Developers Get Honeycomb Working on CDMA Galaxy Tabs


That 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab was a nice grab for some of you when it first came out, but I bet you felt a bit slighted when Google introduced Android 3.0 Honeycomb.  Samsung didn’t utter a peep about when or if they’d bring the tablet-specific operating system to their 7-inch offering. With the 10-inch and 8.9-inch renditions, it looks like we’ll never hear anything in that regard.

That’s where these hard-working developers come in, though. Folks at XDA have gotten Android 3.0 up and running on the tablet. Caveats? It’s not the least bit stable and it’s only confirmed to be working on CDMA versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. (Those available on contract for Sprint and Verizon here in the United States.) I’m hopeful they’ll be throwing as much time and effort as they can at this project, though, so be sure to follow them at their XDA thread. [Thanks, Tyler!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. first! too bad this will disappear once the rest of the honeycomb tablets start releasing.

  2. am i the only one who doesn’t like honeycomb?

    1. Yes, you are … rare breed.

    2. I won’t say I don’t like it but I will say it didn’t live up to my expectations when I played with it. I ended up buying an iPad to hold me over until they get it together hopefully this summer.

    3. No you’re not. After playing with the Xoom I am struggling to understand what the big deal is about Honeycomb. I know I’m in the minority here but I just don’t get it….

  3. Why Samsung didn’t develop Honeycomb for galaxy Tab 7″? It was a scam when they launched it but didn’t mention that it won’t never be upgraded by them

    1. Because there was a market open for a tablet that doesn’t need to be honeycomb. Think about it – the tablet market is dominated by an upscaled iphone, putting out an upscaled android isn’t a terrible idea.

    2. Even if samsung had the update ready to go they would be forced to wait. The regular consumer would hate it if they got an update pushed to them and if all of a sudden all their apps didnt work with Honeycomb because there isn’t an optimized version of the app.

  4. yeah, when the new honeycomb (or even samsung tabs) come out, its over for this puppy!
    g1 status!

  5. hey i posted this tip yay!!!

  6. Just got it running on my vzw tab. I’m surprised how smooth it is considering the videos I saw of it running on the nook color. I always thought it would need at least a dual core to run it, but that’s the beauty of hardware acceleration. It is kind of pointless now as there is no wifi and the sd card can not be mounted or accessed for side loading.

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