comScore: Android Now Makes Up One Third of All US Smartphones


After last month’s report ranked Android as the top smartphone platform in the United States, the operating system’s share has continued to grow. Google’s mobile OS now accounts for 33 percent of all Smartphones in the US, or one third of all mobile handsets accessing the airwaves. Pretty impressive for a platform that barely held any presence in the market less than two years ago. Remember, most analysts predict within the next three or four years Android will grow to account for as much as 50 percent of the market. How about that.

[via comScore]

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  1. Impending iFan thrashing in 3…2…1…

    1. If I owned a crappy phone that couldn’t play movies or TV shows and a buggy OS that crashes, I would ditch it and get something that works like a smart phone should — an iPhone! Instead, you bitterly need to justify the free piece of bulky plastic crap you lug around and need to fiddle with so you can keep the weak battery working… While you do that, I am watching a movie! Why be so bitter? It’s not my fault you signed up for a buggy phone that has access to very little content… Few apps, little content, and lots of bugs — that’s droid.

      And yeah — world wide, iOS IS MOPPING THE FLOOR WITH ANDROID! Time to remove the blinders and look at real facts, not the Android fanboy blogs…

      1. So, when I go to network websites and Flash plays shows…they’re not real?

        Worldwide, Android is #1, iOS is #4.


      3. I feel sorry for you, i mean who wouldn’t? You own an iPhone!

      4. My phone plays movies and TV shows just fine… And, the last time I had to reboot it, was to flash a new ROM to test (About a month ago).

        Add to that, I get a full day out of my Fascinate, with rather heavy usage (Lot’s of streaming movies/music/videos).

        I have all the apps I need, including a full blown office suite, should I need it on a phone (I don’t, but the viewer is nice).

        Uh, and about “iOS MOPPING THE FLOOR WITH ANDROID”, well, not really so much:

  2. And then once we get 50% market share we can build a Death Star and convert other civilizations to Android. If they refuse…there will be blood!!!

    1. “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”

      1. Got me wanting to break out the emulator now…

      2. Got me wanting to break out the emulator now…

    2. Resistance is futile…

  3. Where are the iLosers now. Hello? Speak up.. wait wait I can’t hear you. We just blasted by your pathetic asses. iF**** iLosers!!!!

    1. oh it’s only because everyone must be waiting for the iphone5…LOL

    2. Your the loser! Go look up operating system market share… Then lookup why Netflix will NEVER EVER work on you current droid device, loser!

      1. Oh nooooo Netflix won’t work?! That’s enough reason for me to ditch my Android phone.

      2. You’re a childish Apple fanboy punk…

        1. Yes, you make an ad hominem attack and have no facts, and I am the childish one? Well, to sink to your level, you seem like some jr. high student who’s parent (probably a single mom) got a free droid phone and gave it to you so she can make sure you made it to marching band practice on time… All the cool kids have iPhones, but you are stuck with a droid (and peanut butter and jelly for lunch)… So you turn your inferiority into compensating-for-small-dicked “superiority”. “Ooooh, my droid phone has widgets! I can turn off Bluetooth from the home screen!” Yes, and you need to do that because your cheap bulky plastic piece of crap has a crap battery… While you fiddle with widgets and look for an outlet, I can watch 12 hours movies and TV shows (on one charge) and choose from hundreds of thousands of titles!!! Android sucks balls… Maybe in a few years it will be decent, but iOS will be even better… Enjoy your dozens of Telugu radio apps… Nothing is funnier than droid fanboys who claim they have quality apps!!! Bullshit! Your App Market is on giant queef machine!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

          1. dude i hear your mom calling from upstairs, she says she made your meatloaf and is wondering if you will ever get a real job and move out of the basement

          2. Actually, you’re equally reprimandable for flinging ad hominem attacks around. Nor are you the one backing up your assertions with facts (e.g. your assertion about iOS global market share).

            P.S. When you make it to college, you will see that 50% of the cool kids also buy Blackberries which aren’t mummy or daddy’s hand-me-downs. Then you might realise that what the ‘cool kids’ buy aren’t in any way indicative of quality.

          3. FAIL

      3. you got to be fucking kidding me with your posts. saying netflix will never ever come to android is a load of horse shit. give it some time, i’ll be there the day it comes laughing in your face when iphone has no more apps over android.

        1. Go read the Netflix corporate blog — their CEO explains why Netflix is not on Android. Android DRM must be implemented in hardware! The Qualcomm chips that support DRM are not yet on the market. This means you cannot watch Netflix (other than the Rube Goldberg method provided by PlayOn) until these new devices come out… Then you will need to buy a new phone! Droid devices will always outsell iOS, because people need to buy new devices to do minor OS upgrades and to do DRM, which will allow decent content on Droid phones… When it comes out! Google and device manufacturers are totally raping people… Landfills full of junk droid devices, too! The droid device you have now will be hopelessly obsolete in a few months, while I will be able to upgrade mine… You get what you pay for… Well for those of you who actually bought a droid device — you paid to get raped! You pay for a data plan that can theoretically play video content, but you can’t really watch much of anything… Poor choice of music too… No wonder y’all are such angry dickwads! You made a poor consumer decision and now you are locked in to a contract with a piece of crap device that probably cannot be upgraded and definitely won’t play Netflix, Hulu, PBS, Adult Swim, or iTunes… Go ahead and read this on the Netflix site — ANDROID DEVICES NEED HARDWARE BASED DRM!!! YOU NEED TO BUY A NEW PHONE TO ENJOY REAL CONTENT (without an expensive and hacky workaround like PlayOn). Ha ha ha SUCKERS!!!!

          1. Beautiful C B…..simply beautiful! Could not have said it better myself….

          2. It’s all going to be okay CB. What you are currently experiencing is textbook butthurt. I’ve taken the liberty of finding some literature on your condition that should explain your feelings. Unfortunately, there’s flash on it so you’re going to want to access it on your pc.


            Although we’re all laughing at you, I want you to know that you still have our shoulder to cry on. All I ask is that you please stop talking out of your ass while you’re here. Its starting to smell like fart.

            your e-daddy

        2. No… The funny thing to me is how droid fanboys bought into something that has potential, but is currently inferior… Some of you are pennywise and pound foolish — you got a cheap/free phone with more megapixels (but it takes bad photos — poor exposure compared to the iPhone) and then you pay $30 – $70 for a data plan that has streaming video speed… but there is no content… BTW, most Gartner predictions don’t come true. I have heard all these predictions that don’t come true… Yes, Indians will dominate software engineering jobs… Nope! C# will dominate Java… Nope… Worldwide disaster caused by Y2K bug… Nope.  2012 will be the end if the world!!! And yes, Android will dominate the iPhone (apparently, if you suffer from tunnel vision, it already HAS!!!)…. Nope. It’s another b.s. prediction made by bitter people who choose the wrong smartphone, but their contractual obligation has them shilling for a buggy, malware infested, slow OS that has very little content… Well, enjoy those widgets! I have had them on my Mac for a few years now… Apple knows what they are… They just don’t make much sense on a smart phone with a fast user experience…

          1. Android didn’t need netflix in order to beat iphone. Freedom is more important to most people.

            Widgets don’t make sense…on an iPhone with a dinky little 3.5″ screen. But if you have android then you can see your stocks, emails, weather all at the same time.

          2. To be completely honest, i don’t even fucking own netflix.

      4. Should I also go look up why I’m watching a Netflix movie on my Android right now via PlayOn? Take your iTard propaganda somewhere else please. There’s a reason why I gave my old iPhone to my wife when I picked up my far superior Android device.

        1. PlayOn is a retarded hack! You need to pay a lot of money for the service and you need to have your PC on to use it… So you are essentially paying a few hundred bucks year to use you PC as a hacky content proxy… Sorry, but PlayOn is a total Rube Goldberg product! Totally crappy workaround because Android is half baked, has no DRM, and therefore gas no good content!

          PlayOn?!? Seriously? You can’t even scrub through the video! Totally awful and expensive solution… Why Would anyone pay $30 – $70 for a data plan to only be denied 90% of the content that’s out there?

          1. Uh… I paid $40 one time for PlayOn… The primary reason is streaming all this beautiful web content to my living room, so the fact that I’m watching Netflix, Hulu, all the content that’s on my PC directly shoots down your claim that i will NEVER be able to… I’m completely amazed by your “Android is Half Baked” claims considering you worship a device that can’t even run Flash, can’t truly multi-task, and who’s homescreen looks like a children’s toy.

          2. iPhone doesn’t even have Flash. Even a stinky blackberry can do flash.

          3. The fact that you can’t bend your mind around the basic premise of installing a piece of software to get around all the DRM crap that you’re forced to deal with makes it very clear that the iPhone is perfect for you… and valley girls.

            I guess that means no Amazon Cloud Drive for you either. Tough break kid.

      5. Never ever ever? :). Honeycomb supports DRM. It will come in the phone version of Android that’s going to be annouced at i/O next month, too. Netflix will support it once there are a few million DRM enabled smartphones out there. It might take a few more months, but certainly not never ever!

      6. Yeah, because Netflix is the reason we buy smart phones. /s

      7. There’s already a version of Netflix in the works, dummy. It was leaked and working a month ago.

    3. Actually, Google and the device makers blasted your a$$ by selling you half baked device that gas no DRM, so you cannot do much mire than fiddle with widgets and frantically kill apps to preserve your weak battery… While you are doing that, I am watching one of hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows on a crystal clear Retina display… You’re like GW — “mission accomplished!” while you shill for some half baked technology in your anti-Apple jihad!

      1. you talk a lot of shit for someone who is dumb enough to kill tasks. you obviously have never used an android phone. if you did you would of known that if you kill your apps they just restart and kill your battery by doing so. iDerp

      2. CB. You’re nonsense is neither A) effective, or B) interesting. In other words, i think the words “GO TO HELL” about sum it up.

      3. Who, with any modicum of understanding of their device actually uses a task killer?

        I take it iTunes music is “half baked”, as it’s DRM-free now, right?

    4. Wow, even as an Android user and HTC fanboy, you are obnoxious. I hope to never be associated with you in any way through our mutual love for Android.

  4. I just think this is pretty cool news on a Monday. :)

  5. I’m ready to see independent distros of Android like they have for Linux. Cyanogen team is doing a good job but it’s not available on all phones.

    WTB Android Mint =op

  6. If you look at world wide OS usage, iOS is wayyyy ahead of Android. We are in a global economy! Canada and many European nations have an almost exclusive I
    iOS user base. This droid “victory” nonsense is just tunnel vision… Between Gartners sold out data and ComScore’s tunnel vision, it may appear Android is this hugely popular OS… nope. Not in the rest if the world… Go ahead and Google “OS market share” and you will see a completely different story (one called “the truth”). As it stands today, iOS is the third most used OS and Android is the fifth (after Java ME and Linux)… Funny how media shills need to distort Android’s success in order to fool people into thinking it’s something worth buying! Microsoft did the same thing with bribing Gartner to come up with “facts” that made Windows NT seem desirable too!

    1. Link please to your statement. Even in Europe I have read in the past Android very popular.


        Looks like iOS is beating the shit out of Droid! Why do you think product managers are developing iOS products, but not Droid? Because the preponderance of the data show that iOS is dominant… Furthermore, Android is fragmented (have to develop for multiple devices, screens, capabilities, and OS versions) and Android users are less educated (no shit!), have less income, and less willing to spend money on apps…

        You can live in your delusional world where Android is the #1 OS…  But even the Gartner data (as flawed as it is) is about phone sales and not OS market share… Developers make apps for USERS and not discarded smart phones in landfills… Droid will always sell more phones because Droid users need to upgrade their device more often for OS upgrades and BASIC stuff like DRM… but iOS clearly has a huge lead, especially when you look at real studies with large sample sizes…


      According to the chart, global sales in Q4 worldwide, Android was 33%, Apple was 16%. WTF are you talking about, iPhone fanboy??

      1. Sales does not equate to USERS!!! Droid users need to get new devices to upgrade the OS and to have BASIC THINGS like DRM… Also, Gartner is well known to skew research for companies that pay them. Gartner has ZERO CREDIBILITY.

        1. DRM is a “basic” thing? If so, why did Apple drop DRM from music?

        2. Man…. you’re a sad little fanboi, aren’t you? Of course, I’d be sad if I were stuck with the remainder of a 2 year AT&T contract and an antique (i)O/S too! When you actually can multitask, get back to me. And no, you can’t. Don’t think you can, because I know multitasking, and you sir, are no multitasker. At least not on your iToy.

    3. What are you talking about? Show some concrete detail please.

    4. Worldwide, it’s

      1. Android
      2. Symbian
      3. RIM
      4. Apple

      Get educated.


        This data is based on 160m users per month, not Google-funded Gartner bullshit

      2. Hey asshole? Where’s your link? Is it another droid fanboy site or something with credibility? You droid fanboys are so delusional… If Android is so successful, where’s the fucking APPS? You are like Mac fanboys from the 90s, but at least graphic designers, audio engineers and multimedia folks had a reason to use a Mac… Droid? You are just SUCKERS who got stuck with a shit phone and a contract, so you are bitter about it and justify it like a small dicked dude claims the babes don’t like big dicks!!!

    5. Wow, that’s like the sixth troll post in this article alone. Are you really that bored?

      1. ICrossing? Who’s that? About at relevant as a post from someone called iKing…

  7. May be the market share is already close to 50% of newly activated phones, as most of the androids are more recently activated compared to blackberry and Apple.

  8. Guys no need to get at this guy. It is probably Steve Jobs himself trying to lick his wounds. He can deal with fact that Android is slow taking over Apple’s monoply in the smart phone arena. Give it 2 more years and Apple won’t even phone anymore.

    1. The only thing Apple ever had a monopoly on was media coverage, they never had the number one spot for smartphones.

  9. i wish i threw out troll comments with no facts or links to support my ass talking.. idiot.

  10. Will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way?

  11. @c b … typical fanboy coming to the the defense of his overpriced toy. Spouting typical steve jobs propaganda and acting like they invented the wheel. Meanwhile it took 4 generations for the iphone to get limited multi tasking, copy and paste, and a camera flash. Android will keep innovating while apple plays follow the leader. Regardless of who has more users on their os, android is gaining more users than ios is. And cb those figures you are spewing include the ipod and ipad, we are only talking about phones here. Maybe one day your mommy will teach you how to read figures and let you use an adults phone, where you can decide what software to put on it, or maybe you like being told what to do.

    1. Hey dumbfuck… The Newton was around even before the Palm Pilot… Also, blackberry had cut & paste (implemented like shit, though) before Android even existed… But Apple was way ahead of the game… Too far ahead. They learned a lesson with the Newton that Google still needs to learn. People don’t want bleeding edge crap with malware and a lack of content.

      Good point about iOS being available for the iPad. That’s all the more reason why iOS is a better platform for developers… All the more reason why iOS gas more apps and BETTER APPS!!! So you’re selling fragmentation as a good thing? Uh, honeycomb doesn’t work on phones…

      Maybe one day you will get a job in the software industry and learn how decisions are made… Gartner is well known to be a shit source of information, yet you suck at that teat just like on the female Wolf’s teat that nursed you after your parents dumped your obnoxious, ignorant ass in the woods…

      Funny shit! You are so delusional that you think fragmentation is great! You must have signed on for a 10 year contract…

      Look — I have heard all sorts of predictions that don’t turn out to be true… Guice (Google’s AOP technology) was supposed to be the Spring AOP killer… Didn’t happen… People think Google can perform miracles, when the reality is they are the kings of releasing beta-quality web apps… They have no competency with regard to consumer products like smart phones. They don’t even do their core business that well and their stock is hyped because idiots like you gave blind faith in the corporation that “does no evil” (as they are being sued for anti-trust and privacy violations).

      The notion that Google, the beta masters, are doing a mobile OS just means that idiots like you are paying to beta test an unfinished product… Take out your poor consumer choices on yourself… It’s your fault you bought a Zune!!! Ha ha ha!!!

      1. Android is already confirmed as the leading smartphone OS in Europe as a whole, and now it’s stolen iOS’s crown in the UK, according to a study carried out for Intelligent Environments, a British banking software provider.

        The numbers show that Android’s 28% of the British smartphone market now surpasses that of iOS, which has a 26% share. BlackBerry OS is left in the dust with just 14% of the market. Windows Phone 7’s share wasn’t even mentioned. Among Brits aged 25-34, Android’s dominance was even greater, with a 36% share of smartphone users in this age group.

  12. BWAAHAHAHAAAA!!!! Expect more of this ranting from the iFools folks. Their saviour the Verizon iPhone has failed and they don’t know what to do. Its gotten to the point that iPhone news just looks like a rant from a screaming and kicking iFool. All news now days is Android leading something and its like they just hunt for news to stay relevant.

  13. 33% is unacceptable. I want it all!

  14. This kid named CB sure does love his iPhone. CB, your throwing conniption fits over which smart phone OS has more market share which I am having a hard time trying to figure out why you seem to care so much. Does it matter to you that much what smart phones other people choose to purchase? I am not biased toward any particular OS because I like to keep my options open. I have owned Blackberry’s, iPhones, Windows Mobile devices and Android devices. It just so happens that I am using a Android device at this moment and my wife is using a iPhone 4. She loves her iPhone and will probably never get rid of it. There are things that iOS does that I wish my Android device did and my wife wishes she could do things on her iPhone that my Android did. Personally, I would never recommend Android to my wife because she isn’t tech savy in the least bit and in my opinion the iPhone is dumbed down to appeal to the soccer moms and new comers to the smart phone world There are going to be things that iOS does better and there are going to be things that Android does better. You should be happy that Android came along to create competition in the mobile world which in turn keeps both Google and Apple on there toes. Your using the same argument over and over about being able to watch Netflix movies on your phone and that is obviously a huge option for you to have on there smartphone. Personally, I don’t watch movies on my phone and would never want to watch them on a tiny 3.5 in. display but if I did, I would just download any movie I wanted to see, transfer it over to my 32gb SD card and watch it on my huge 4.3 in display. Arguing over which smart phone OS is better does nothing but show insecurity. People are going to use what they like and it’s childish to argue about it. Have fun watching movies on your iPhone and we will have fun doing what we do on our Androids.

    1. And, I called the iFan thrashing about 15 hours ago lol

  15. Dont Feed The Troll (s)

    Its like some kind of horror movie plot. Ignore em and they disappear.

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