Andy Rubin Promoted to Senior Vice President as Part of Google Reorganization Effort


As Larry Page takes the reigns from Eric Schmidt as part of a reorganization of company’s top brass, it is clear communication between Google’s key product teams is a key part of the future of Google. As one of his first moves, Page promoted six executives including Android lead Andy Rubin. Rubin, now under the title of senior VP, will now report directly to Page in an effort to streamline Google’s executive structure and provide better company focus moving forward.

The move puts an emphasis on areas that Google will make top priority moving forward, and mobile is obviously at the top of the list. Rubin spoke out earlier this week on the current state of Android, and it is clear his passion for the platform has not faded in the slightest. With upcoming services such as the cloud-based Google Music (also headed up by Rubin), we may have only witnessed a fraction of what the company has in store.

[via WSJ]

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  1. i was telling my coworker, google will one day run EVERYTHING you do online.

    1. You were right :o

  2. Congratulations to Andy Rubin! He truly is a mobile innovator! Loved Danger and Love Android even MORE!

  3. The future of android is in these guys hands and based on that we are in great shape for the next 5years. Mr. Schmidt deserves much credit he held us down and I’m so glad he will be around as the front man for google. He is a great negotiator.

  4. Andy Rubin really is THE MAN.

  5. skynet

    1. I AM A MACHINE!

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