Rumor: HTC DROID Incredible, HTC Thunderbolt to Receive Gingerbread in Q2


The rumor mill is working hard today, it seems. The latest comes out of Droid-Life where a couple of their readers have heard that the HTC Thunderbolt and HTC DROID Incredible will both be receiving Android 2.3 sometime in Q2. (That starts in a few days.) Confirmation was given via emails sent from HTC reps to inquiring users so we can’t say this is 100% confirmed, but I see no good reason why you HTC fans on Verizon won’t be enjoying Gingerbread this Spring. [Droid-Life 1|2]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Awesome. That means we’ll finally get some Ginger-Sense ROMs.

  2. You can get a Samsung Galaxy Tab for $199.00 with 2 year contract. Seems more sensible to get a Tab and switch back to a REGULAR cell phone.

    1. lol wat

    2. I’m not trying to argue with you, but why would that be sensible? I have a smartphone, and I have computers. Why would I want to spend money for a phone, a tab with a data plan, AND a computer -which does work for me that no tablet on the planet can do? A lot of people who feel the need to carry tablets, smartphones AND laptops (for whatever reason) generally tether their phones to the tablets.

  3. That’s awesome wonder if they’ll give us the updated sense to either 2.0 or 2.1 and if will get sense.com to. This is good news to wake-up to.

  4. yay rumors! Although I would rather see an official build leaked, rumors will have to work for now ;)

    1. Without rumors, Phandroid would post about 2 stories a week. Still fun to read, because sometimes rumors become truth, but take everything you read here with a salt mine.

      1. Speaking as someone that was involved in discoveries and rumors about the Incredible before its release, Phandroid’s “rumors” are often less rumor and more “insider/leaked info subject to change at the whim of the company.”

        1. I wasn’t implying that Phandroid was the “Weekly World News” of android blog sites. What I was implying was that, while certainly not a daily occurrence, Phandroid has increasingly jumped on a story that they get a tip on, then proceed to report it as truth without actually checking more than one source (if available), or editing it, or removing it upon finding out that it is completely false and/or a hoax. Case in point: last week ( I believe last weekend ) Phandroid reported on a story stating that the Droid X’s bootloader was decrypted. I followed the links, and it sure as hell looked convincing to me. I am SURE without even asking that no one at Phandroid started the hoax. It happens to everyone; you get convincing (but bad) info, and report on it. What I was set aback by was the fact that about an hour or two after it was posted, it turned out to be a hoax, and I went back through old posts for a few days, to see if they edited it and they didn’t. I gave up after a few days; I have a life to live, not worry about what Phandroid is or isn’t doing – I just enjoy most of the articles. If it was changed at some point way down the road, then, well done, but it should’ve been fixed ASAP since this was naming people who weren’t involved and in Android news, having Moto’s bootloader unlocked is far from trivial news. I enjoy Phandroid’s blogs, and while NO source is 100% reliable, and I certainly understand wanting to be one of the first to report on it, if it turns out to be a hoax -ESPECIALLY involving named people- it should be fixed ASAP, no excuses.

  5. just like that rumor that droid x was suppose to get it last weekend …. i would not hold my breath .

    1. To be fair, the article you are talking about started with [RUMOR], they weren’t reporting it as factual.

      1. But do you come to this site for news or rumors? To be report something, it should involve checking sources and reliability.

        Anyone can report rumors. Be better than this Phandroid.

        1. I come for both. However, if you see the response I wrote to YamiYaiba and the rumors he may have come across , you’ll see why I said “To be fair…”. Reporting on rumors is fine, as long as it is qualified as such.

    2. Ok, they were off by a week…

      Its not officially from Verizon, but it came for the X yesterday or today in the form of a leak. Which means it will officially be here for the X soon.

  6. @Rex that’s a good point save 30 to 40 a month on the cell bill.

  7. This might be a dumb question (read: this is a dumb question), but isn’t Ginberbread mainly a cosmetic upgrade? What effect will this have on Sense devices?

  8. I hope this is true because the new HTC sense that comes with Gingerbread looks awsome.

  9. Yes… some GingerSense ROMs sound good for my EVO

  10. Praying that this is true!! Been waiting for an official version of gingerbread before i go ahead and root my incredible.

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