Dell 10-Inch Android Tablet Might Arrive Early


Yesterday we got a scare and thought the 10-inch Android tablet from Dell would be delayed. Today we are hearing a completely different story. According to Forbes, Dell’s 10-inch slate might actually launch ahead of schedule. We haven’t seen much of the tablet first teased earlier this year, though it could possibly end up in the Streak family, which currently includes 5 and 7-inch (seen above) models. The latest report says what might get tagged as the Streak 10 could launch as early as mid-June.

Not much can be said for the specs of the thing, but we can be hopeful for Honeycomb and a dual-core processor, as those items seem to be the norm for Android tablets these days.

[via CNET]


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  1. Tomorrow’s headline: Dell Tablet May Arrive On Time.

    1. Actually the next headline is “Are Dell making a tablet?”

  2. Will it be as crappy as their other tablets?

  3. It’ll be called the Streak 10 Pro and it will be launching early June, and no, it won’t be a door stop. They’ll be getting into the right game with this one.

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