Apr 3rd, 2011

We’ve been receiving a steady stream of emails these past few hours letting us know that developers are unable to access most of the Market Back End to do some of the basic things in life: upload new apps, update apps and view their comments. Whenever developers attempted to maintain their accounts, they are greeted with ominous errors such as “Failed to load application list. Try again later.”, “An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.” and my favorite “You are not the owner of this application”. Yikes!

To top it all off, some developers are claiming that this has been going on for as long as three days with no response from Google. There is a topic started on the Google Help Forums. I’m not sure if those forums are for devs only, but if you can get in there let’s help out our developers and get Google off of the pot.

[Thanks to the Devs who sent this in!]

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