With 1-Year Contracts Out, Is Verizon Set to Introduce $50 Month-to-Month Unlimited Talk and Text Plan?


With Verizon set to nix one-year contracts as an option when signing up for or extending service, it looks like the carrier may be exploring a new month-to-month option for customers on pre-paid plans. A freshly leaked document outlines a $50 plan for unlimited talk and text (but not data). Sounds pretty good, right?

As DroidLife points out, toss on a $30 unlimited data plan and for just around $80 you get plenty of incentive for ditching yearly contracts altogether. Except, of course, subsidized device pricing.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Not bad at all. A lot of cell phones use to over charge for voice but now these same cell phone companies are pretty much giving voice away.

  2. With Boost you get the same thing, but with unlimited data. Actually, it goes down to $35 if yo make your payments on time consistantly. And it is on the Sprint network. Sure it is not as big as Verizons, but it is a great network. If I didnt still have a year left on my Verizon plan I would be looking at Boost now; especially with the new Android phone they just released.

    1. heres the link i found on technobuffalo, looks like it runs froyo too, but the other specs aren’t great.

  3. Their phones are toooooo high to be thinkin about buying unsub’d. For me atleast.

  4. Except no one knows if smartphones will be included on this plan or not…

  5. i doubt this will offered to android phone.

  6. @Alex. Check out page plus cellular. They use verizons network, but their plans are very reasonable. Data is an issue on their plans, but maybe that will change now with the new govt ruling on roaming data.

    You can use any phone on any plan. So you aren’t restricted to having to buy a data plan if you only need ur smartphone in wifi areas.

    1. Yeah I too am excited about the new FCC rules.

      Nice tip about page plus cellular. Being able to use a smartphone without a data plan would be my dream phone. And just use WIFI at home, work, and at friends houses. I wonder if you can use GPS navigation? … assuming you buy a full fledged GPS app with maps included.

  7. But Sprint just released an Android phone on Boost Mobile……Keep trying.

  8. That is for unlimted verizon mobile to mobile…..25 cents a minute to non Verizon. Not a good option for me at least.

    1. What part of Unlimited anytime minute do you not get?

      .25 per min is the basic prepaid.
      .99 day + .10 per min to non Verizon #
      1.99 day for unlimited limited
      $50 a month for unlimited min + text

  9. For just right under 50$ i get unlimited data, text, and 1200 minutes. with Virgin mobile. Currently have the lg optimums V. this is defiantly a good start.

  10. These cell phone companies are getting way to big

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