HTC Merge Makes Appearance on Verizon Site, Will it Ever Get a Release?


In some alternate universe the HTC Merge was release on Verizon last year. Every once in a while flashes of that universe appear in our own. For example, see the above screen capture of the Merge on Verizon’s site tucked away in a section about free text alerts.

OK, so the alternate universe explanation is a bit far-fetched, but it’s the best one I can think of as to why the Merge has existed in launch limbo for so long. The phone has since found a home on Alltel and Cellular South, but is there still hope for it on Verizon? At this point we are more interested in the answer than the handset itself.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. It is comming to verizon…vz navigator merge is on market before release of device just like Droid2 and thunderbolt vz navs also did

  2. Why pay for VZ Navigator when Google Maps, etc. is free?

    1. Don’t know why u would pay for vz navs….irrelevant to my point….. and dude who says merge sucks why are u comparing it to a sprint evo u Nimrod its Different class of phone and for ppl who like having a physical keyboard…the HTC Merge is one of the best Android sliders to date…same as HTC vision/G2 only for vzw…so the merge most deffinetley doesn’t suck. It is the best slider vzw will have with an unlocked bootloader and could stay in the top spot if droid3 ends up being locked down like the droid2. If u don’t care about a physical kb then the merge or any other slider is not the device to buy as there are much better devices hardware wise with virtual kb’s

  3. The merge sucks. I’d eather buy the evo 3d.

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