WIND Blows Nexus S To More Candian Shores


Maple Leafed Phandroids currently have a bunch of options if they’d like to procure the Samsung Nexus S but if you’ve been waiting for WIND to carry the Nexus S are you still waiting? No more holding your breath, WIND now has all the Nexus-S-Air you’ll need now:

You’ll be set back $525 for the priviledge of a 4-inch SUPER AMOLED screen, 1GHz processor fueling Android 2.3, a 5MP camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera, and NFC capabilities.

[Via WIND]

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  1. Candian?

    1. is that like candian bacon?

  2. Used to be, Canadians would be the last on the list to get any of the latest and greatest handsets AND OS updates, but lately seems like they’ve somehow leapfrogged over the US and are getting ALL the goods before us! :P

  3. Candian? Really…??? How insulting. It’s like you guys aren’t even trying anymore.

  4. it was boring in november and it’s even more boring now. give me the htc sensation or evo 3d.

    1. I’ve read similar comments thousands of times since the Nexus One came out. Thanks for making me laugh.

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