Vanity Page for HTC EVO 3D Showing “Requested Launch Date of 4/11/2011” [Mysteries]


Is something about to go down on April 11th regarding Sprint’s newly-announced HTC EVO 3D? This mysterious page on Sprint website suggests as much, anyway. One user – just spinning around the interwebz as we all do – somehow came across this “URL Request Tool” that displays the following message:

The vanity request identified as “www.sprint.com/evo3d” is confidential until after the requested launch date of: 04/11/2011

Requested launch date of what, Sprint? Surely it can’t be the HTC EVO 3D’s – you usually like to get word out about its availability several weeks in advance. Is 04/11/2011 the day eager buyers will be able to stake their claim to one of these?

Are you just holding a super secret birthday party for Dan Hesse? (Whose birthday I don’t actually know.) Or is this just some random page with a random date that means nothing? It’s easy for us to assume that the HTC EVO 3D could enjoy a June release just as its big brother EVO 4G did last year, but that’s based on no concrete information or evidence whatsoever.

You know we’ll be keeping our eye on this date and we’ll be back to see just what will happen on that page this upcoming Monday. (Which happens to be a pretty good day for presales or an announcement of some sort to go down, don’t you think?) [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. give the man a biscuit

  2. June 3rd, 2011

    I’ll put money on it.

    1. Don’t bet that day you will lose your money.

        1. I wouldn’t disagree with Earlymon, he seems to be right most times

        2. I guess this page has changed? All it says is “Coming Soon” …

  3. now how am i gonna sleep this weekend?

  4. I have never pre-ordered anything, but even if 4/11 is only the first day to pre-order, I am reserving mine!

  5. Sprint has another monster coming out from HTC, I will wait for that 1.

    1. is it gonna a 4g android phone or what?

    2. please elaborate? what is your (the) speculation?

  6. I’m about 75% sure that this date is the pre ordering date.

    Theres no way sprint would actually launch an extremely high end phone without giving the blogs and cnet more time to review it.

  7. No way they would hold preorders for 2 months, it will be release the first week in MAY.

    1. its the first weekend of june like it has been every other year

      1. You following me Ant

      2. Not this time.. The change of venue for CTIA held in 2012 changes the launch date for the Evo 3d from June last year to May this year. Everyone knows CTIA is where sprint announces all there products and ctia is home of Evo. The quadcore Evo will be announced in May 2012.. Meanwhile time to be excited about this Evo 3d launch it will be the best device in 2011 along with the Samsung Galaxy S2 the only devices running 1.2 ghz processors on the market. This will be a great summer

        1. The Droid 2 Global has been running 1.2GHz out of the box since November 2010

          1. Not dual core, you are ridiculous.

          2. A pretty weak 1.2 that’s for. Definitely not dualcore and nothing like what this will be like. The Droid 2 global wasn’t nothing special

          3. The guy didn’t say anything about dual core. Richard said ‘along with the Samsung Galaxy S2 the only devices running 1.2 ghz processors on the market’ and sevenstars simply pointed out that its not the first phone running 1.2ghz. No mention of the number of cores were made or the quality of the phones mentioned. Why so defensive?

  8. Great news, can’t wait to get my hands on this phone!!..

  9. Me too! What a coincidence

  10. It maybe true. An employee at a local radio shack said to me this past Sunday he sapw a memo stating it’s coming out in a few weeks (2 to 3) but didn’t know the exact date. He looked through papers trying to find that email but couldn’t locate it. I have no reason to think he’d lie as he was really nice and sounded like he really knew all about the phone. Take it for what its worth.

  11. This is pretty simple math in my world. Since the location/time of CTIA will be moved to New Orleans in 2012 from the normal March to May 8th to May 10th I figure sprint will allow pre-orders to being for the Evo 3d on April 15th and the device will go on sale officially May 6th or May 13th. Sprint loves Friday product releases. I have learned that much

  12. While it would be nice, I won’t get my hopes up. I am still betting on June at the earliest.

  13. Sprint will sell this device for 200.00. Pre orders accepted April 15th sold in sprint/radio shack/best buy stores on May 6th or May 15th this is what I believe. I wouldn’t be surprised if sprint did try to sell this device for 250.00…. http://www.ctia.org/media/press/body.cfm/prid/2054

  14. Srsly no reference to Thunderbolt?

  15. cool story bro

  16. Since ’09 palm pre,first sunday june6th, .. Htc evo i forget which if it was launched friday or sunday but it was the first weekend(i got 1st one at springdale,ohio i had it confirmed on the evo4g page, do it first or something) ill bet $50,nothing more, lol, it comes out first june wkend….ill be in line at springdale, ohio…maybe its pre order

  17. 4th of November is a long time to wait!!

    1. It’s April 11th, 2011 (4/11/11) not November 4th, 2011 (11/4/11)

  18. If the battery life is >5hrs than this will be my phone… crossing fingers

  19. if this phone is released on may 15th that means all the people that bought the phone on june first will new a$$ed out. Myself included cause I have to wait 1 year. Does anyone think sprint might allow early update?

    1. You bet sprint will allow early upgrades they are the one that will be changing the date. Current Evo owners won’t be penalized trust me on that they benefit from this cause sales will be crazy for this device

  20. My sprint store has a evo 3D on display

  21. Beast of a phone it will be the best phone of the year.to bad I’m stuck on tmobile Looks like ill wait for the pyramid

  22. i’m thinking they’ll announce launch details of the device, such as pre-order vendors, pricing and availability of the device

  23. Please let it come out this soon. Was going to buy it off contract anyway

  24. i hope it comes out by july… thats when im scheduled for my upgrade

  25. I’d be more excited for this phone if it WASN’T 3D — the whole phone is going to be focused around the 3-D aspect, and have you been hearing about all of Nintendo’s 3DS problems? I can’t wait to be reading all the “Evo Migraine” and “HTC Advil 3D” threads…

    1. lol. not quite.

    2. There are tons of 3D devices out with no problems at all. Just turn off the 3D feature during pictures if you dont use it. The phones other features are the best features. not the #D but thats neat too

  26. 3D can be turned off so that should not be a concern or focus. The phone is just a beast! I have been enjoying my Samsung Galaxy S 4G on TMobile but that will be gone just as quick as I can get my hands on this!

  27. It’s the launch date of the website…exactly what it says. What’s the confusion?

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