Samsung Droid Charge Accessories Show Up In Stores, Phone Any Day Now


Initial rumors placed the launch of the Samsung Droid Charge on April 7th, and while that date has come and gone, the arrival of accessories in stores today signals that the launch still shouldn’t be too far off. Of note is a multimedia dock for the Charge, seen in the above picture. Of course, this could all mean nothing. Accessories for the HTC Thunderbolt showed up at stores a month before the actual handset, a timing issue caused by a delayed device launch. Hopefully the Charge won’t meet the same fate.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. If that thing didn’t have physical buttons I’d hop on it….not to mention it’ll have 2.2 forever.

  2. Costco Kiosk claimed it’s now 4/17th for delivery and price will be $249. Taking that with a grain of salt as they’d previously told me the Tbolt was to be available yesterday as well, but now we’re talking a month away for that!!

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