GameLoft To Use Amazon Appstore to Distribute Games


GameLoft has announced plans to use Amazon’s newly-launched Appstore to distribute their titles for Android phones and tablets. If you’re wondering why they are so quick to jump on Amazon’s offering and not the one that Google provides, it’s because of piracy. They state they want their users to be comfortable downloading their games – something that’s not possible in the Android market due to the ability for anyone to hack applications and reupload them with malware inside.

He has a fair point considering all that’s gone on in the past month with several different malware scares. The move by GameLoft is still interesting, though, as they also use DRM as a reason why they prefer to sell most of their titles through their own online storefront. Users have shied away from buying from the publisher due to this very reason.

With Amazon, that could potentially go out of the window. It’s worthy to note that GameLoft does offer several titles on the Android market, but the selection there pales in comparison to what they have available through their own channels. It remains to be seen if they’ll be doing the same with Amazon. [Droid Gamers via Reuters]

PS: In related news, here is a video of ten new games GameLoft will be making for the Xperia Play. We’re assuming these will just sit nicely in Sony’s Playstation Store. [via EuroDroid]

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  1. Does this mean we will now be able to download the games again if we change ROMs or get a new phone?

    1. Gameloft answered this when we asked and said no you’ll have to buy it again if you change devices. No idea how true this is.

      1. What about downloading to the SAME device after changing ROMs. Right now, Game loft only lets you download a few times to the same device and for a short period of time.

        1. Not sure regarding ROMs, we only asked regarding devices. There’s a thread on their forums we started that you can ask though.

          1. Wow. Just wow.
            Are they having a laugh?

      2. You’re kidding, right? This can’t be true.

      3. Yeah, how could they enforce that? I would continue to not purchase any of their games. That is ridiculous.

  2. You should be able to do that anyway. Market will remember your purchases

  3. Last time Gameloft complained it was because the android Market wasn’t available globally. Now they’re going with a service only available in the US? that’s fine, I’m not touching their games with a bargepole. DRM = no sale.

    Blah blah piracy, because their current steps have worked _so_ well (Hint search your favourite tracker for Gameloft)

  4. There will always be piracy no matter who u sell your apps, games and so forth through.

    I.don’t like where google is heading as of late. With manufactures (motorola, etc) talking about there own os . And all these lawsuits.

    Or is just me?

  5. Still won’t touch them with a 10ft pole!

  6. None of those games are new

    1. They are. They include Xperia Play support. :)

    2. they are coming out with Backstab for xperia play first

  7. I highly doubt that this is the true reason for not using the Android Market for most of their games.

    I think Apple is paying Gameloft to get Gameloft to make the purchasing process of their Android games suck.

    Apple currently pays AT&T to block non-market downloads on their Android phones, and other game systems also have exclusives, such as Halo only being available on Xbox, which is why I think Apple is paying Gameloft to make the purchasing process suck.

    1. As much as I can’t stand Apple I think this is pure BS. Can you provide links to support these accusations?

    2. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

      1. Quote of the day!!

      2. Well said.

    3. There are so many ios games that are not even on Android. At least gameloft is bringing some of them but you think somehow Apple is behind those android ports? It makes no sense.
      There are real problems with the market. Ask some ios developers and they will explain why it turns them off from developing for Android.

  8. And this is why I pirate their games..

    1. and this is why Rage and Infinity Blade are ios only

    2. aren’t you a genious? pirating = stealing. you are openly admitting to stealing from gameloft on a public site. as a software developer myself, you are a disgrace. buying from gameloft’s website is safer than buying from the android market. for both you and gameloft. if you pirate their games, or any other game for that matter, hopefully the law catches up to you and justice can be served. if you’re too lazy to go to their site to download the game, then you shouldn’t be playing it to begin with!

  9. I hope the offer a full listing of game titles, and allow for a multiple devices, not that single phone/tablet stuff

  10. So are they saying they dont want to use the Market cuz of piracy issues, cuz i have almost all their games and didnt buy any of them due to the current process they use.

  11. Still one of the worst publishers for Android… and by far.
    Not touching their games…

    Plus, since I’m not in the US, they’ll make the decision easy.

  12. So due to piracy they make it up by charging my credit card twice? That’s why I don’t use their online store.

  13. Hoping and hoping that Asphalt becomes a “free paid app of the day.” I don’t get all the Gameloft hate, their games are quite fun (at least Asphalt is).

  14. WHAT?!?

  15. if you have the game,and your rooted why would you need to redownload the game?

  16. Great a Canadian Company publishing on an App store where Canadian people can’t even buy things for the moment.

    1. gameloft is french, not canadian

  17. Didn’t google implement pretty much the same DRM scheme and make it optional? So devs can just implement it and it should be just as well-protected as apps purchased from Amazon.

  18. Actually, Gameloft releases separate copies of every game optimized for diferent devices (i.e. snapdragon, galaxy s, xoom) and the google market only allows one version of an app to be published. They could offer a generic version which is less optimized and runs slower, but they don’t. Hence the current system.

  19. @Oscar. Yes and no. Your are mostly right, more than most.

  20. The DRM check has already been broken on Amazon’s Android store, I believe it was broken in less then 10 hours of the Store first being opened, lol. So if they believe that going with the Amazon store is going to stop piracy, they need to keep up on the news.

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