Google Registers Music & Cloud-Themed Domains


Google’s buying up some interweb addresses, it seems, and they are all very interesting choices. On the one hand, there is,,, and – all musical terms, of course. Then there’s,, and – all related to “clouds” and the skies.

So what’s Google cooking up? We know they plan to introduce a robust music service soon to challenge Amazon and Apple, but what’s the Cloud stuff for? Considering the timing, it could just tie into their plans to introduce music as their new application will have a feature that’ll allow you to stream your tunes via “the cloud”.

But what are these domains going to actually be used for? Are they just clever domains for the sake of marketing or will these all serve separate, different purposes? Will they even use any of them? And if so, how many of them will they use? And which ones? Too many questions, right? Dammit, there goes another. I’ll just stop typing. [via TechCrunch]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. What ever they decide to do android users will clearly benefit. Google rules

  2. This is obviously all just obfuscation from Google. Which could only mean their new service will be audio cassette based.

    1. Disappointing. I was really pulling for vinyl. It sounds better after all. Google’s support would’ve been huge for its comeback. ;-)

  3. Whatever happened to “Google cloud picker”? The pre-maturely released online storage tool?
    Perhaps it will be renamed to Google Nebula or some other cloud storage name…..

    Anyway I hope Google music is released soon………….cba to get my cable out everytime I want to add 1 great song to my phone.

    1. Use doubletwist’s airsync…

    2. or bluetooth

  4. Now you know the cloud stuff doesn’t HAVE to be Android related right. It could be something for Google App Engine….and I’d still be extremely excited to know what it is lol. But I am very anxious to see what they are going to offer for music.

  5. i have to assume they are using the same model as their os alphabetic system. instead of coming up with version names on the fly, they have already predetermined this.

    thus, this will be the refreshes of the app associated with either cloud or music service.

    alto>bass>cadenza>de capo>etude>

    speculation with observation of the past, but anything is possible.

  6. do they really need to register those domains? aren’t they protected by trade mark name?

  7. Along with music purchasing/streaming I really hope Google also creates an awesome desktops music manager for Android that will rival iTunes. Double Twist is OK but just doesn’t cut it.

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