LG Optimus 2X Gets Clockwork Recovery, Custom Kernel + More


On the fence about the LG Optimus 2X because you’re wondering how hackable it is? Throw those worries out of the window because Paul from MoDaCo got his hands on one and has been making substantial progress over the past couple of days. (This is also good news for those of you thinking of picking up a T-Mobile G2x once it’s out.) He’s got clockwork, a custom kernel, and a stock ROM to get you developing-types started with. Find all this and more over at their LG Optimus 2X section. (He’s also posted his wares over at XDA if you fancy getting them from there instead.) [Thanks, Russell!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. hot damn already!

  2. Im all over this like a fat kid loves cake! Cmon Tmo..release this beast already! (G2X)

    1. me too! this is a true dev phone, which is why i want it so badly! (G2x)

  3. I hope it gets CM support as soon as it get released. Definitely picking this bad boy up!

    1. kmobs tweeted a couple weeks ago that a few of his friends were getting the G2X and they were begging to have CM on it. He said he couldn’t let them down.

    2. I’d rather have someone like TeamWhiskey support it…

    3. CM7 , I lost hope for them. TW is so much better now.

  4. Paul is the man.

  5. This phone looks great but i see that touchwiz looking UI and i just instantly move on to the next device LOL. Yes im aware samsung didnt make this phone. It just looks way too much like that infernal touchpiss

    1. The G2x is coming with vanilla android, so you can cast your UI worries to the side.

      1. Oh is it? That’s great!

    2. ADW launcher ex, launcher pro, and launcher2(stock) can all fix that for you.

      1. oh i know im privy to launcher pro. still its just a peeve of mine

  6. I didnt let the custom ROM issues deter me from the Droid X. Still is a nice phone regardless.

    But….something happened to me when I saw this news…lol Maybe cuz its one of the phones I want this year (all I wanted last year was a Droid X. This year its like 4 on my list…lol ) I still have a Droid 1 and didnt put anymore custom ROMs on it after Froyo came out. Then my X became my main phone.

    But this news here?? Whatever it is, I’m getting the true custom ROM itch again.

  7. Loove this phone, very unhappy with this AT&T buy out crap. Don’t like AT&T, their data cap plans suck big time and they are just a terrible carrier to deal with. Long time T-Mobile customer who was and still is dying for this phone but will probably go Thunderbolt with LTE and have a device and a carrier that will be around for a while. I am very upset with this buy out. I own the G1, BB9700, MyTouch 4G and the Nexus One. They are just paper weights. I am just pissed off, I paid full price for all these phones.

  8. Does anyone know if this is going to 4g capable? I need to know because i’m concerned about the possible merger and the move of ATT dropping 3g service to all phones on tmobile bands.

    1. or if the htc pyramid is going to be 4g capable

  9. @ ace
    I believe I read the G2X will be 4G capable and have both T-mobile and AT&T radio bands. So it will be able to take full advantage of T-mobile’s 4g (the first device that can) and ifwhen they merge will work on AT&T’s 4g too.


  11. Don’t worry be happy and join sprint the htc evo family tmobile customers

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