Adobe Issues Warning, Schedules Future Update For Seemingly Minor Flash Exploit


We shouldn’t be surprised at how this stuff works after all this time – Flash is kind of buggy and kind of insecure, and Android is no exception to the list of exploitable victims through vulnerabilities. The folks at Adobe have issued a security warning for an issue they’re calling critical. It affects Flash 10.2, but likely won’t be too harmful if you’re on a modern version of Android. (And even if you aren’t, chances of the plugin crashing and a hacker taking advantage at that very moment are low.) You can find the patch in their next update. [via Android Community]

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  1. Both you and Android Community read the release incorrectly. They’re still working on the release schedule for Android. They are waiting until their quarterly to update only Adobe Reader for the exploit because there’s a simple “workaround” built into Adobe Reader that protects users.

    1. Oh, and the comments at Android Community say this as well, but it doesn’t just affect older versions of Android. If you actually read the bulletin it says “Version 10.2.x.x” for Android and earlier versions”. That means and earlier versions of Flash Player, not of Android

  2. is Flash really that insecure or is it that you just know more about it while all of your other apps (such as Pandora) may be doing who knows what?

  3. Breaking News…this week Adobe finds another security flaw that allows crackers to exploit the software.

    And in other news, the earth found to be round afterall and NASA discovers the moon really isnt made of cheese! All this and more on your local news at 10!

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