ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Keyboard Attachment to Cost $150


We’ve finally gotten some insight on the pricing of the Eee Pad Transformer’s most important accessory – the keyboard attachment. ASUS plans to bundle the thing (in Europe, at least) with the keyboard, but bundles in the United States haven’t yet been detailed. The standalone attachment was found on PC Richards’ site, though, and the listing revealed its cost – $150.

Add that to the $400 price tag for the tablet itself and you’re looking at a sub-$600 bill for the whole thing. Yes, it’s only $50 cheaper than the XOOM if you were to buy it packaged that way but it’s still a hell of a deal for a Honeycomb tablet. We just need these things to go on sale over here now. [via Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. FIRST!

  2. So when I can order this thing in Canada!???

      1. I’ve read that company is a huge risk to deal with. I’m waiting for Amazon or futureshop to have it.

  3. Would totally buy one without the keyboard. I’m guessing Best Buy will only sell them as a package or something equally stupid.

  4. No problem here. Can always get the keyboard at a later date.

  5. Is it “tansformer” or “transformer”?

    1. Transformer. Completely missed the title when I proof-read.

  6. Sounds like a win. And I like the idea of using it as a tablet first and then seeing if I’d really benefit from the keyboard attachment.

    It’s looking more and more like my next computer will be a desktop and I’ll have a tablet for when I want to be mobile.

  7. I’d buy it if they got rid of that Mac-style keyboard. I hate that square separated keys design. My fingers just can’t grasp how to type on it lol

  8. This might be a dumb thing to say…but does this tablet have access to the android market?

    1. why shouldnt it?

    2. You know, that’s a good question… I’m suspicious now of the price. Most low-cost tablets do not have access to the Android Market and only some will allow installation of it – requiring root.

      1. I thought all Honeycomb tablets have access to the market? I can’t remember where I heard that.

        1. Not sure, but I’ve been going over many transformer videos and I can’t see the “Market” icon… this makes me wonder.

        2. The source code for Honeycomb isn’t released yet, so I’m not sure how else they’d have access to it if they weren’t partnering with Google.

    3. it has – check that swedish hands-on that has been posted everywhere.

    4. Its out in the UK and reading some posts about it on the xda forum, several people have installed apps on it, im pretty sure they got it from the android market or else would have raised this question also.


  9. Seriously? $400+$150=$550 Not $600 like you state? Who writes these articles now a days?

    But anyway I’m buying one as long as its $400 ill add the keyboard on later unless there’s a good bundle price.

    1. “sub-$600 bill”

      Seriously who comments on these articles now a days?

    2. Sub-$600 means it’s less than $600. Thanks!


    3. HA! Fail!

  10. I wonder if Motorola will offer a similar accessory. They are doing it for the phones, why not for the XOOM? Motorola definitely needs to come down in price though. Everyone is undercutting their prices on the XOOM and while its nice, its not nice enough to warrant the extra premium right now. I smell a price war brewing.

  11. Expected ship date is 4/17 on the keyboard. Does this confirm the 4/18 release date rumor?

  12. So, hmmm… $599 for the Xoom 32GB. $399 for the Asus 16GB. $150 for the keyboard dock, so that’s $549 for 16GB, keyboard dock, and extra battery for 16 hrs. battery life. Add in $50 or so for a 32GB SD card, and you have all of that plus 48GB total storage for the same price as the Xoom.

    I think my Xoom is going to end up going back to the store…

  13. All Honeycomb tablets are blessed by Google. I cannot imagine they wont get full access.

  14. 150 is a hell of alot better then the 500 motorola wants for the stupid Atrix dock…………….

  15. I would buy one if it was 7″ or 8″ and has a pen.

    1. So you’d buy one if it was a completely different product?

  16. I’m torn between this and the playbook I don’t know what to do. what do you guys think?

  17. This is by far the strongest Android tablet entry in the market, me thinks. I am going to get one for myself! I am excited!

  18. $399 Canadian!?

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