Eee Pad Transformer Source Code Released Well Ahead of Device


We’re usually waiting days, weeks, and sometimes months after a device has launched to get the kernel source code, but ASUS said nuh-uh – we’re going to give it to you before we can even get this thing to retail. If there was any development community getting ready to surround this tablet/netbook hybrid then they’ll be pleased to know that they can begin hammering away at things before the device is in their hands. You can only get so far with source code, of course, so let’s hope this tablet starts trickling into the market sooner rather than later. [ASUS via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Launched in the UK today, or should i say yesterday..quite a few people and devs have it on XDA already…Paul at modaco has an order in…i for one cant wait.

    1. Any clues where I could buy them online? I tried the usual suspects but nobody seems to have them for sale yet.

    2. I can’t find any threads on it in XDA. There is no section for it right now. Where are you seeing it?

    3. XDA doesnt have and offical section for it yet…look in the XDA home general section and look for transformer. youll see the thread there that people are posting in and requesting an offical section

      Comet in the UK has them from what ive been reading

  2. Bring it on! This is the device I’ve been waiting on. I’m hoping Asus has managed to get Honeycomb to operate a bit more smoothly than Motorola has.

  3. the keyboard looks amazing. but I hear they put a custom skin on top of honeycomb. If so, nty

    1. The custom skin is less a “skin” and more a set of widgets, etc. I don’t think it’ll interfere too much with updates. In fact, they are fairly subtle and in my opinion look pretty nice.

  4. ASUS is doing everything right. I can’t wait for this to launch in the US.

  5. I too am looking forward to this device, and hopefully in the fall it will be available… I really like my galaxy tab for quick and dirty surf & read stuff, but this will serve me far better.

    1. From everything I read this should be released sometime in April in the US.

  6. If they left Honeycomb completely intact and the price is right, this is very interesting

  7. Fall? That is way to late for a release. This thing has to be released this month for it to dominant. There’s a ton of tabs coming out starting may/june.

    And plus I really can’t wait anymore. Its already been released in southern countries so what exactly is holding back a us release?

    1. I spoke to a rep at my local Best But last week after the Ipad duct tape promo came out. He said that BB has an exclusive deal to release the Acer Iconia tablet before the rest of the new crop, so that may be part of the hold up.

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