Bits o’ Honey Hit AOSP, But Not Exactly How You’d Want It


It’s being reported that some bits of Android 3.0 Honeycomb have been found in the AOSP repository. A mention of “Renderscript” – a feature that didn’t find its way into Android until the tablet-specific version of the OS – was found. Commenting on the find, Googler Jean-Baptiste Queru stated that he was the culprit, confirming that the team has decided to upload “a current snapshot of master, in case incompatibilities develop over time.”

Should that ever happen, they’ll just revert back to that image. It wasn’t said how often they’d be updating the snapshot of the master branch, unfortunately. And no, this is not source Honeycomb in all its glory but it does give us hope that things may change soon enough. [via Android Guys]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Renderscript has been in Android since Live Wallpapers, it’s just been a private API until Honeycomb.

  2. It’s all the GPL code from Honeycomb, and it’s been in the AOSP branch since January. It was just recently *tagged* Android 3.0 which is why it got noticed. Nothing to see here, really, move along.

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