Things We Missed, You Shouldn’t [March 25th]


Yay! It’s Friday! Yay! Seeing as it is the weekend, I will keep this short. Check out some extra Android news you might have missed below!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Sprint Resumes Samsung Epic 4G Froyo Updates

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  1. So CTIA is now over right? I kinda don’t care about HTC Pyramid/Double Shot anymore as T-Mobile has dashed all my hopes by selling out. However, just to finally put this all to bed? What was “Double Shot”…and why was there no splash for Pyramid & Double Shot at CTIA?

    1. There’s still hope the deal doesn’t get approved

      1. That’s right-this year will bankrupt TMO If people choose to believe that merger will be approved by the forsaken FCC. were not Communists, darn it!

  2. Yes, I understand that….but I am wanting a new phone now, and while I can wait until June or so, when the Pyramid is supposed to come out….it doesn’t make much sense to purchase said phone when I know that if the AT&T deal goes through (12+ months)….I will NOT be an AT&T customer, not even for a day. In other words, buying the Pyramid would be for 6 months. I am more inclined to get the HTC EVO 3D in June, and make the switch to Sprint.

  3. The Motorola ATRIX is now available at FutureShop in Canada <–that's actually incorrect. All 3rd retail parties started selling the Atrix upon being released on March 21st, including Future Shop. The news should be Future Shop (and Bell) is selling the Atrix for $69.99

  4. If the the opening for pre-orders of Xperia Arc is news then I guess it’s just as newsworthy that it went on sale here in Japan two days ago on March 24th. At least two of my coworkers have got theirs and it’s looking very slick. It would seem the price without contract here lands at about 50820¥. In other news DoCoMo is set to put the LG Optimus Tab on sale on March 30th, pre-orders have been open since the 15th.

  5. You ought to come up with something to put a little more positive spin than “Things We Missed.” Makes you sound like you’re not on top of things.

  6. Sent from my iPad 2 :P

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