For Rest of Today Only, Shazam Encore Free through Amazon Appstore


Continuing the trend of offering one “freemium” app per day (that is, premium app priced down to free), the Amazon Appstore has something most people would call a steal for today. Shazam Encore, normally prices at $5, is available for download with little more than signing up for an Amazon Appstore acccount.

The song identification app is a favorite among many, so act quickly before Amazon restores the standard $4.99 price tag. We suppose offering apps like this for free is one way to draw new users to your fledgling apps marketplace.

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  1. Not trying to troll but honestly Shazam is garbage. Download SoundHound instead. I bought encore a few months ago and defiantly regret it

    1. some report that shazam works better for some songs and soundhound for other genres.

      1. That makes more sense. Shazam works great for pop music but since it’s pop music, you don’t really need an app to identify it for you haha

        1. Phandroid needs to stop promoting the Amazon AppStore and let it die. Android Market or GTFO

          1. Nah eff that because they promoted it we got 2 free apps speak for yourself

          2. The worst piracy is when people crack games and SELL them on the Market. Market will have to change or else Amazon will take over.

  2. It is telling me the Appstore is not available in my area. UK

      1. Keep doing that Keller.

        Good thing for us the developers. Keep pirating mate! Steal months of hard work from the developers.

        Really appreciated!

        1. Yay! Moderation!

          1. Thanks to the new commenting system, common courtesy can and will be enforced now.

            On-topic – I’m intrigued by this whole free-app thing, not as something for nothing – but because the 15 minute trial before returning was too harsh. I’ll be trying more apps – and buying more as well.

  3. Shazam sucks. Soundhound FTW!

  4. I just compared this to the free version of Soundhound, and Soundhound won out by a lot. I prefer their interface, and the songs I tested (various pop, rock, 80s) picked up on SH about twice as fast. I suggest “buying” it in case SH takes away the unlimited functionality and you don’t want to shell out $5, but other than that I’d just use Soundhound and not even install this.

  5. Hey its free Amazon doing good with the appstore must say…

  6. I go the the Amazon Market each day to get the free app. I get to try out apps I never wanted to pay for…..LOL

    1. That’s exactly what Amazon is hoping for. I’m curious to see if they continue this free app thing once their app market is popular.

  7. Yess :)

  8. As an AT&T customer, this shit is pissing me off

    1. Thats why I left AT&T for T-Mobile a few months ago… on wait… awe crap.

  9. My country has been forgotten by Amazon though.

  10. disqus looks intresting :o

  11. for those living outside US try this program: Hotspot Shield, it changes your IP to US and you can use it to make purchases on Amazon USA (as long as they don’t ask for credit card)

  12. Soundhound is way better than this.

  13. But it’s free. Try it out and if you like it keep it, and if not no dime lost

  14. Can’t complain about free. hoping they don’t do word feud because I just paid for it.:)

  15. I honestly would rather stick to SoundHound than Shazam. Soundhound is much better to me because it boots up faster and identifies songs quicker, which is great since I seem to always catch songs near their end.

  16. Awesome, I was charged for this app. You guys suck.

    1. I got it for free yesterday. It was the “Free App of the DAY” for March 25th. You posted this on March 26th. Of course you were charged for it.

      The title even says “FOR THE REST OF TODAY ONLY”

  17. Vast song Id isn’t bad either and its free. The one bad thing is that the click to purchase is only for ringtones and ring back tones

  18. Flipping bait and switch if I’ve ever seen it. They advertise a free item then I was charged for it. Now I have to hassle with them to get my cash back. Since it’s only a small amount I will most likely not bother. What a scam.

    1. I got it for free yesterday. It was the “Free App of the DAY” for March 25th. You posted this on March 26th. Of course you were charged for it. It isn’t a scam and I doubt you’d get your money back. You should’ve read the article and read the date in which it was posted.

      The title even says “FOR THE REST OF TODAY ONLY”

  19. Not gonna lie, I was hoping the Amazon App Store would die off because I felt that the growth for Android would be best if all of the best apps were available on the market. BUT this “Free App Of The Day” thing has got me hooked. I got Angry Birds Rio, WSOP (was crap but supposed to be $5) and Shazam. Hoping Asphalt comes soon (but I doubt it).

    1. I listen to what ios developers (forget the fanboys…they are hopeless) have to say about the Android market. Many love what android stands for but they can’t justify a port since they make so much more money on ios. Android Market may be good for ad-ware and freemium games such as Pocket legends but that is not enough to sustain the system. Android needs more profitable paid apps and Google just doesn’t know how to make it work.

  20. I like this 1 free app everyday. I find myself checking out their page to see what’s happening. Also I like the “Test Drive” option before you download apps. I think just like everything else, this competition will help all Android Markets to grow and offer a unique experience.

    I really hope carrier don’t end up forcing and locking phones to use their own market.

  21. So I’m sure that you guys at Phandroid are aware that a large part of your readership comes from outside the US. I really hope you’ll keep your Amazon App Store news to minimum, since it’s US-only. I’m sure everyone who has the Amazon App Store can check out the daily deals for themselves, and don’t need them announced as new articles each time.

    1. So this site shouldn’t report on stuff that applies to US carriers either because you don’t want to read it?

      1. No, I’m simply asking that they don’t parrot every Amazon daily deal. People who have Amazon app store can figure out the daily deals for themselves.

        But I’m especially hoping there will be less news about this service because it’s a very regional-centric service. It doesn’t apply to everyone like most other Android news does.

      2. Amazon is going to give out a free paid app every single day! It’s not fun to read about it if you can’t get it yet.

  22. Track ID > Shazam

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