LauncherPro 0.8.4 Brings Gmail Widget, New Homescreen Transitions


We’ve just been tipped to the release of LauncherPro 0.8.4. Federico explicitly states that this isn’t the rewrite we’re all waiting for but it’s still a pretty good update. New features include a scrollable Gmail widget for Plus users, while everyone else will be getting two new screen transitions called “flip” and “rotate 2”. (The old “flip” has been renamed to “flip 2”, FYI.) Other changes include enhancements to the login process for the Facebook widget and other bug fixes and performance improvements. You can find the update in the Android market now. (You can also download the .APK directly from his servers.) [Launcher ProThanks, Karl!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Install unsuccessful :(. Says package file was not signed correctly.

    1. Huh?

      1. huh he says… amazing. let me fill in the gaps. IF THE INSTALL FAILS, UNISTALL THE OLDER VERSION OF LP, THEN INSTALL THE NEW VERSION.

    2. uninstall the older version

      1. Found out the issue was a techie noob mistake: I have a modified version of launcherpro (clear widgets; very cool but not appropriately signed). Uninstalled that and updated to latest version… to my chagrin, I’ll be missing my clear widgets. Hopefully mods will come out again.

  2. Worked for me. Currently using Launcher 7 though. EVO

  3. I love Launcher Pro and it keeps getting better! Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. Launcer…

  5. LauncherPro is awesome and if you haven’t paid, I really suggest you do so, its worth it. Also can’t wait to see what the rewrite has in store.

  6. updating as we speak.

  7. Unfortunately there is no option in the settings to let the new Gmail widget access the “All-Mails” Label instead of the inbox. Right now I prefilter many of my mails into several labels so this is quite disappointing for me since I waited that long for the widget. :-

    Hope this option will be included in one of the next updates.

  8. So dies this mean that the Plus one doesn’t have the new translations just yet?

    1. No, it doesn’t. Of course the Plus Version has the new transitions, too.

  9. nice !

  10. HOLY CRAP. Phandroid ADDED DISQUS!

    Thank YOU!.

  11. I also get install unsuccessful, package was not signed correctly. Droid 1

  12. Sweet

  13. I had launcher pro plus, but it I couldn’t figure out why my Droidx was rebooting all the the time and freezing. So I got rid of it and got ADW. Launcher Pro seemed to be the problem.

  14. it feels like he’s never going to make the rewrite

  15. I love LP and have been using it for some time now, but this new Gmail widget NEEDS an “archive” option. Right now it only has “mark read” and “delete.” I like to keep my inbox uncluttered, but not necessarily delete the mail. So without the option to archive, the widget is useless to me.

  16. I think I like the stock Droid X Gingerbread 2.3.3 launcher better than Launcher Pro.

  17. have been using go launcher and happy with it

  18. Great, installed and played with the new widget. However, I am enjoying GO Launcher EX a little more at the moment

  19. Ever since Froyo / SprintID update, my wonderful Launcher Pro has stopped working…

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