MiKandi Mirrors Android Market Moves, Introduces In-App Billing this Week


Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave. Just as the “legitimate” Android Market has introduced their in-app billing system, MiKandi, has brought the feature to their rogue source of adults-only apps. Powered by MiKandi Gold, the virtual currency of this world of smut and sin, users can now make purchases extending the premium content of apps such as PinkTV, a video-on-demand service.

MiKandi caused a bit of a stir back when it first surfaced, but it has gained some traction since. 500,000 apps downloaded each month and 1,300 developers distributing their apps through the alternative market is no small chunk. Do they include extra tissues as in-app purchases, though?

MiKandi Launches Full In-App Billing Support for Android

Seattle, WA – 28 March 2011 – MiKandi, the first App Market for Adults, is pleased to announce that developers can now release applications with in-app billing, powered by MiKandi Gold.
MiKandi’s developer community has been eagerly awaiting in-app billing, a capability that is proving to be the best way to introduce customers to premium content on the mobile phone. The company’s latest product launch enables developers and adult content producers to sell additional content within applications, such as video clips or game levels, in affordable chunks that appeal to customers.

In-app billing has been long anticipated by the Android developer community. Customers are voting with their dollars on other mobile platforms, indicating that in-app billing is crucial to an app eveloper’s quiver of revenue tools. As part of the launch, PinkTV is releasing its own app which integrates MiKandi’s latest API. Bryan Clinger of PinkTV shares, “At PinkTV, we’ve been very excited about in-app billing because we know that our customers want a taste before they
buy. This allows us to enable taste tests in a seamless manner and MiKandi’s speed in launching this is impressive, considering how long it’s taken other app platform providers.”

Find the PinkTV VOD app at

Industry analysts Juniper Research forecast that revenues from in-app/in-game purchases will overtake the traditional pay-per-download model as the primary source of monetization by
2013. “At MiKandi, we believe that our job is to make developers money and to make customers happy. In-app billing satisfies both of these goals, particularly in the adult space,” says MiKandi co-founder and President Jesse Adams.

With over 500,000 apps downloaded per month, MiKandi is confident that in-app billing will provide a substantial boost to the earnings power of its 1,300 developers. Existing MiKandi developers are invited to begin integrating the API immediately. New developers can register for a free MiKandi developer account at

ABOUT MIKANDI, LLC: MiKandi (pronounced “my candy”) is the leading app market for adults. The company’s mission is to provide an open app marketplace for adults 18 and over. MiKandi is free to download and is currently only available on the Android platform. Android users can go to on their mobile phones to download the app market. Developers can register at

ABOUT PINK TV: Pink TV is the World’s first fully interactive Adult Television Network featuring hardcore erotic content that is sure to not only entice but also entertain. Pink TV’s original content includes several adult-themed series, pornographic movies, hard core erotic clips, and “behind the scenes” shows.

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