ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Presales Start; Headed to UK March 30th


The folks at AsusTek have announced the launch of their Eee Pad Transformer Android tablet/netbook hybrid. The device was introduced at this year’s CES and has since been joining its cousin – the Eee Pad Slider – in gaining consumer attention due to its unique ability to become just a tablet or a full-on netbook at the blink of an eye.

Pricing in Taiwan is NT$14,900 for a 16GB version and NT$17,900 for the 32GB model. (This comes out to be $500 and $600 in United States currency, but pricing may differ from market to market.)

Those in Taiwan can pre-order the device right now, but the UK won’t be far off as it’s looking to land in that region on March 30th. (It’ll be coming to the United States but ASUS has not yet announced availability. The last timeframe we heard was April with pricing anywhere between $400 and $700)

The Eee Pad Transformer is a 10.1-inch Android 3.0 tablet that will have a lightweight detachable keyboard to become one of the most flexible Android tablet offerings to date. Other specs include both front-facing and rear-facing cameras as well as a nice Tegra 2 processor sitting inside. [via NPR]

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  1. could someone point me to the link to pre-order it? i dont mind paying the extra in shipping from overseas.

  2. The site that put up the pre-ordering is the Taiwanese shopping site called Momo.
    I don’t speak the language so I wasn’t able to find that actual page where you can preorder it but I linked you to the main page for the site. Hope that helps.

    In case it matters, if pre-orders are opening up overseas, we will be seeing it become available for pre-order in the UK and the US within a few weeks most likely.

      1. No problem, man. Follow for more infos on ASUS and android

  3. This is the tablet that I’m waiting for. I’m betting I can replace 80% of what I use my laptop for now.

    1. Amen. It’s a tablet, netbook, eReader … looks like it might even have a GPS? Wow, I’m excited for this. My laptop for work no longer has a working battery, and this would be a perfect device to jump on the tablet bandwagon with. I can now use it to do my client reports on the road. This will give users so much more value for their money than the iPad, provided the android market continues to provide more tablet-compatible apps.

  4. That video is hilarious. My favorite parts:

    “Oh – wait a moment”
    “My multiple lifestyle. I decide.”

    Another example of 40-year-olds writing for 20-year-olds.

  5. Are there any specs on the keyboard? How much battery life does it add, does it have USB slots etc on it?

    1. Without the keyboard, it’s 9.5 hours of battery life. With the keyboard, it’s 16 hours.

  6. Can’t wait to get my hands on this. It’ll probably be the best tablet out when it’s released, since Xoom doesn’t have 4G yet and the Tabs aren’t coming till June and later. Hopefully the cheapest too!

  7. Can’t wait! hopefully it also looks decent as a product, and it’s going to rock! the apps will come in time as well, so not worried about that aspect.

  8. If its sub $400 they got a buyer maybe


    go to that website using chrome and translate it to english (chrome should do this automatically) and then on the search bar search ‘eee pad’ and hit enter and the three results will show up hope this kinda helps…?

  10. Worst add ever. Wasn’t made by 40 year olds. It was made by retards. Dont even know where to start with this one. Still going to get it.

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