Samsung Media Hub Promo Signals Infuse 4G May Not Be Far Off


The Samsung Infuse 4G for AT&T has been keeping relatively quiet other than a few appearances at the year’s trade shows, but the beefed up Galaxy S variant may be nearing a release if a Terms and Conditions page for a Media Hub promo is any indication. The page gives us the details on the redemption of a Media Hub Movie Credit to be bestowed upon new purchasers of the Samsung Infuse 4G. While an expiration date of 12/31/2011 is given, no indication of a release date can be gleaned from the terms alone.

The Infuse 4G will be one of Samsung’s first devices to feature a Super AMOLED Plus screen, and a big one it is. Should be plenty good for watching movies, and this promo indicates the media capabilities of the phone will be highly advertised leading up to its launch.

[via Samsung | Thanks, Evan!]

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  1. Will it be a crippled-ass shadow of itself?

  2. OOOMG YAY! This shit needs to drop already so I can make my decision Atrix, Infuse, or Inspire.

    1. go with infuse

      1. I gotta get it in my hot little hands before i decide though. But I’m 85% sure I’ll end up with the Infuse. They’ve been dragging ass with the launch date, so annoying.

    2. The Atrix interface blows.
      The choice is either Infuse or Inspire.

      1. Does it? I actually haven’t looked at too many reviews for the Atrix. Maybe I should.

  3. @Mariela: Is battery life something of great significance to you? If yes, you should reconsider. I dont understand why Samsung is bringing out larger screens without increasing the battery capacity. I was pissed by the battery life of samsung captivate. this one just has 150 more mAh but half an inch of bigger screen ! This is the only reason why i would go for an atrix or even wait for the iphone 5.

    1. I wouldn’t say its of “great significance” because I can usually recharge in the middle of the day or at work if i need to. I’ll take the bigger screen even if it means I need to recharge or carry an extra battery. But thanks!

  4. the atrix blows, inspire is tight but Infuse should be better, and your not hot

  5. Stop teasing and give us the phone already!

  6. With all the searching I’ve done with the three phones agreed the atrix at its finest is more of a show phone with the 5 different accessories. My wife has the inspire and i have toyed with it and seems like a great phone but i am holding out for the infuse, rumors rumors and more rumors are pointing to an april 30th release but i don’t see att releasing a phone on a saturday so i’m shooting for the first monday in may. but who knows hopefully the release it sooner.

  7. I hope the samsung GSII looks exactly like this phone n they ditch the idea of a physical home button bc this thing is great lookin.

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