Official Windows Live Messenger for Android App to Be Released Monday?


French outlet claims to have gotten word on an official Windows Live Messenger application coming to the Android market this Monday. The app is being developed by Miyowa but will get Microsoft’s official stamp of endorsement.

We’re not sure why they’re choosing to outsource development of a messenger that many people have been waiting for, but we can’t doubt Miyowa’s ability without having actually used one of their apps. (They currently have a Windows Phone 7 version of the application available.) It should be noted that several features from its WP7 counterpart are expected to be omitted, such as file transfer. (Which is a biggie in our book.) We’ll be on the lookout for its arrival. [via LiveSide]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. yay?

  2. UI looks nice

  3. UI looks like complete garbage. They ignored all the Android style cues.

  4. Too late…LiveProfile is here already.

      1. Sorry but an app that netted in ! million users in 5 days deserves recognition. I admit it could use some tweaks but it is still awesome. Works on android, iOS, and blackberry. Very great app so far….more to come.

        1. *1 million users*

          1. Yes . 1 Million Users deserves recognition . but I agree with cloakster , i bet if i asked on facebook , about 1 / 600 people would know what LiveProfile is .
            and 1 million users is nothing really .
            but that doesn’t change the fact ts shit .

        2. I guarantee atleast 95% of those people have never heard of WhatsApp or Kik messenger and thing that Live Profile is a new concept :P

          Also, i do agree that LiveProfile sucks, you can’t change the look of it at all and i really hate the default look. You also have no way of signing out or appearing offline. (Some things you would think a 3rd party app would have).

  5. Maybe using the 3rd party dev because he would focus on pushing out updates and fixes way faster and efficient then they would

  6. For those playing at home, *this* is open. Not to mention that Bing is in the Android Market, too.

  7. not too sure about this.. already running gtalk, what’sapp etc etc.. me feels msn could be a tad too late to the party..

  8. The best MSN app on Android is MercuryIM anyway. Which DOES support file transfer.

  9. Seriously this is just ridiculous. How come Microsoft can dedicate their time for iOS and not for WP7?

  10. I’ve tried a few of the top 3rd party MSN clients for Android and they are good enough. I can guarantee they will also be better than Microsoft can ever make this official one.

  11. Its out now:

    People are reporting that it doesn’t run in the background.

    1. Wait…are the messages being pushed then? How would you received your message if it’s not running in the background :/

  12. Google Talk doesn’t even have File Transfer on it’s mobile app.

  13. Chris

    its HERE its under Messenger by Miyowa WooT WooT

  14. :S VERY bad application
    doesn’t even work in background
    and why is there an add banner?!! come on!

    Also, I don’t get why a French company is doing this, and why the notices are half in English half in French…

  15. can’t download in south africa, thats extremely annoying

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