Is Gingerbread Headed to the Motorola Droid X this Weekend? [RUMOR]


Don’t circle it on your calendar just yet, but a rumor has found its way to out good friends over at DroidLife claiming that not only is the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update ready to go for the Motorola Droid X, but that it could also begin rolling out to handsets as soon as this weekend. The update is said to need only final approval from Verizon before it begins traveling out over-the-air and bringing the updated version of Android we saw a peek of a while back to the X. If it does indeed begin its roll out as the week winds down, expect to to continue pushing to handsets over the next week or so.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Hmmm comes a few days after the bootloader issue was solved? Is it possible that the upgrade patches up the venerability?

    1. Didn’t u hear? That was a hoax

    2. Wow someones late :P

      1. LOL!

  2. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  3. hopefully if its true this wont screw up so many phones like froyo did.

  4. TMO! get on this shizz!

    1. wtf are you talking about?

    2. no one likes you.

  5. i want to know when root will be available for 2.3

    1. I’m sure devs are working on that. But once more devices have it then there will be root.

  6. If this true then Samsung’s hope of being the first to the line with Gingerbread will be a bust! /prematurelols HAHAHA Samsung still can’t do it and they had code in place from another phone!!! /end prematurelols

    1. You sir are retarded

  7. Hope this is true, been looking forward to Gingerbread for a while now.

  8. What’s so good about gingerbread? I’m rooted with apex 1.4.1 and have everything I want…i can take screenshots now OMG YAYYYY!!!

  9. These guys are too busy working on Blur, they have no time for pesky OS updates.

    Another Moto Fail!

  10. I’ll be checking for updates this weekend!

  11. Hey maybe they can fix the music problems I have on this shit

  12. If this turns out to be ture, then WTF are HTC and TMO doing with the G2. Its stock. It shouldve been next in line after the N1

    1. My guess is they’ll be next

  13. Great news, if true. I’ll take any Gingerbread goodness they care to offer. :-)

    But all I really want is WIFI persistence after screen lock. Android 2.2.1 seems to ignore my ‘Sleep Policy’ choice at Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi settings > Advanced

  14. Do we actually gain anything from this?

    I already have the sleek Gingerbread theme on my stock DX, so I’m not sure what else the 2.3 update will provide – outside of eliminating my root access and thus killing my free tethering app.

    At first, I was really looking forward to GB because of the announced SIP support, but none of that really matters when Verizon won’t give us a data-only plan. I pay $120/month for two Androids with unlimited data and shared minutes. As soon as I can drop the voice part of that and go completely VOIP with Google Voice, I’ll do it… but until Verizon makes that possible, GB doesn’t really improve on anything in 2.2.1 so I’ll probably skip this update to keep root.

    1. New UI (+image quality improvements to UI)
      New keyboard
      Better copy/paste
      Better power management system
      Improved games support
      Improved audio

      1. I already have the new UI since I’m rooted and applied a theme. And I have the new keyboard (it’s in the market).

        Copy/paste would be nice, but not worth losing root over. And aren’t the ‘gaming’ improvements only for hardware that isn’t even in the DX?

        1. Nope the game improvements go for just about any device hence why the NS has 2.3 as well

  15. The only reason for having gingerbread is compatibility with future apps and games.Other than that nothing groundbreaking about it.Matter fact, if they slip this upgrade on our phones while we were sleep, you wouldn’t even noticed it on your phone.

    1. Except that we would lose root.

  16. who gives a shit,,,where the f_ck is 2.2 for the slide

  17. Its funny that idont care so much being I am ready for the Bionic…for some reason ithink alot of people don’t care so much anymore my reason or the other.

  18. If it keeps my X from rebooting ten times a day ill be impressed

  19. I will believe it when I see it. Sounds like a bunch of bull to me.

  20. So if I am rooted with custom rom then this update doesn’t matter correct?

    1. I think it’ll still matter. The ROM developers will start making their ROMS with GB instead of Froyo. I imagine Tranqulity, Liberty, etc will have GB versions shortly after GB is released to VZW.

  21. It’s nice to hear that Verizon may be moving ahead with official Gingerbread updates on their high end Android devices, But X Really? Where’s the rumored update for my Incredible? ;)

    1. no body cares about the incredible

  22. I don’t understand – 2.3.340 isn’t Gingerbread?

    1. No thats the Verizon’s system version you want to look at Android Version not System version

    2. You got to wait for the evo 3d, the evo 3d will be the first HTC device to launch with gingerbread.

  23. My HTC EVO 4G is getting kinda hungry… it like Eclairs and has its fill of Frozen Yogurt, and it would love to feast on Gingerbread…. C’mon HTC, feed my phone please! =)

  24. It’s nice to hear that Verizon may be moving ahead with official Gingerbread updates on their high end Android devices, But X Really? Where’s the rumored update for my Incredible? ;)

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