Epic Says Android is Too Inconsistent to Develop For Compared to iOS


Epic’s back at it again reiterating that they won’t be focusing on Android for the time being. The tune hasn’t changed much since the last time we heard from Epic when Mark Rein said they were thinking about Android support in their game development engine but didn’t consider it a top priority.

This time, Tim Sweeney has gone on record saying that great looking games like Infinity Blade won’t come to Android because they can’t guarantee a quality experience for every device.

Even if targeting high-end devices with the latest in chipset technology, Sweeney points the finger at carrier and OEM customization as reasons why a game might be better on one phone as opposed to another with similar specs.

That’s just one of many reasons why Google wants to help standardize Android and the hardware surrounding it with new initiatives put into place recently. While we’re not terribly hurt by this news (it really isn’t a surprise), it does sting a bit and does well to make us realize that there are still some patches of grass that aren’t as green as we’d like them to be. [via Electronista]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. We may not want to hear it, but this is true. Android needs to start being more ‘Standardized’ and I don’t mean UI wise necessarily, but spec wise indefinitely.

    1. And the day that happens you will loose cutting edge phones. Everyone will settle to the exact standard.

      This whole thing is a case of who needs who. And so far it does t look like Android has needed the game studios.

      1. That’s not true at all. We will have just as much competition for high end phones as now. That’s the whole reason Google is doing the anti-fragmentation program–to work with multiple SoC vendors so they will all be able to compete.

        Their goal it to make the OS work properly regardless of the hardware and to ensure that software modifications don’t break comparability. This isn’t much different than what MS did with Windows however they only supported x86.

        1. No, We will end up being another WP7 if we go that route.

      2. I don’t mean to make a maximum spec. list or something. I mean just make a minimum processor, and RAM requirement. That type of thing.

  2. just suck it up, you’ll make plenty of money

    1. This is hilarious to see them whine considering that android is fighting fragmentation. Remember 6 months ago when it was “wah andorid fragmentsz!”

  3. The Phone Manufacturers just would need to offer a “switch” which reverts that UI to stock Android if the user prefers that.
    That would take up approx. 100-250 MB space of data space on a sd card or phone memory.
    Problem solved.

  4. I don’t understand how they can list minimum hardware requirements for PC games and don’t make games for the Mac…

  5. They might as well stop developing for PCs too.

    1. Good point

      1. +1
        I wished someone interviewing him would have brought up that question

    2. ah.. i think they should just give an option to lower graphics quality for less-capable phones. just like in PCs..

    3. Epic HAS stopped developing for PC’s. They develop console game then just port them to PC’s.

  6. Its a typical move. It could have been Google releasing super high-quality, strict versions of Android, but slow the growth and the market or release many versions quickly to appease the market then go back and fix it since the market is well established.

    Apple did it the first way and Android the other…they have a lot to learn from each other!

    1. It’s like Microsoft. They started with MS DOS and you had to deal with himem and config.sys and CGA/EGA graphics and PC games looked crappy compared to the Amiga versions. Then Windows came along and wiped everyone away.

  7. Just make a damn system requirement spec sheet for the games. So god damn hard /sarcasm.

    1 GHz Cortex A8
    512mb of RAM
    SGX 535

    Hell, don’t they make games for the iPhone 3GS too? That is old tech by today’s standards.

  8. This is the whole point of Google anti-fragmentation program, to get consistency among hardware and software vendors so things run properly on all Android devices. This is what MS had to do back in the day but MS chose to make a monopoly with Intel by going x86 only and of course not allowing any modification to the OS. Google is trying to be inclusive. . . here’s to hoping they succeed because competition will benefit the consumers.

    Breaking news! Android, is inconsistent as f#*k! But wait, there’s more! Order now and you’ll also receive questionable battery life, limited accessories and next to no seamless hardware integration! BUT WAIT AGAIN, THERE’S STILL MORE! Delay your order a few months and you’ll have a brand new phone that will intentionally void, your warranty, not slow custom kernels, alert your carrier that you’ve rooted (jk you won’t be able to root) and will have more bloatware than you can shake a stick at!

    Someone remind me why I still care about android when I’ll have the option to get an iphone 5 on verizon sporting a (finally) acceptable screen size.

    Love my droid x, but android is losing its appeal at every turn recently…. Fml

    1. *not allow custom kernels

    2. lol @ believing in the false fear. Notice how nothing has confirmed it to be true. but please do go to the iphone, i won’t be giving a shit when i still have my customizing and all the apps you have.

      1. It’s already started with motorola and htc has shown signs of following already. Sony is an exception which may save android for me and many others (fingers crossed). I’m currently typing this from my droid x with an encrypted bootloader which my friends og droid can almost beat in performance because of custom kernels.

        If you’re calling the already-underway locking down of two big time android phone manufacturers products “false fear”, then I’m absolutely guilty as charged.

        As for you giving a shit about what phone I use…. tbh it’d creep me out if you did unless you work for a phone manufacturer or google lol.

        If you want to claim that the android market has all the apps that the iphone appstore has (or at least pretty close), I agree with you 100%. If you want to claim that our apps have the same level of quality as their appstore counterparts, you either have never actually used an iphone or you’re simply being blindly defensive of your OS. To see examples of this, you need look no further than the facebook app, twitter apps or grooveshark app. You’ll find a few apps that work equally well on both platforms, but that number is far fewer than you assume.

        I really hope I can find a sick phone with bootloader freedom when my droid x needs replacement. If not, I may find myself leaving android with heavy heart.

        1. Verizon is the only carrier implementing these lock downs. and when i said false fear i was referring to them knowing about root and what they are going to do about it. Assuming the worst, find out we have root, terminate our warrenties and etc. if you are going to hack you should probably get to know SBF. too many people complain about something, bring it in, Verizon doesn’t know what to do so they give you a new one. Is that our faults? Not really, but i guess blaming root is the only safe goat Verizon has.

          I really wouldn’t worry about it, when i see Verizon post it. I will be waiting for the lawsuit.

          i agree with you 100% on unlocking bootloaders for i do have a droid x as well. at least we got gingerbread early right?

          TBH i really don’t find the apps on the iphone and android to be a huge difference. probably because the performance is just fine with me. I use Flow (f plus) for facebook which does all i need it to. twitter apps work fine. as for grooveshark i cannot say, i do not own an account.

          to be honest i am more than okay about the apps we have available now. they do what i need them to do. there is zero iphone apps that make me jelly. if anything it would be netflix but that will soon come as well as hulu. i don’t have accounts for those but they would surely make a hella lot more money if they came over.

          1. I think you’ll see other carriers start to follow soon if verizon gets away with it (honestly, why would they not?).

            The more I’m reading your posts the more I’m understanding you may have been taking my first post at face value: I was exaggerating about a lot of stuff for humors sake lol. I certainly hope they won’t be able to come up with the horribly restrictive system I joked about.

            As for the gingerbread leak, while it’s nice and all, take a look at what the nexus folks and og droid folks are rocking. I assume the other phones with unscripted bootloaders are also way ahead of us.

            As for the apps, I too love flow for freeing me almost completely from the facebook app. That said, if you compare all flows features to those of the iphones facebook app, use it for a few minutes, and then compare, I almost guarantee you’ll be walking away annoyed that their app is superior. Hell, facebook even gives the iphone push notifications while we’re left relying on gmail push to simulate it with flow. That right there should tell you something.

            The twitter situation is similar: if you can, grab an iphone and compare twidroyd and ubersocial. They’re made by the same company, yet the iphone version for some reason is superior. I am happy using seesmic myself, but my friend’s ubersocial kicks my functionality to the curb! (fyi I think twitter pushes for the iphone too… Don’t quote me on that one though).

            Point is, we may have apps that will keep us pretty much happy, but the iphone versions are almost always more feature heavy, less buggy, and more polished.

          2. i do not think carriers would follow, android would lose a lot of consumers.

            The idea of a perfect carrier. One that doesn’t lock boot loaders, track root, throttles data, has high end devices, pushes updates fast, doesn’t bloat the phone, leaves it as stock android (no skins).

            feel free to add more but that seems perfect to me. (or at least reasonable, i don’t want upgrades that make my phone transform into a plane or something)

            but the only carrier that has most of what i said was sprint, i think i need to rethink my next carrier.

          3. iPhone may be less buggy because again look at how many different devices they have to target… the current iphone and the 3 other revisions. Its not that hard in comparison to hundreds of different devices.

          4. @JBrowne1012 my point exactly. I can only wait so long for everyone to get on the same page with the android os. You’re exactly right that the number of devices presents a big problem. The iphone only has 3 iterations and they control not only the hardware, but also the software.

            I don’t award points for the level of difficulty the different companies have to handle in order to deliver the best product. Unfortunately android is far harder to standardize enough to suit all the hardware while optimizing it simultaneously.

          5. Looks like we’ve replied to each other a maximum amount of times lol.

            In response to your description of the perfect carrier, I agree and would only add one thing: great coverage. I live in a smaller area where verizon is king. From what I can tell, the other carriers don’t really cut it here. I wish I was in a city so I could switch carriers, but then I’d have the cdma battery life vs gsm issue to consider too lol.

            I guess I’ll just cross my fingers for now and hope that sprint and the other carriers blanket my area with coverage by the time I need an upgrade.

        2. Your nutz the og droid doesn’t come’close in performance as the x and I have both

          1. I have my droid x rocking rubix 2.0.1 and I’m using quickclock to overclock/undervolt to the optimal settings.

            My buddy was almost matching my speed using one of the custom gingerbread roms. He was clicking his droid up to 800 some or 900 some mhz. He achieves much better battery life and ALMOST catches my far superior droid x in performance.

            I understand ymmv, but you’re missing the point if you are trying to argue about my results. The point is that not having custom kernels and trying to rom is like tweaking your engine for max performance. Having custom kernels in those roms is like putting a different, more powerful engine in, and THEN tweaking for mac performance. The difference is like night and day.

            Hopefully custom kernels will continue to be the only real concern, but if you stack other transgressions on top of encrypting the bootloader… well I really don’t know why anyone would put up with that unless they really REALLY loved widgets or something like that.

        3. Have you ever used a Nexus S? No? okay then shut up.

          1. Wow, why didn’t you break out the anger in your first post? It makes you far more convincing and garners respect from everyone who reads it! It’s literally hard to not thumbs-up your post right now… it was just so clever and really put me in my place.

            Let me go grab a nexus s from verizon, sprint or at&t. Now where is that pesky phone? Well jeez, it’s not there! Guess it’s a good thing I don’t need an upgrade right now!

            In all seriousness, perhaps when I do need an upgrade, o one of the carriers besides verizon will actually have decent service in my area. Hell, maybe verizon will even have an awesome phone that isn’t locked down at all. Thing is, the smart money is betting against it.

            Thanks again for putting me in my place by addressing every single point I made and successfully refuting them all.

    3. Get your iphone and vanish from phandroid then girl! The most of us here love android for what it is, and as long as gameloft and ea hop on board we don’t need epic! Infinity blade! That’s a repeat hack and slash RPG! I’ll pass ;-)

      1. Tbh I could care less about gaming lol. I have been frustrated for a while that I can’t access my droid x bootloader and use REAL custom roms with custom kernels. When I saw htc act like they were going to follow suit with their bootloaders and then saw the “end of root” articles the other day it pushed me to a breaking point and really made me reevaluate my pre-decided commitment to be an android loyalist. What I came up with is what you’ll find in my comments here. If I cannot find a very solid phone that is very hackable (custom kernels and all) when my droid x needs replacing, there is a VERY good chance I’m heading to the enemy camp.

        I hate leaving, but I will protest with my wallet if the manufacturers and carriers combine to force my hand.

        1. No one cares if you leave android for the iPhone cya later bro have fun

          1. No one asked you to care. The most I did was open up the opportunity for dialog if anyone felt inclined to have a discussion. I think you’ll agree that I’ve presented what my thoughts in a rationale, succinct manner (beyond my first post which I filled with obvious comical exaggerations).

            I’m a bit confused as to why you’re getting so defensive. My best guess is that what I’m saying is striking a chord with you because you hear the truth in it, but you dislike apple strongly enough that you don’t want to admit that to yourself.

            If that’s not it, then I guess I’m not sure where the animosity is coming from. It’s not like I’m twisting your arm telling you to switch to an iphone, I’m simply presenting my thoughts concerning the state of android v iphone. I am currently still in the android camp (after all I have and use a droid x), but I have a bad feeling that’s going to change.

            Why not share my thoughts and see if anyone has some points that may help me to improve my analysis?

    4. OK stop being such a drama queen

      1. Just trying to infuse my frustration with some humor. :) You know, the whole “laughing so I don’t cry” deal? Ugh.

    5. You not know fuck what you talk about. Epic game sux. Rovio and Gameloft only producer of quality game. The rest Stve Jobs monkey balls. You tkae your crappy merican pseudo US iphone crApple junk and get fuck outy here. Android rocks, the rest of US junk sux cocks.

      1. Your well formed, perfectly written and superbly delivered argument has truly humbled me. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Who knew that such a god, no, titan of the english language reads phandroid?!

  10. If ain’t about Gears of War 3 than STFU Epic. Nobody cares about your games unless its Gears. Android doesn’t need you then. Go kiss Apples ASS, Peace out

  11. Another thing:
    “…won’t come to Android because they can’t guarantee a quality experience for every device.”
    Seriously, what’s the problem about that?
    IP4 games don’t look good on an IP2 or IP3G either.
    Recent PC games don’t look good an a recent PC with an office GPU or weak IGP either.

    There are


    Snapdragon 2nd gen.

    devices available, plus the recent

    Tegra 2
    (soon to come Exynos)
    (soon to come Snapdragon 3rd gen.)

    Ram settings are – 256MB on older or mid ranged phones, 512MB on most high end phones, 756/1024MB on a few phones.

    That would translate into 3 versions – one for slower phones, one for Hummingbird, OMAP3 and Snapdragon 2nd gen. and one for the new dual core phones.

    They release at least 3 versions for iOS too (3Gs – resolution / 4 / iPad).

    If the Manufacturer manages to lag their own phones with badly written UI, bug the manufacturer about sluggish UI, it’s their fault!
    But while doing that install a home replacement (or better yet a custom ROM) and enjoy the games.

    The whole argument is dull.

    1. Wow, hit the goddamn nail on the head with that comment, with actual facts 2 back it up……a thousand likes if i could……u should write that in a letter 2 these clowns (not that they would listen, but the statement made is perfect)

    2. +34513761544

  12. Meanwhile other devs are making good games instead of bitching. Old giants like Epic can STFU and adapt, or get pushed out by new startup devs and companies that are willing to.

    1. I said this before in another article regarding Epic Games: Fuck ’em. We dont need or want their lame ass games. Even if they port I wont buy.

      1. yeah fuck them, and fuck Gameloft too for not supporting the Android Market!!

        1. Dude, I definitely agree.

  13. This just opens up opportunities for other developers. Let’s not kid ourselves about the size of this market. It’s big, very big when you consider both the Android Market and Amazon’s appstore. It’s a shame because Epic has a pretty decent track record, but let them stick with just the 3rd place mobile OS (most recent comScore stats for US market) because it’s a more predictable and controlled hardware/software platform. Just ask Nintendo how well that type of strategy is working out. At least Sony is finally starting to see the light.

    It would be foolish to say there aren’t headaches in developing and selling games for Android, but Epic’s basically saying those headaches aren’t worth the payoff (at least not right now). That would have to be one hell of a headache and I’m just saying there are plenty of developers willing to grit their teeth (maybe take an aspirin) and laugh all the way to the bank with revenue generated from Android marketshare that could have gone to Epic.

    1. this is off topic but your comment about Nintendo made me reply.
      If anybody should learn is Sony they lost 1st place from ps2 to what? 3rd place on ps3.. yeah nintendo learn in the 90’s about being Appleish but with all those Millions of Wii’s Sold,DS’s sold..and now setting a record with the 3ds i mean you still think Sony is seeing any Light taking a loss with every system sold? oh wait i think they’re finally making a profit this year.
      Look at the NGP touchscreen & the Useless touch pad in the back? i mean talk about not having any innovation thats why even Microsoft is more respected in the gaming arena now..

      1. What I mostly mean is that Nintendo continues to fail to grasp that most of the growth in the gaming market in the next 5 years is not going to come from dedicated gaming systems like the 3DS, but from mobile phones, tablets, and other non-dedicated gaming devices.

        Sony is at least finally starting to bring their products to non-homegrown platforms with Playstation Pocket. They may yet screw that up, but it’s a step in the right direction.

        Nintendo may be in a relatively stable financial position, but I just them as beginning the same downhill slide Microsoft has (outside of Microsoft’s gaming assets which you correctly point out continue to be an area of innovation).

  14. meh, not to surprising since they don’t support windows anymore either. Oh well less competition for real developers not scared of a little work :-)

  15. That just means they are lazy, period.

  16. Boohoo, Epic. Android has varying hardware and screen sizes and this isn’t going to change.

    Do you bitch about making software for different spec’d PCs too? Give me a break.

  17. The irony is that with increasing popularity of Android phones the minds of Epic will magically change even without any change in the fragmentation situation.

    The companies are where the money is made and while other game developers now really line up behind Xperia Play and Tegra2 devices, Epic is dawdling.

    It it true that iOS customers pay more money for apps, but the numbers of android users will more than make up for it.

  18. Someone’s been drinking the Apple cider. Maybe they need to open some jobs for smart developers instead of lazy ones.

  19. Why not something like a system requirements check before buying the app? That way developers can white-list processors by architecture (ARMv7, NEON) and setup (dual-core/single-core) and by APIs (OpenGL 2.0 ES/OpenGL 1.0/OpenCL).

    Computers have the very same problem, yet Epic Games still work on Unreal Engine for PC.

  20. Why don´t they create graphic configurations just like pc games? People with weaker phones would just have to select to run the game at “low” settings while high spec phones would have better graphics.

  21. Interesting market strategy. Ignore the most prevalent platform for one that’s being left behind. Lets see how that works out. Like all the naysayers before they will come running when they realize that Android is steaming ahead with or without them.

    1. You did see this didn’t you?

      The Apple app market’s revenue is 17x higher than Androids.

      1. 2011 is already a different story, and this is not counting the insane amount of revenue that free android apps are making on in App advertising.

        1. How can anybody be making “insane amounts of revenue” on in-app billing in the Android Market when it JUST started (in-app billing)?? Do you fandroids just pull statements out of your asses just to have something to say???

          1. He said in-app advertising, not billing. Angry Birds ringing a bell here?

          2. Nah, Apple fanboys do that dor us.

      2. Most apps are paid on iOS. Most apps are free on Android, so that’s one reason why revenue from “paid” apps si skewed in favor of Apple. But that doesn’t mean devs don’t make money on Android. Plus, Android hasn’t had the in-app purchase thing until now. Things are changing.

  22. I refuse to drive my car because there are too many different kinds of roads

  23. They manage to do just fine on the PC

    1. PC and mobile are different worlds, though. Mobile gamers — in general — are more like console gamers than PC gamers. They don’t want to tweak video settings in the ‘Options’ menu, they just want to tap the game and play. And if they download a game and it runs slow or doesn’t work right on their machine right out of the gate, they’ll complain and give it a 1-star review in the market.

      Beyond that? Even without the tweakery of the Video Settings menu in most games, there are also long-standing ways to detect reasonable defaults for game settings (‘Detect Best Settings’ type stuff) using DirectX, where there aren’t really any counterpart to those techniques in OpenGLES (or Android in general). Sure, there are benchmarking programs, but users probably wouldn’t be thrilled with a game running them through a benchmarking tool before it lets them play.

      Mind you, there aren’t simple ‘what are your capabilities’ solutions on iOS /either/, but with only a handful of devices, you can easily generate a couple of sets of defaults, and then say “okay, any iPhone3,* model gets this set of defaults, any iPhone2,* model gets this one, iPad1,* gets this one, iPad2,* gets this one…” — and there’s just too many varied devices to take the same approach over on Android.

      This isn’t to say that Epic isn’t kind of whining here, or that this has to be solved by reducing fragmentation on Google’s side. If someone can come up with, say, a good statistics library that reports back performance for given devices and creates a shared library of capabilities? That would probably be a first step that doesn’t require Google’s input.

      But Epic’s not completely out of line in suggesting that someone /will/ have to come up with a solution to that if they want to put out a really kickass 3D showpiece on Android and have it just-plain-run for end users. And evidently, Epic’s not interested in being the one to come up with that solution.

      1. Epic is just making excuses. All they need to put in their games are disclaimers stating the minimum specs. If your Android phone isn’t up to spec, don’t expect great performance or maybe the game won’t run period. There are already some great looking games on Android and it’s well understood that they play smoother and look better on the higher end hardware.

        Android isn’t perfect, but lazy devs won’t get anywhere or any respect.

        All they had to say was: “We are not committed to Android at this time” and leave it at that.

        1. Most of Android’s growth isn’t coming from enthusiast users who care about specs, tweaking, and rooting. It’s coming from regular people who probably don’t even know their phones are running Android, let alone what CPU or GPU they have in them.

          1. You are correct but it doesn’t change the fact that the game devs can educate the average Joe by a simple disclaimer letting him know his device isn’ t able to run that specific game optimally. Just like in the PC world Joe Shmoe visits compusa to pickup a decent gaming machine or video card after learning his ancient home PC isn’t up to the task, he will probably seek a better phone if said game(s)is that important to him.

            This isn’t very different in the Apple world. It is widely known the ‘better’ ‘faster’ iPhones are only a year away. Even the lowest common denominator who are totally ignorant of specs know that.

          2. Except PCs are 1. not tied to contracts, and 2. upgradeable (although if you figure out a way to swap the GPU in your phone, I owe you a beer). On top of that, your choice of phone is limited on each carrier, and for most people, carrier takes precedence, not the phone.

            Looking at it that way, Average Joe already has his phone when he sees your disclaimer telling him that his phone won’t play the game well (or not at all). If he’s on a contract (and that’s very likely, even if this isn’t his first phone; upgrading your phone generally extends your contract), what is he going to do? Unless he really, really wants to play that game, he’s probably just going to move on. Even if he wants to play the game, the fact that he’s now having to weigh his desire to play it vs. the hassle and expense of getting a new/better phone has killed the impulse buy, and from a retail standpoint that kind of blows.

            The fact is, Apple really got this one thing right: the majority of their users don’t have to think about *anything* when they buy games, as, I hate to say it, they just work. That said, instead of trying to defend our state of affairs, we should all be behind Google’s decision to deal with this now rather than later. Once they do, the developer floodgates will open, and even the likes of Epic will get on board.

          3. All they have to do is say this is for the tegra phones and tablets like other games are doing * tegra devices only*

          4. @horus

            I think at some point Joe User has to take some responsibility for his actions. If he walks into a sprint store and buys just on price, he has to understand and deal with the fact that he’s getting what he paid for. Sacrificing the one attractive attribute of the Android ecosystem vs the competition: the many hardware/pricepoint choices available because Joe made a poor decision isn’t the right way to go about things and will probably hurt Android in the long run. I could be wrong though.

            Of course, I believe Google has to put its foot down in some areas such as Carrier customzations and addons but I think dictating hardware is going too far and will more than likely hurt competition. I believe hardware choices should be left up to the user. If he wants to buy the latest, greatest and fastest with all the bells and whistles – go right ahead. On the other hand if he wants to buy the lowest spec’d piece of hardware as he’s content with just the basics – he should have that choice as well.

      2. They don’t have to make the user change his settings. They just need to send them the lower quality version. And their argument that their game won’t look the same on all phones is pretty ridiculous. Someone with a $150 phone won’t go “oh wow, I wonder why ths game looks worse on my phone than on your $500 phone”. They need to choose whether they want to develop for all Android phones, or only the high-end ones.

  24. Epics game are far too inconsistent in quality for me to bother spending money too then I guess. Every time Tim Sweeney gushes over Apple thats another Epic game I’m not going to buy.

  25. Who cares about Epic’s games anyway? They don’t have anything to offer.

  26. The problem is that carriers put all this crap on phones that nobody wants and can’t get rid of. That sucks up memory for games that we do want.

    1. This

  27. Screw Epic, don’t need them and don’t want them.

  28. They will be known as the Epic Flustercluck.

    They are on our ban list for consorting with the CEO of Crapple, Blow. You know, Mr. Blow Jobs

  29. this is for all, we must accept that the android system is highly variable and that makes unstable

  30. Thia Ad was paid for by Apple, thank you for your support

  31. This is very true. They need to start a true line of phones and not so many that are all over the place. The latest OS and other stuff will be out and the a new device will come out and not even with the latest OS on it or whatever else. Makes it hard for games to work on phones. Android is awesome but behind because it’s all over the place. It’s needs to be one thing. Look how Apple pushes out updates with ease. Even their old phones and iPods get them. Why? Because it’s all on the same platform. Google will soon put their foot down and have a pure phone on every carrier. Look how many android phones are out. 100s. Look how many iPhones are out. 4. Way ahead of us in quality and platform. Android is missing everything in between. I’ll stick with it because eventually it’ll come.

  32. yes, because developing for pcs is much easier since they are all alike…

    1. You can’t compare PC development to Android development. Windows (which I equate to mean “PCs”) has a good two decades on Android in which it worked out its hardware inconsistency issues. Nowadays you can write a game for Windows using DirectX and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be okay across the board. They really got their crap together, but it took time.

      Android is still relatively new and so has to deal with a lot of the same crap PCs had to back in the old days.

  33. Lol well Epic shouldnt make PC games, then, because they cant garantee a quality experience on every PC.

  34. Now I’m sure these developers are being paid by apple not to develop for android. If they can do it for windows PC why can’t they do the same for android if ur device can’t handle the game you need to upgrade it happens all the time typical BS from yet another steve jobs kiss ass

  35. Mark Rein has been getting on my nerves ever since the tail end of the Gamecube era. I can’t stand him.

  36. Rein has been spewing the same inane bullshit going all the way back before the original unreal engine that completely failed to be half as impressive as it could/should have been. id dumped this douchebag for a reason. He’s just a glorified play-tester who somehow managed to weasel his way into a PR position. It’s sad that Epic let’s their PR department talk about technical issues.

  37. EPIC is being LAME. Plenty of Android devices that will run their engine…yeah, there are some that wont but something can be done to prevent people from downloading a game that wont run on their software. Come on EPIC!

  38. I hate this lazy company, they say the same bullshit about developing for pc. What is the point of speaking out against a platform, what is their motive. If they don’t want to develop for Android then don’t, no need to publicly bash it. Pathetic.

  39. We can put Epic down and call them idiots but the bigger idiots are the ones that will rush to download Epic’s games when they finally do release for Android. I say screw Epic!! They weren’t here when we wanted them so they can F off as I won’t give them a penny when they want us.

  40. This is a big hit to android, this really says something considering this well established game maker also make games for the xbox, playstation 3 and pc’s. Epic’s “Gears of War” franchise has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide and won more than 30 Game of the Year awards. Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 is the four-time winner of and Hall of Fame inductee for Game Developer magazine’s Best Engine Front Line Award. Unreal Engine 3 has also been recognized as the number one game engine by Develop magazine.

    1. Hate to burst your bubble, but no, it’s not a big hit. It’s one developer who has been resting on their laurels for years now. simply because Epic may not make games for the Android, doesn’t mean other companies won’t utilize the engine.

      Dungeon defenders uses the Unreal engine and it runs fine on my Optimus. It wasn’t until last year that Epic even thought about making games for the iDevices. As soon as they smell money they’ll come running-but I won’t be buying from them.

  41. Who cares really there are enough games I don’t understand why people need games on their mobile device to do the same as their PS or xbox

    1. Because iPhone/iPod/iPad users have deluded themselves into thinking it’s a gaming system as opposed to a phone/ media player. A lot of Android users feel the need to prove Android can do the same.

      Me? I sold my iPod because I barely played most of the games I bought, and the ones I did were only okay-with the exception of Dead Space.

  42. Unity managed to make a development platform for Android and iOS. I just think Epic doesn’t know what they are doing. I’ve read the Android Developer docs and it’s not that hard to account for all the Android devices out there.

    1. Yeah, Unity seems to be more serious about this than Epic. I’ve read somewhere that they were making their Unity engine work well with all the chips, so the developers don’t have to worry about optimizing for PowerVR or Tegra or Adreno, and all that. Why can’t Epic do the same? They’re lazy is my guess.

  43. With companies like epic that are not exactly large corperations, I always wonder if they have enough people making decisions or if it’s one apple fan boy who is in denial. Does epic have a board or just some loser in charge?

  44. Good luck with ignoring new technologies. We see how well that worked out for the MPAA and the RIAA.

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