SD Card Functionality Finally Comes to XOOM With Custom Kernel


Why this functionality wasn’t even enabled to begin with is beyond me, but the folks at XDA have taken matters into their own hands and have developed a custom kernel that unlocks access to any SD card shoved into that handy port on the Motorola XOOM. You’ll need to be rooted, of course, but instructions seem simple enough once you’re done with that. (And it’ll be a breeze if you’ve already done that.) Head over to this XDA thread for full details, instructions, and download links. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Yes indeed. Didnt know but there’s a dummy card in the slot, just took a look at it today lol..

  2. WTF??? This is the most unprofessional thing I ever heard in my life. People bought a $800 tablet and had to deal with an incomplete software that can’t utilize all of its hardware?

    1. I’m pretty sure you have heard of things waaay more unprofessional in your life.

      See: Apple’s response to the iPhone 4 antenna problem.

    2. Ha I didn’t pay anywhere close to $800 for mine. I’m not that stupid.

  3. Personally I’m waiting until the official update. I haven’t even filled up the first 32gb of onboard storage yet.

  4. LOL, the thread at the motorola support forums:

    and I quote:

    Removed by forums manager. We can’t really endorse this. I’m confident anyone who wants it can find it without our help.

    Message was edited by: Matt (Forums Manager)

    1. That is hilarious!

  5. too late….motorola has missed the bus

  6. Here is to hoping Toshiba pad will have its ports ready to go.

  7. So with SD card working does anyone think we will get rom mgr. Love and Clockworkmod recovery mod anytime soon?

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