HTC Flyer Launching May 9th Across Europe


Though today’s press event is all about the brand new HTC Sensation, the company did take some time to give a quick rundown of some of their other new products for the spring and fall. The big news here is that the HTC Flyer tablet will be launching around Europe on May 9th. We’ve been hearing May for some time now, but this is the first time we can actually throw a pin on the calendar. Now, back to the Sensation…


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HTC Sensation Makes a Promo Video Appearance Ahead of Today’s Launch Event

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  1. I know this device apeals to some people, but I just don’t understand why a smaller screen single core device has the same price point as the other multi-core 10 inch devices. It really should be at least 50 bucks cheaper.

  2. Very true should be cheaper than current price

  3. Damn that is a big phone

  4. minezzzz! but really, America is broke sell it for 20 bucks

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