XOOM Screeches To Halt By July: Uncertainty Looms, Successor Planned [RUMOR]


All parties involved with the Motorola XOOM have been hush hush regarding actual volume but rumors from Digitimes shed light on some (alleged) interesting happenings behind the scenes. According to the publication’s inside supplier sources, Motorola has mostly met forecasts.

Taiwan’s shipments of Motorola Xoom in the first quarter of 2011 are expected to meet upstream component suppliers’ forecast of 700,000-800,000 units, as Motorola already placed orders for about 200,000 units for the first half of March and shipments for the entire March should reach 400,000-500,000.

While total shipments of the XOOM could reach 3.5 million in 2011, Motorola’s first Android tablet may have already peaked. Those same sources claim planned XOOM production will be cut each month and totally terminated by the end of June 2011.

Yes… a screeching halt. Two logical possibilities have been cited:

  1. Uncertainty in the tablet market with the iPad 2 amongst other newly announced Android 3.0 tablets
  2. Motorola could be planning to phase out the XOOM to make way for the XOOM 2 (or other aptly named successor)

If Motorola sells 3.5 million units it wouldn’t exactly be a blockbuster hit but I think that’s a solid showing, especially if the lowered production is to make way for Round 2. I personally purchased the XOOM and am loving it so far. It’s not perfect by any means but it’s already getting much more use than I thought it might.

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  1. Motorola already denied this.

  2. Selling 3.5 million is nice if it happens.

  3. Seems unlikely since the friggin WiFi version isn’t even in stores yet..

  4. Told you the Xoom was a failure…

  5. motorola should get out of the tablet and concentrate on smartphones, as far as I know, its smartphone share outside US is very very low, it needs to increase that.

  6. Motorola who believes in it and who takes it hahahaha total failure HoneyComb 3.0 so much money for such a small piece of shit, after somedays xoom2 then xoom 3 same like ipad, ipad, galaxy tab 7, galaxy tab 8.9, galaxy tab 10.1, htc tablet, htc flyer, this people are eating our money we should stop them they are dividing themselves and ruling the market

  7. The Xoom was DOA with it’s price point and the fact that Honeycomb wasn’t entirely ready when they launched it definitely hurt. On top of that, the iPad 2 has managed to beat them in price, form factor, and graphics capability. I feel like Motorola was rushing a product just to beat the iPad 2 to the market. Samsung, on the other hand, is doing it right. Once they saw the iPad 2 and how slim and light the device was and how cheap it was, they scrapped their designs and beat it in both those fields and matched it in price, and the fact that they’re not rushing it out to market is reassuring, so Honeycomb will likely be much more stable by then. Samsung is also campaigning for big third-party accessory support, which really does matter, no matter what you think. The Xoom did absolutely nothing for me, and I can see these other manufacturers easily surpassing them in sales.

  8. Samsung knows how to make computers and that’s what you need to know in order to make tablets. Moto will just have to learn the hard way…

  9. dam and I have been thinking of getting one of these…idont know though hopfully the price will drop wayyyy down before they get rid of them. And hopfully more tabs are to come-soon…but then there is the Galaxy tabs on the way…and ithink the SD cards and such are working out the box…lol Moto…ijust dont know why they put the X out there without a working SD slot…

  10. Any android tablet will fail because quite frankly the fanboy market is made up of 12-16 year old boys with part-time jobs flipping burgers.

  11. Yeah, there were so many things with it that didn’t work that should have. I think a Xoom 2 would be great, even if it’s basically the same as a patched and 4g-radio’d Xoom 1 – it’s about the publics perception on it.

    Also, they need to advertise a bit more I think.

  12. Hopefully XOOM 2 price is better…

  13. They can -1 from their total for the Xoom I returned :P

  14. I have one on pre-order gonna get it regardless. Been a complete techy it has to be done lol

  15. Awesome. im waiting for a price drop then.

  16. Love my xoom

  17. I make comment from mudhut in slummy. Honeycomb 3.0 piece of shit eating my money i need for new camel dung sandals

  18. Samsung is going to crush the Xoom with their new Tab lineup. Super thin, powerful, top of the line tablet screens, and completely better pricing. Only one out there I see doing better might be Asus, but that’ll probably be priced in the Xoom range. People will pay $200 for a phone because it’s highly functional and usable on a daily basis. When you start pushing the $700 price range, you get a totally different demographic. Motorola missed the boat, which is too bad because it’s a really good tablet.

  19. The ugly elephant in the room is Moto basically saying they can’t compete with the Ipad line.

  20. Even the $700 64gb iPad2 is similar in price to the wifi onoy version, since to get 64gb on the Xoom you will need to spend close to $100 to get the same fast 32gb flash memory. Then the Xoom would be 32gb.

    Oh yeah, the sd card does not work yet….. Nevermind.

  21. I can’t wait to get my wifi xoom on the 27th and I could care less when they stop producing them.

  22. Sigh…. Motorola. It wasn’t even a close fight. Considering the Wifi only device isn’t even out yet. WEAK.

  23. well it wasn’t for lack of advertising. I bet I have seen that Xoom commercial about 100 times on any given channel cnay time of day.

    I think the market is just flooded right now. Waaaay too many tablets all of a sudden flooding the market. Especially Android tablets and phones. This will/is saturating the market. This will make Apple the clear winner imno.

  24. The Xoom should be looked at in the same light as the HTC G1 (Dream, etc)… it’s the first, and it is fairly well done all things considered. But after companies get their feet wet, expect more. I think I’ll be waiting for an HTC tablet with 3.0 myself.

  25. I’m thinking Google I/O attendees are gonna be getting a Xoom this year

  26. I love my xoom and almost never use my laptop anymore.

    I’m also glad that i dont have to wait until June for the samsung tab and their pisswiz overlay…

  27. The Xoom is a pure Google Honeycomb device and im glad they arent “mainstream”. You guys can have your locked down bloat filled devices. The Xoom is pretty much Google’s flagship tablet, it will always get timely updates first … lets see how Samsung does with that.

  28. Greedy feckers charge too much. I would purchase but only if its cheaper than ipad2.

  29. Is it just me, or are the iFan trolls out in numbers for this article?

  30. I am not sure why so many posters are so offended by the mere existence of the Xoom. Do those who are waging a war have iPads and therefore have to berate anyone who would rather buy an Android tablet? Are you that insecure that you cant stand people thinking differently than you to the point that you spew childish insults at an invisible, make-believe foe?

    For those of us buying (or who already own) a Xoom, we know exactly what we are getting; a first generation product that may not have a long life. The same thing that happened in the SmartPhone segment will happen to the tablets. Once the manufacturers of Android tablets begin to flood the market with alternatives to the iPad, average people will begin to notice. And, while no one manufacturer will beat Apples hardware numbers, eventually the overall marketshare of Android will vastly outpace iPad owners. Im not psychic, but this has all happened before, long before the Google founders were a glint in their parents eye.

    So, just relax and if you want, have a real conversating about where this is headed. And try not to get so consumed by which rich guy (company) I decide to give my money.

  31. This is the first REAL attempt at a proper Android tablet so I suspect the next gen tablets will be much more legitimate competitors to the iPad. Xoom just doesn’t seem to be refined enough to pose a real threat.

  32. I have a “first generation” Nexus One phone that still works perfectly and has a later version of Android than my wifes Nexus S. As long as the hardware works, Honeycomb development will continue and the Xoom will get the upgrades first being a “reference” design. Others tablets with custom UI’s may lag behind. As the Xoom is not yet available worldwide, it would seem perfectly sensible for Motorola not to be committing itself to making hundreds of thousands per month after June 2011 until they ascertain the worldwide demand. I bet Apple has not placed orders for iPad2 past the fall of this year. I really wouldn’t read too much into these rumours. I believe that Motorola has refuted the reports anyway.

  33. Any time I see a xoom thread on a forum or see comments on a xoom article, I cry because everyone spends so much time writing shit that’s been said before.

    Both sides troll and, for the most part, most of the posters are all butthurt because they don’t nake enough to afford to buy (rent) one.

  34. i think you guys are all missing the point. the biggest advantage android has over apple is choice. no one tablet will “kill” the ipad. if each android tablet manufacturer producing tablets has moderate success that is what will dominate the tablet market long term. its already happening with the phones.

  35. It’s funny to me when people say “Oh the samsung tab will kill the XOOM”. Wake up folks they are basically the same thing. Same size, same price. Even the same hardware. Only thing different is the addition of Samsung’s crappy touchwiz mods.

  36. Motorola has denied that they are cutting back or killing the Xoom.

    We do know that Motorola does have a smaller version in the works. Maybe they will update the Xoom with the Tegra 3?

  37. IMO this is to make way for the next big thing. Quad core tablets have been anticipated to begin being released sometime around August/September. I think they are stopping manufacturing at that point because Quad core will be the next big thing. With quad cores coming out my guess is that all single and dual core tablets have just about peaked.

  38. June/July? Sounds like a refresh date. There is no reason to keep making the 3g/4g Xoom in its current form with the 4G card slot. It also sounds like it would be a good time for a bump in processor speed or flash size. You might also see some cost saving changes in other ways (lose the barometer? Not sure what else).

    And then there may be some changes for commonization across tablet product lines. If I’m Motorola, I want to have basically the same tablet for 7 and 10″ form factors. They might have to make changes to the 10″ to simplify manufacturing across lines.

    Finally, if they are smart, there would be some commonization with their Atrix docking solution. Either by having common software (i.e. let the tablet run the same webtop stuff as Atrix) or making them work together (tablet serves as webdock screen with additional touchscreen controls). They could make a cheaper tablet “shell” for their phones like the empty webdock they sell now.

  39. The thing is, the Xoom has Vanilla Android, it has an unlocked boot loader, and it’s basically future proof at least for another year with dual core Tegra, a gig of ram and 32 GB of storage (expandable to 64). I really honestly don’t get why people don’t like it. If there is any problem it’s the OS and no matter how good Motorola’s hardware is, it will always be subject to the software running on it. Someone mentioned this tablet is like the G1 but I disagree, it’s more like the Nexus 1 which had a very long life, sold poorly, but was genuinely a great piece of hardware. Like the original Droid, this thing is going to be a collectors item that people will continue to mod the shit out of for years to come.

  40. Not to give the iFags anymore ammunition, but my new iPad is hands down the most useful device I own. I absolutely despise apple’s proprietary architecture, so much to get just to make apps. That’s why I love the free development and openness of android, but when it comes down to it Google/Motorola just don’t have their shit together for building a tablet.

  41. all they have to do is price the 32gb to 549.99 then be all set!!! xoom is good price did kill it

  42. I don’t care which tablet wins what war. I’m still waiting a bit for the next generation of them. By the end of this year there will be a half dozen more. All I can say is Apple has sold me my last device with the iPhone4. Sayonara Suckers!

  43. I dig the picture of Screech on the tablet…lol.

  44. How about it hasnt been released everywhere yet? Hell in Canada we are still waiting

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