Mar 30th, 2011

Well what do we have here? The HTC Pyramid was expected to be announced alongside T-Mobile’s other wares at CTIA but it never made its way to the “official” foreground. Fortunately, leaksters exist. The latest was sent to XDA and shows more than we’ve seen before.

To put it simply – yes, it looks like T-Mobile’s version of the EVO 3D. (Without the actual 3D and other things unique to Sprint, of course.) It has the same qHD display that was rumored in recent specs and – surprisingly enough – has HTC Sense 3.0. (It runs on top of Android 2.3.) This version differs from 2.1 found on the HTC Thunderbolt, the new “S” line of phones, and other recent HTC products. We’re surprised because we were led to believe that this version of Sense would be exclusive to the EVO 3D for quite some time.

I took a look at Sense 3.0 on the EVO 3D at CTIA – you can see one very cool unique feature that HTC’s added here. (Long story short: it makes your default lock-screen awesome.) Other than that there’s not much new to see here. Still, we know how eager some of you T-Mobile subscribers are to get your hands on a new 4.3 inch device so these pictures should hold you over until T-Mobile’s ready to make things official. More can be found at the source link. [via XDA]

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