Mar 24th, 2011

Part of the reason making mobile purchases from your phone haven’t quite taken of yet is because, well… it’s a pain. You’ve got to fill in your credit card information, add this information, verify your e-mail address and whatever else. The promise of NFC is encouraging but its real-world integrations are currently limited.

Samsung Captivate Users, on the other hand, are enjoying a seamless process where they can purchase goodies on their phone and have simple billing provided directly through their AT&T account. Now THAT’S simple. The purchases apply to content downloaded from the Samsung Media Hub app on the Captivate from which movies and televisions shows are available.

Most people are enemies of carrier billing services due to scams like monthly “ringtone” rebills and ” joke of the day” offers where you download something once, didn’t realize you had to pay for it, and all of a sudden you’re paying a monthly fee from which you can’t unsubscribe. Once more legitimate companies start offering “real” services like this… purchases from mobile phones should definitely increase and get more diverse.

Here is the E-Mail I received from Samsung regarding the new service:

Samsung Mobile is excited to announce access to direct billing for Samsung’s Media Hub Movie and TV content service through AT&T. Captivate users can now download their favorite movie or TV show on their Samsung AT&T Android device and have the option to place that charge directly to their monthly AT&T service bill.

By aligning with top studios, Samsung’s Media Hub service allows users to rent or own their favorite movies, TV episodes and entire TV seasons and enjoy the best possible viewing and sound experience on our Media Hub-enabled devices. Media Hub offers customers a robust collection of movie and next day TV show titles from CBS, Fox, MTV Networks, NBC Universal, Paramount and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. Media Hub customers who purchase content to  permanently own can share that content with five devices enabled with Media Hub at no extra cost.

Enjoy, Captivate users!

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