Giant Android Invades in this Samsung Galaxy Player Promo [Video]


Here called the Samsung Galaxy Player 70, the 5-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi is put to good use capturing an invading giant Android. OK, so it isn’t so much as invading as it is a lazily listing parade balloon, but that doesn’t sound nearly as exciting. Check out Skype calling in action, making all believe this device is just as good as an actual Galaxy S.

[via Droid-Den]

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  1. now that’s a nice commercial

  2. Too big.

    1. That’s not what she said last night! ZING!

      1. She did the night before…

        1. About which guy?

        2. anime doesn’t count

  3. come to america please!
    that thing had a telescopic antennae! INSANE!

    1. They do localized versions. There’s an SGS for Brazil with a TV antenna

  4. I hate this video simply because it promotes recording video in portrait mode. You wouldn’t want to watch your movies like that, so don’t record your videos like that!

  5. 0:28 is that a statue of Andy in a samurai outfit?

    1. It twas and effing awesome I wish we had a statue in america

      1. and people think that we are phandroids! That entire friggin country is pro-android

    2. Its actually an Android interpretation of Admiral Yi’s statue in downtown Seoul, South Korea

      1. darn it! The closest thing I could find to a big green statue with antenna sticking out of its head was the Statue of Liberty.

        Liberty…hmm I guess that means she’s for open source software too.

  6. Want!. This is a better replacement for an iPad. Big, portable, and cheap.

  7. Why won’t someone make a phone that size…I would snap it up!

    1. 5inches? thats considered a MID at that size is why A phone at that size has already been made its called the Dell Streak 5

      1. Dell streak sucks.

  8. lmao 5 inches ! way 2 big but what a great commercial they need these in us that phones amazing

  9. Im gonna need one of those as a phone.

  10. Someone should find out what it costs to make a Macy’s parade balloon and the cost to get it in the parade. I wonder would enough Android fans donate to get it done if the cost was doable. Google can’t really do it because it could undermine the idea of web advertising.

  11. Diggin that 5″ screen. To bad the screen isn’t that clear when your outside.

  12. they would never bring something like that with many nice features off contract like that i mean the ipod touch is nice but they will always keep it locked down to only be able to do so much so that people still want to only spend on getting an iphone but if that comes to america i would drop my fascinate down to a basic phone pay less and get that to do everything my fascinate does

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