Android Market In-App Billing Launching Next Week, Ready for Developer Testing Now


It seems like forever since it was first talked about, but it was just announced through the Android Developers Blog that In-app Billing will launch next week. The feature is already up and running for testing in the Android Market developer console. Apps designed to take advantage of In-app Billing can be uploaded now, product catalogs can be created, and prices can be assigned. Developers can than test apps to make sure the billing process works exactly as expected. The apps uploaded for early testing won’t be pushed to the Android Market until the service launches next week.

For interested developers, Google has made all the necessary documentation available. For those simply interested in using the in-app payments system, you won’t need to wait much longer to see what devs come up with.

[via Android Developers Blog]

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  1. Yup, it is also in my dev console :)

  2. This should put an end to publishing separate free and paid versions of apps… apps will be free and you’ll just buy premium features.

  3. Yes! Now I can spend even more money ^_^

  4. Now all we need is an Android Avatar Marketplace.

  5. Check out the section on this URL for refunds:

    “The in-app billing feature does not allow users to send a refund request to Android Market. Refunds for purchases that were made with the in-app billing feature must be directed to you (the application developer).”

    Who fancies hnadling this themselves. I certainly dont’.

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