factual” story that Phandroid ran about the Thunderbolt “outselling” the iPhone 4 @ Verizon when a guy picked up a phone and called 150 out of 2000 Verizon retail locations (no Apple Stores or places like Best Buy, which also sells Verizon iPhones were included in the “survey”)…..boy….and you fandroids accuse Apple fans of drinking kool-aid…..hilarious

          2. There are retards on both sides. I already see them everyday on Engadget.

        2. No.

    2. I’ll make u a deal…..u tell your fandroids to stay off Apple blogs, and we’ll stay off Android blogs…

      1. Are you a redneck? Had to ask with a name like that.

        I don’t read any apple sites :)

        I don’t like the overly closed-mindedness presented on Apple sites and the strong cult vibe just freaks me out. . . so I don’t even bother.

        1. Oh I see…You just prefer the overly close-mindedness that’s on Android sites…. I get it

          1. close mindedness?

          2. His word, not mine…

          3. how about we all chin the fuck up, it’s only an operating system, we each have our favourites and no matter which we prefer, we’re all tech fans so who cares?

      2. So two wrong make a right?

        1. Depends upon your perspective….I personally don’t have a problem with fandroids coming on Apple forums…..difference of opinion is fine with me

          1. As much as it pains me to say… I gave you a vote on this.

            Dont expect it to happen again anytime soon…lol

          2. I won’t hold my breath….lol

      3. Nope. I love my evo, I love my iPad, so I’ll continue to post on both boards. I’ll compromise with you: I won’t post inane fanboy crap. I’ll post what I hope are insightful questions or helpful answers

  12. Well this has really been fun, but I have to run fellas. Good luck with your fragmented platform and your misleading marketshare numbers. Later

    1. Thanks, you have fun with your multitouch invention.

    2. Have being number 2. You also have fun with your fragmented platform, LMFAO. I know more about iOS then you do.

      1. yes, but. . . but. . . but. . . we only have one phone. . .


        Logic doesn’t seem to be strong with the iFans.

      2. Well, to give credit to Apple, iOS 4.2.1 is on over 50% of their devices. What’s the percentage for Android 2.3? Just over 1%? XD

        1. Yeah I know and I’m more tech savvy then most people because I’m using iOS
          4.3 and Android OS 2.3 both the official versions. :P

  13. Microsoft still RULES ;-)

  14. Jroc I have challenged you on this point several times before and you have yet to come up with an appropriate response so I’ll do it again:

    It’s a well known fact that Apple began working on the iPhone as early as 2004. Please find proof that LG began working on the Prada prior to that and I’ll shut up about it…..

    1. That is a stupid comment. Steve Jobs stated they started work on a tablet first. Then they decided to make a phone instead. That work most likely was with the OS only, not the hardware–hardware changes rapidly! You don’t expect us all to believe that Apple was working on the same hardware for 3 years do you? Get real!

      Internal diagrams for the iPhone show it looking just like a blackberry back in 2005. . . So, why did it go from looking like a blackberry to looking like LG’s prada? Could it have been the evolution of the hardware and the form factor in general?

      iFans like you that think things are developed in a vacuum amaze me. Are you really that clueless? Can’t you realize that everyone takes cues from everyone else and all companies adjust to how the market moves.

      1. Yea….I guess according to some ppl LG is an amazing company that can develop a phone in a week…

      2. Here are some shots of early iPhone prototypes….yeah they’re dead ringers for Blackberrys…..

        1. Now that you have confirmed that you can’t read. . .

          “Internal diagrams”

          You wanna try again and find the diagrams.

    2. Jdub, here u go.

      Now, you give me the proof of the “well known” fact that Apple was working on the iPhone in 2004. After that, STFU and GTFA.

    3. You know, I actually forgot all about that. Moved on to other things…

      What I did find just doing some poking a few minutes ago:

      That Onyx phone, the software went into the LG Prada. That Onyx capacitive touch screen phone was available for demo in 2006, before both the LG Prada and the iPhone.

      The Onyx Live Demo is interesting. Its a working phone….available for a demo in 2006. I Dont think it ever saw the light of day, I just skimmed thru these links.

      All this arguing about the Prada and the iPhone..the Onyx was totally overlooked.

      I’m getting closer…

      1. Close, but no cigar….

        1. YOU LOOSE! NOW STFU & GTFO!!!

  15. I really don’t know what the big deal is about who did what and when it got done. All of you sound like little children fighting over something that is so irrelevant about this topic that it doesn’t make any sense.

    First who cares if Schmitt did not know about Jobs plans about the iPad. The fact is there is no need for Jobs to let anyone on his board what the hell he is working on except that he may be working on the next big thing. On top of that the board will probably go along with what he says just because he brought that company from the brink of destruction to the second most profitable company as someone has pointed out.

    The bottom line here is that whether there is only one iPhone or there is a million other Android competitor devices is that we as consumers benefit from all the innovation and evolution of these gadgets. Of course the only problem is that many of us turn into sheep for the grandmasters of these companies. Battling a war that in part is created by them and led by us and in the end they are benefiting more than we are.

    In the end instead of worrying about what is the best gadget and who will beat who in what arena of smartphone or tablet or some other piece of electronic equipment, worry about each other. Us as human beings will destroy each other sooner or later. Whether with phones, tablets, bombs or global warming or some apocalyptic deadly disease. Worry about your fellow brother or sister who is depressed. Worry about your friend or that kid that seems to be all alone and may be the next serial killer in your neighborhood school. This is not a religious rant. I’m atheist. This is just a human to human thing.

    Fighting about whose phone is better is just so not that important in the world today.

    1. THIS is one of the most intelligent posts i’ve read in quite some time…

    2. Blah blah blah… the sanctimonious ramblings for church…..

  16. Ok so lets say iPhone was being thought of and designed in 04 where do they ever state that the original phone would be a touch screen!? And what makes you assume they didn’t change to touch screen upon realizing another phone was being released sooner with a nice touch screen!?!? Just because it was started first doesn’t mean it didn’t steal ideas! Furthermore if apple invented multi touch they wouldn’t be getting sued by a different company for said technology!! Also if they were so great they wouldn’t be getting sued like everyone else with their whole is infringing upon several patents created by a different company! So they may have been first to do many things but they aren’t the best! Apple is a solid company and I like their products! I just don’t like people blindly worshipping them like they are perfect and do no wrong!!

  17. I think its a sign or Phandroid’s growing popularity that trolling and arguing has taken off recently… :)

  18. Every company rips off ideas from other companies. I don’t care who did it first, I just care who does it best. For me the experience on Android is better than iPhone.

  19. Driod great for phones horrible for tablets. IOS was original intended for tablets. The iPhone was the guinea pig.

    1. Android = Google’s Mobile OS
      Droid = Name made up by Motorola to market their phones

      1. Android = Google’s mobile OS
        Droids = R2D2 C3PO
        Droid = Name licensed to Verizon by Lucas Films

  20. The number one platform it is today? -scoff- :|

  21. ios and iphone now are android wannabe, i things guys agree with me

  22. Did it really matter? OEMS were itching for tablets while the iPad was still a secret. Google just misfired on that front badly. Who needed to know about the ipad?

    1. Google needed to know about the iPad so they’d know what to copy next….

  23. You guys need to calm the hell down, there a far more important things in life. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

  24. If you look at what has happened to Steve Jobs in the past, example, getting his OS stolen by Gates, (Not saying they weren’t in a thievery contest to begin with) I think it’s safe to say he has reason to be cautious when seeking to debut a new product.

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