Amazon Offering Motorola Atrix 4G for $49.99 this Weekend [Deals]


AT&T assures us sales of their first Tegra 2 device are going along just fine, but just in case you think they could use a little extra help you may want to look into a little deal Amazon is running this weekend. For a mere $49.99 and a signature on a new AT&T contract you can score the the handset currently in 4G limbo. Rest assured, AT&T is planning on enabling support for their full 4G speeds in the very near future, might as well get ahead of the curve and pick up the Atrix now.

[Amazon via Gizmodo]

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  1. what good is a kickass phone if its on ATT’s shitty network?

    Answer: no good

  2. Yes, I want an Atrix No, I will never join AT&T. LOL FAIL

  3. Wow what a great opportunity and great device but NOPE I WILL NEVER TOUCH THIS NOT EVEN FOR FREE ON THAT USELESS NETWORK.

  4. AT&T works fine in my town. Too bad this offer is only for new subscribers.

    1. I’m with you. AT&T rocks where I live. CDMA Networks, not so much. I just wish they would have extended this to existing customers who are upgrade eligible as well.

    2. you can still get it for $100 now, I’m the one that got screwed, I paid $200 when It first came out….

    3. It’s true…location is the key, and where I live, I will have to say “MEH”. It’s like giving a warp drive to a caveman. (No offense, Geico caveman.)

    4. AT&T is better than Verizon in that little place between the east and west coast called America. I know this because I’m an adult who’s job requires me to travel not some stupid kid who reads message forums all day and thinks he knows everything.

  5. ATT is kick ass where I live where verizon sucks balls. It really depends on where you live as to which carrier you should use

  6. Not when the Thrill is right around the corner. Nice try. No thanks.

  7. despite AT&T I’d pick one up for that price if only the bootloader wasn’t locked down to the point of being useless. oh well.

  8. Any suggestions between this or LG 2GX? Moto has the bootloader locked, not sure if LG has the same. Moto won’t enjoy (I think) many roms due to kernel being locked, but I am not sure what the story is with LG either. I was definitely thinking LG, but at 49 dollars…Moto might be a better choice.

  9. Att drop calls as much as it drop balls.

  10. @ cdog AT&T network NOT SHITTY. depends what phone you have or where you live. I have good AT&T coverage every where I go. Could of waited a few more weeks to buy this phone would save me a hole lot money

  11. Locked bootloader + slow updates (via moto and verizon) + no real dev support + purposely crippled speed = FAIL. Why anyone would do this to themselves for 2 years is beyond me. I am waiting out my att contract and intend to jump ship. I don’t even get the 3g speeds I had before.

  12. Very nice deal, I wish I had grabbed it!!..

  13. Att gives me 5mb down on Atrix and 6.5 down and 1.2 up on unlocked vibrant

  14. Sounds great except for that weak link

  15. atrix is a great phone and works fine for my at&t network

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