Sprint to Get Wi-Fi XOOM Alongside WiMax Model?


We’ve already heard about Sprint getting a WiMax-enabled version of the Motorola XOOM, but BGR says they’ve been able to confirm that model and another one – the Wi-Fi XOOM. We’re sure these’ll go for full retail price, but don’t be surprised to see a Sprint Overdrive + Wi-Fi XOOM bundle for an overall discounted price at the point of sale. (And if you go for that, you might as well just go for the WiMax model unless you have other devices you’d like to enable on the go.)

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Sprint is SMOKING hot with these devices upcoming…People better join the line and enjoy the unlimited usage of these great devices.

    1. If the price is right

    2. Enjoy what? You need to stop smoking that Sprint bullshit. Wimax enabled xoom .. Haha no point buying that. Wimax is basically obsolete with your Sprint bailing on you with your Wimax while they copy Verizon with LTE.

      1. Except all WiMax 4G phones will work on LTE Sprint 4G.

        The frequency and software is what changes. And since the frequency is staying the same, all that needs to change is the software – Which apparently only needs to be done at the cell sites, and not on the phones.

        1. Please provide reference.

          Base on some reading on articles, Sprint will have to switch out broadband card at their cell tower and do a software change for LTE to go into affect.

          More articles state that current wimax phones will become obsolete.

          1. blah

          2. Well yes. The hardware needs to be changed at the cell sites. I left
            that out, but the end result is the same. The customer doesn’t need
            to do anything.


  2. hopefully it lasts. I hate to see how much this is going to cost

  3. I like the WiFi Zoom and 4G hotspot bundle idea (especially if there is a discount). Would make the most sense imo, definitely more flexibility.

  4. Quit smoking the their add crack. Sprint’s Wimax enabled xoom will be obsolete bc .. you guess it .. can’t get a signal.

  5. Sprint is probably the only carrier that can inject life into the Xoom.

  6. And for sure, it is without a functioning SD card slot.

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