Samsung Galaxy S II Dual Core CPU Getting Bumped Up to 1.2GHz


According to their Estonian Facebook page, the Samsung Galaxy S II is getting a pre-release processor upgrade from a 1GHz dual-core chip to 1.2GHz. GSMArena claims to have further confirmed the change with an inside source. There is no telling if the bump up in processing speed is reason for the handset’s delay back to a May launch, but it stands to reason it may be a good part of it.

It marks the second instance in so many months of Samsung returning to an announced product for pre-release changes. You might remember the company announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at Mobile World Congress only to follow it up at last month’s CTIA with an overhauled version of the slate.

[via Engadget]

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  1. This has the exynos chipset correct? If so, I expect it to be the bees knees.

    1. I disagree, possibly the cats pajamas.

  2. How will this affect battery life?

    1. Samsung is usually pretty good with battery life much better than HTC.

      1. Yes, but dual core, high processor speed sounds like a hungry situation for power. I don’t know whether this is offset by having an efficient display technology. I guess wait till someone gets hold of one and uses it in earnest for a while…

  3. Samsung will not disappoint you with their Hardware. way to go sammy

    1. That’s strictly reserved for the hardware and design departments.

  4. possibly add a 3d screen? or will we have to wait for galaxy s3?

  5. wow. that thing is gonna flyyyyyyyyyyyy

  6. I think it’ll run pretty well with that hardware and running TouchPiss. When custom ROMs come out for it, it will show its true colors and be unstoppable! (until the next month when better hardware is released)

  7. Talk about trying to keep up with joneses how often does a manufacturer change in mid stream there entire software?? Guess Htc brought the HEAT on Samsung if they want to keep up that was the best move they could’ve made. There device looks nice they even changed there touch wiz guess Htc gave them some ideas. More power to them competition is best we all will benefit from that.

    1. You’re such an overwhelming Sprint/HTC/Evo fanboy that I can’t vomit enough at the sight of your comments. Why does everything revolve around Sprint and the Evo? This article has nothing to do with HTC or the damn EVO. Get over it dude.

      1. HTC trying to keep up with Samsung richtard. Samsung had the Super Amoled screen on the original Galaxy S phone while the EVO had some low res shitty screen and how they are getting the Qhd screen. Get it right ;

        1. Resolution isn’t the problem with the Evo. The colors are washed out. I love my Nexus One, because it features the Amoled screen with great contrast and over-saturated colors. The screen just pops and is easier on your eyes. I’ve seen my friends qHD screen on his Atrix, and I still take the ORIGINAL Amoled over it.

          1. It’s amazing how many people I see pulling out an EVO considering it’s screen is COMPLETE trash. The light bleeding from the capacative buttons onto it is insultingly poor quality.

            SAMOLED Plus FTW

          2. How about samsung users fiddling with a crappy gps?

        2. But EVO had updates! Which kills any other argument!

      2. Sprint/HTC/Evo fanboy hmm you noticed to?

        Sprint- Shitty coverage with prices that match it
        HTC- Same old shit over an over again. The only thing they do right is create a good android skin
        Evo- It sucked even when it came out. Thick as hell, protruding camera lens, horrible camera, 720p video? Lol its so choppy and pix-elated and the sound is horrendous, low internal memory, small sd card, crappy low end lcd, crappy cpu,gpu, horrible battery life, and a bad screen ration 16:9>16:10. The Droid X raped it. Basically everything I said about the Evo is opposite of the Droid X

        1. It’s amazing how some of you just come on here to put other people down because their preferences don’t match your’s. Get a life.

          1. Trust me im normally not like this. Read this guys past comments. Its just so dam annoying hearing this guy spew the same shit over and over

          2. At least you must admit Richard has really improved over what he used to post a few months ago. He no longer talks in mostly caps, and the post on this thread he made actually didn’t mention the Evo. Even though he mentioned HTC.

            It looks like Richard got tired of typing like a child, since now the comment system is DISQUS and it shows a picture of him.

            I try not to read his posts but they are so biased i find them hilarious. Don’t let some idiot get to you so much. Like the rest of us here we have learned to ignore all of his biased posts and just start laughing at him all the time. I don’t get how anyone can take what he says seriously.

        2. Your criticisms were valid until you brought up the droid X, anything except the og droid is null and void when it comes from Motorola! EVO might have I ugly lens but it doesn’t have a huge ass or chin what ever you call that. Sprint might suck in whatever he’ll hole you live in but if you live in certain places sprint can’t be beat unlimited data, and no throttling and! 4g and! It’s baller. I’d like to see you exlain why 16:10 is better than the more cinematic 16:9 “ration”

          1. Umm the Evo is 16:10 and the Droid X is 16:9 : )

    2. I’m pretty sure the Exynos dual core would of done just fine going against the 1.2ghz HTC used. Sammy has been bumping all their things up lately. Look at the revised Galaxy S phones hat are also 1.2ghz and even higher. Sammy is a huge company that makes so many things other then phones. That’s one reason why they innovate so highly yearly. They can give you the best hardware.

  8. So what, where is the Tegra version going? Is there any info on US release yet?

  9. This will be the last phone I will need to buy.

    1. Until the next one:-)

  10. According to some sources I found in XDA, it’s been delayed until June.

    1. Motorola didn’t have the incredible that was htc genius and look at every Samsung none were/are locked down

  11. not bad, is the boot loader unlocked?

    but will it blend?

    1. samsung usually doesnt lock down their phones atleast they havent in the past.

      1. just like motorola when they had the OG droid and the droid incredible

        1. the incredible was HTC and look at all samsung phones none of them are locked down thats one area samsung excels is since they usually arent the best with updates atleast the devs can get updates out.

  12. Looks like im upgradin early. Cant wait!

    1. Or they found that the Tegra 2 chip @ 1GHz is faster than their processor at 1GHz.

  13. HTC Pyramid/Sensastion will be better… 4.3 Screen, 1.2 ghz Dual Core and HTC Sense 3.0 (not that touch wiz BS)…

    1. Very few people buying this phone will be using touchwiz. And am I the only person that just hates senseui? Stock android launcher is still the best.

      1. I’d take TW over Sense any day. Reminds me too much of my dead TP2

    2. So all the same except Sense 3.0.. Gotcha.

  14. Unless it is just the image, the lack of buttons on the phone implies that it would need Ice Cream.* and makes more sense regarding the delay …just a guess.

    1. there is buttons u can see them in the left bottom part of phone its the menu button

  15. ;/ still no qHD screen, so I will continue to wait…

    1. qHD hides before Super AMOLED “Plus” display. That minor bump in resolution is nothing compared to the new display. It’s awesome at this resolution already, If Samsung can pull off denser resolutions then I will say they rule!

    2. Sign me up for SAMOLED (previous generation) over qHD. SAMOLED Plus is waaay ahead of qHD. qHD is marketing a high-res LCD..just like “Retina.” SAMOLED is a new, revolutionary technology.

  16. If it was not a Samsung phone it would be great. Not one person I know has been happy with Samsung ALL of their phones have had serious issues. There is a reason why they are among the cheapest phone. Low quality technology, poorly made, and faulty drivers. NOONE, friends and co-workers (526 people in my building) will even consider Samsung again.

    1. I wouldn’t say their tech is “Low quality.” In fact, their hardware tech is top notch.

      Their problem is software to drive the hardware. I don’t understand why Sammy has such a hard time programming their hardware to run correctly, when the dev community seems to fix their issues, at the drop of a dime. And Dev’s do with with the limited info, since Sammy won’t release their driver source codes because they are “proprietary.”

      So other then the “Low Quality” comment, I’d have to agree with what you posted.

  17. Will this influence the release date? That’s the question!

  18. Wow Samsung are going out with all guns blazing.

  19. Hmmm, seems like you guys gloss over look alot of samsung problems. I have an hd2, evo, iphone 3gs, iphone4, but my fav has to be my vibrant. Much love for the screen, it looks better than the iphone and pretty much the same cpu. Take those two advantages away? 3d screen? 3d camera and video? Dual core snapdragon? Yeah 4gb rom is small, but 1gb ram? Evo 3d is looking pretty wow. Yeah, hardware wise, current galaxies are better than evo, but they came out after evo. Evo 3d and galaxy 2 coming out about the sametime. Evo 3d and kyocera echo will be game changers, samsung will not. Why you think they bumping up the cpus last minute?

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