Steam May Be Coming to Android Soon [Rumor]


Here’s an interesting rumor for you gamers out there. A member over at Valve’s forums has apparently spoken to the studio’s Gabe Newell and said the company head revealed some interesting information. One bit that stood out to us was that the company may be looking to bring an Android version of Steam to the platform.

If you don’t know, Steam is a popular games repository for PC and Mac that acts as a social hub for players, a launcher for all the games you’ve bought (in Steam or otherwise), and has some unique features that third-party developers can take advantage of in their game. (These are called Steam-powered games.)

While we aren’t expecting this supposed mobile version to bring us all the PC goodness we can currently download, we do hope it ushers in a new era of video game discovery on the Android market. OpenFeint is trying and doing very well and NVIDIA has jumped into the fold with their own Tegra Zone application that spotlights games which are optimized for Tegra devices.

The addition of Steam would heighten competition and would bring a very big name in the gaming scene to Android. With all of these tablets and all of the complex-looking and graphically-rich games coming out for them, we can’t hope for anything better to happen. Let’s cross out fingers and hope Steam is indeed working on something.

Head on over to the thread where the bearer of good news claims to have audio and will soon have video confirming this. [via Recombu]

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  1. Android Portal would be so frikkin sweet.

  2. Man this would be amazing if its in the works.

  3. It would be interesting to see what an android steam app offered, if one was ever made. I’d be happy with a steam chat client, but it would be great if they sold games via the app. If their sales were half as generous as their PC game sales are, then it would be a good addition to android.

  4. So Valve is looking to bring a mobile steam client and games to Android.

  5. If by next year I can play TF2, HL2, and whatnot on an Android tablet, I’m totally for this.

  6. There’s already a couple of steam apps out there but they don’t really do much other than show you your games and online friends. An official version with chat, store and playable games (can dream, no?) would be cool.

  7. Steam chat client PLS

  8. Well, this won’t be in the android market if they’re planning on using it to deliver content (games). Not sure how successful it would be without being available in the market, although I guess you could say the same thing about amazon’s marketplace. Good to hear Gabe is thinking ahead.

  9. This would be awesome, if not for android game discovery, for the ability to keep in contact with your Steam friends.

  10. That would be amazing! Hope they do bring it out. On the other hand, I’ve probably got too many games I don’t play already.
    Nitpick: It’s available for “Windows and Mac”, not “PC and Mac”. I don’t see a Linux version (or BSD :P) (And technically a Mac IS a PC)

    1. Wrong. Mac is an SJC, Steve Jobs’ Computer. This site is called PHANdroid, come on now.

  11. I don’t like Steam on my PC, so why would I want it on my phone?

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