CyanogenMod 7 Release Candidate 3 Now Available


Cyanogen and the team are moving right along with the Gingerbread version of their open source ROM as they’ve released new release candidates for most of their supported devices. We must be nearing a stable, final build as Cyanogen rarely goes through more than a few release candidates. No new phones have gotten official support as far as I can tell, but if you have a device that’s officially gotten cyan love then be sure to head over to their mirror site and see if a version for your phone is up. [via Android Police]

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  1. Who cares anymore. At least I don’t. It’s still to buggy, the GPS is not reliable, pretty much everything that is necessary and important on the phone never works the way it should. There are way better ROMs out there.

    1. Been trying a couple of CM7 based ROMs for the HD2 over the weekend. They seem very good.

      Also, used to use CM5 on my old HTC Magic, also very good.

    2. Works great for me. GPS has been fixed for a while now. You’re doing it wrong.

    3. I think it might depend on your phone. I’ve never had any issues running CM7 on my EVO…the GPS needed to be fixed using the MSL workaround but that only took about 10 minutes. I have been bouncing back and forth from CM7 and MIUI. I can’t decide which one I like more. I like MIUI because of the battery life (i was able to get 3 days on one charge) but 4G isn’t supported yet so that’s why I landed on CM7.

      1. I too had a horrible experience with GPS locking on CM7 and then finally fixed it by going back to a Sense base ROM and doing the ##GPSCLRX# / MSL fix and then going back to CM7, now my GPS ROCKS on the EVO, same ROM. I was so frustrated because I thought it was CM7 but even when I went back to the Sense stock rom the GPS was still shot and would never lock.

        I am loving it now!

    4. GPS on my EVO works better under CM7.

    5. That’s what the small incrimental improvements are for. You know, fixing those bugs. You can’t judge a rom that’s not done yet.

    6. Everything is working great on my Droid. No issues at all. And my battery life is at least double what I got with stock 2.2. It sucks you are having problems, but they aren’t universal to all. It definitely depends on the phone.

  2. Support for Droid Eris looking like its coming coon to CM

    1. Workshed had been doing a CM GB port for some time now for the Eris. Runs nice on the wifes Eris. So far so good on RC3 for my Dinc!

      1. Um, just FYI, although not a complete port, KaosFroyo is already largely Cyanogenmod-based.

        1. Actually, GSB isn’t a port at all. Its compiled directly from the source, its not ported from the Hero or any other device. And it is officially CM, its already been approved.

  3. Im running cm 6.2.1 on Evo is there a CM7 Build that is stable enough for Daily use as in every thing working properly?

    1. I’ve been using CM7 RC2 for my EVO since it came out and I’ve had no issues other than the GPS needing fixed with the MSL workaround…it works perfectly for me.

      1. Not to fill this up with advice collum but if i do get RC2 how do i fix the gps using MSL or should i just flash RC3

        1. RC2 is outdated. Flash RC3 and if you’re feeling especially daring, the nightlies as they come out.

      2. not really feeling daring ….anybody flash RC3 and if so haveing any issues?

  4. They haven’t popped RC3 for the Dinc yet.

    1. Must’ve popped after you posted. I have it up and running on my DINC now. So far pretty smooth running, but I can only see two changes so far. The changelog doesn’t have the updates between 2 and 3.

  5. The last two nightly’s 30&31 were really buggy for me, I reinstalled my RC2 as a backup. Can’t wait for 3

  6. I’m staying with CM6 until a stable version is released.

    With both Cm7 rc1 and rc2, I had horrible battery life and there were too many bugs.

  7. Really? I’ve been using the CM7 nightlies since the beginning and I have to say they have steadily improved over time. All of the major issues I had seemed to be fixed (GPS, Flash issues, Bluetooth issues).

  8. Flashing now!

  9. I love how people judge unfinished mods as final. Judge the final product. RC or nightly buggy? How about you report the bug instead of crying about it? Test releases are for testers, not for end users.

  10. And still no love for the GSM Hero, even though the CDMA Hero gets the RC. Sigh.

  11. No Nexus S RC3 yet? WTFM8

  12. Does anyone know where the changelog is that directly lists the differences between RC2 and RC3?

    This link is where I think it should be but it does not appear that way –

    I also know about but that only goes back so many nightlies.

  13. still no vibrant support. well an official one anyway

  14. So if iv read every thing correct GPS-Maps-Wifi-Flash all work in RC3 now?

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