HTC Merge Pre-Orders Begin at Alltel March 28th, $124.99


Though initial reports placed the phone as launching way back in November of 2010 on Verizon’s network, their subsidiary Alltel looks to be the first to snag the HTC Merge, with a pre-order for the device going live March 28th. The handset is priced at $124.99 after a mail-in rebate and signature on a two-year service agreement.

The Merge, which features Android 2.2 with HTC Sense, an 800MHz Qualcomm CPU, and 3.8-inch display, will also hit other, unannounced carriers, according to the official press release.

[Alltel via AndroidForums]

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  1. I. Always wanted this phone looks nice keyboard suits it but never came out

  2. This phone is a failure to us who follow android news I have been waiting to get this phone on verizon for my girlfriend since I first herd about it. Looks like she is never goin to get it by the time it hits verizon it will be even more outdated then it is now.

  3. On the bright side it can be over ocked like crazy. Overall its a solid phone. But alltel? Im guessing it should work on verizon with out.to.much hassle

  4. Better than my droid 2 for one reason:unlocked bootloader

  5. such a bummer. I really was hoping for super phone guts in this thing…

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