HTC Opening Up Scribe API to Third-Party Developers, Hopes for More Apps with Pen-Based Interactions


Even if the HTC Flyer comes off as a bit last-generation compared to the current rank of tablet heavyweights, it does offer one feature that few others have: a stylus used not for basic interaction and navigation, but rather for taking notes, doodling, and procuring and annotating screen grabs. For some, this may seem like a poor attempt at differentiation, but for others (myself included) it is a feature that would be welcome on more tablets and seen enabled in more apps. So it is good news that HTC plans to open up their Scribe technology to third party developers, inviting them to see what they can make of the pressure sensitive stylus that comes packaged with the Flyer.

Whether it catches on is hit or miss, just as with many first party devices with unique features before. Like the Samsung Continuum with its ticker screen and Kyocera Echo with its dual screens, we don’t see many developers putting much effort behind such a limited market, but anything is possible.

[via ReadWriteWeb]

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  1. Why Disqus? This is keller btw. Disqus sucks ass! Damnit phandroid ……

    1. Hey its better than what was here before. I remember having to put periods in between groups of words so it wouldnt be all jumbled together. I saw the admins was changing that a few days ago but wasnt expecting this.

      See, dont need a period to make a space…lol

      About the Scribe, good move HTC. Yea the XOOM is nice and has specs and features, but I could see myself using something like the Scribe for serious work.

      In this case I would probably pick this up over the XOOM…or wait til a better speced tablet uses a pen like this.

      1. JRoc, wait for the Asus eee pad MeMo. Has a scribe, stock Honeycomb, dual-core Qualcomm,

        1. Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely keep an eye on that.

        2. It needs HTC timemark so that you can link your notes to the exact time you wrote it during a meeting or college class.

      2. I think that stupid “black hole” guy the other day was the last straw.

  2. This comment section, makes me hungry O.o

    1. Incorrect. This comment section makes you want to throw a party.

  3. What the heck is up with tese duplicate comments phandroid? I hope this isnt the change they were bragging about.

  4. Quietly Brilliant

  5. Yeah… No more DWEEBS

  6. I am far more excited about the HTC Flyer than any other Android device out there. I want this to be the digital notepad I have been searching for. I want something I can take to work and use it to create notes and simple diagrams. I want to be able to read and mark up documents from other people. I am buying it day one from Best Buy when it is released.

    1. This is what a tablet is for. Not watching netflix movies on the couch when there is a 55″ LED or plasma TV right in front of you.

  7. “Also improving on the tablet experience, HTC EVO View 4G allows users to draw, take notes and highlight text on documents on the tablet with the HTC Scribe™ digital pen. Sold separately and available this summer,”

    i have to wait for this summer? what the…

  8. OMG! Look at your new comments! Just look at them!!!

    And it supports paragraphs! Ah!!!!!!

  9. how much, big fan of htc, but i rather use my laptop then get a $600 tablet.

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