Who an Oscar Nomination When You Can Grab the Star-Studded Gold Motorola XOOM on eBay Now?


Remember those exclusive gold Motorola XOOM tablets being handed out as free shwag for the hosts and top nominees at this years Oscars? You don’t even have to be a star to own one now. The gold XOOM and its exclusive leather case are up for auction with a Buy It Now pricing of $1,750.

We’re not exactly sure if the gold deco is worth well over twice the price of the standard version (most complained about having to spend even $600 on the the Honeycomb tablet), but someone out there will surely want one. Now the question is which celebrity once owned this gold XOOM and decided to part ways with it. The auctioneer claims to be sworn to secrecy, but the price might be better justified if it came with the autograph of James Franco or Natalie Portman.

[via eBay, Thanks Austin!]

Kevin Krause
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  1. “Who an Oscar Nomination”?

  2. Who an Oscar Nomination?! WHO!?! For the love of all that is Android, WHO!?!?!

    1. oh god, this needs to be in encyclopedia dramatica!

  3. Tacky.

  4. I an Oscar.

  5. Jeez you guys need to seriously edit your writing cause its getting out hand. Something new every week.

    1. “out [of] hand”

      1. the humor. it is lost.

        on you.

  6. Wow, I came to this article only to comment…
    “Who an oscar”
    and that’s not all. Learn grammar.

  7. where’s the ‘want’? I think someone’s thoughts are going faster then their fingers “/

    1. I think it’s supposed to be “needs”. Because the gold Xooms were handed out to the hosts and Oscar nominees.

  8. I was going to let it go, but can’t
    year – singular
    years – more than one year
    possessive – showing ownership or belonging
    so, since you can say “of this year” or “belonging to this year” it would be a possessive. According to the English rules of possessive, an apostrophe is used.
    so, it would be “this year’s Oscar.”

    Look, I know engineers can’t write, I deal with them every day, but if you regularly voice your opinions in writing, you need to take the time to do it properly. As a reader, it’s an insult to try to read something that someone hasn’t taken the time to proofread. Or, I will read it only to see just how bad your writing is. If you had as much as re-read your posting, you would have noticed the blatant error in the title.

    I’m an engineer too. English is my 3rd language. Yes, really. You have NO excuse.

    1. Who cares? Is it really that big of a deal? The point got across. English is a language where we can speak it poorly and still be understood. No big deal

    2. Totally agree with Alenjandrow.
      If you’re writing publicly, even if informally, take the time to proof-read and be diligent with the language.
      It’s one thing to be texting/IM’ing someone in lazy half-English.. it’s another if you’re attempting to speak to the public.

  9. Wow.. that’s what I would call “so called” good grammar.

  10. Silly Kevin, twix are for kids, so is grammar…

  11. He got all you clowns to click through and post comments. I think he, much like Charlie Sheen, is winning.

  12. You guys sure do mess up a lot lol.
    but we all make mistakes, it makes us human.
    Phandroid just shows its human side more often ;)

    1. Phanhuman?

  13. This title needs to be changed to “Who An Editor When You Can Make A Post That We Can’t Even Write Correctly.”

  14. I’m willing to sell my genuine Xoom tablet for $1600 that I got as swag. I got it directly from Google itself at the Game Developers Conference. It should be worth much more than the fake gold tablet.

  15. At least we have the occasional WTF is wrong with your grammar and title? Other news sites just make it way to hard to be critical!!!
    yawn, i’m so tired of the crap lately.

    I Oscar, who you? Caveman need food. Dino hungry.

  16. Who what the how but?

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