Samsung’s Unique Motion-Based Gestures Shown Off [Video]


For one reason or another Samsung didn’t give us this close of a look at some unique features they’ve developed for TouchWiz 4.0 on the Samsung Galaxy S II. They’ve put some of the device’s sensors to work to allow you to do things such as pinch-to-zoom in the web browser and switching homescreens simply by moving your device back and forth or left and right. The exact method used isn’t known, but Engadget guesses it might be using the accelerometer or gyroscope inside. Whatever the case, it’s pretty cool (though I feel it’s a bit of a novelty feature more than something you’re going to be using often). Check out the video above courtesy of Android Community.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. MAN!! I saw this on Engadget some time ago and thought that it was damn SWEET! I’m now, once again, debating on whether I should be getting the G2X when it comes out or if I should just wait and get this (mind you I don’t even know if it’s coming to TMo)

  2. The pinch to zoom replacement is cool the screen change/selection feature is pointless not even novelty just pointless…

    1. I would love to have the second screen change feature, so many times I try to move a widget/icon to another screen and find myself struggling to get to the edge far enough so it will activate left/right, it is very frustrating, I still can’t move icons to the left screens on my EVO 4G, granted I am running CM7 RC2, it was like that with stock rom too.

  3. Wow, that is quite cool but probably annoying. About to choose a widget home screen, move my phone and the screen switches! Doh!

  4. give us a U.S release date dammit!! ur driving me mad….

    1. That’s what the hell I’m saying. Stop wasting time already and announce a date.

  5. Looks cool, but I swore of Samsung after the last Galaxy S.

  6. it would be cool if instead of actually moving the phone if you could just tilt the phone

  7. The upcoming LG phones has features similar to this. At least the 2X does from what i saw..its one of the things that put the 2X on my radar for a new phone.


    The 2X does the screen swipe by just tilting. I dont know if it can do the zoom thing.

    This and some other things puts this Samsung and the upcoming LG phones on my list for getting a new phone.

  8. resizable widgets is the best feature

  9. is this going to be available on the fist gen galaxy s phones like the fascinate?

  10. I would wait for this phone if they gave us a release date and if it was coming to t mobile. If they don’t give us one before the gx2 release date then fuck it! Gx2 is my next piece of hardware

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