One Thing You Never Thought the Samsung Wave Could Do: Run Android


The Samsung Wave is no Galaxy S. It’s more like a sheep in wolf’s clothing. A smartphone that isn’t so smart. At least as not as smart as it could be with Android. We take it that is exactly why some industrious developers have been busy trying to get an Android port onto the device, and indeed progress has been made.

Exploting some security holes present in the Bada OS, a Galaxy S build of Android 2.2.1 has been loaded onto the wave, though much development is still needed. RAM access and CPU drivers are the main points of concern. If it ever becomes fully functional we may have yet another quality Android smartphone on our hands, though the engineers behind it never intended that much.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I think you mean “One Thing You Never thought…”.

  2. Hmm it is always good to see things like this(HD2, the wave, etc) running android. But I never understood why people(more specifically, some android users) always seem to think that if a phone is NOT running android natively or whatever the device is not smart or completely inferior. Isn’t that subjective?

    Either way, cool video :)

    1. it’s not that it’s inferior, just “crippled”, this phone had great hardware, but the thing that makes or break a smartphone, or phone platform, at least for me and many people, is the apps, the ability to take your 600 USD and really take advantage, be able to use to listen to music, view webpages, or use it as a terminal for ssh into a linux box… apps enable that, personally i wouldn’t pay more than 100 USD for a phone that doesnt do android or some really expandable OS…

      1. bada can do all the mentioned things and runs faster than a lot of 1ghz androids. its just nearly 1 year old. if more people would be willing to code in c++, there will be a great future for bada. My pov ;-)

        But – great work ! respect ;-)

  3. finally you guys added disqus!

  4. I wish something like this would be done on the instinct phones.

  5. i dont think it’s surprising, after all it’s almost a galaxy S

  6. its laggy and ..ya rightly said its same as galaxy s…..

  7. Polak potrafi! Judging from the names in menus, it’s Polish build :) So, probably Poles did that. Kudos guys!

  8. Why soooo Late

  9. Yey, Discus!

    This is great news for Wave owners :)

  10. Dusqus

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